[Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy]

골반장기탈출 (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)질원개탈출에 효과적인 수술이다. 

허벅지에서 fascia lata(근막)를 얻어 질 (Vagina)의 상부와 sacral promontory를 복막 속을 연결한다. 수술기법 자체가 어렵지는 않고 치료효과가 좋으나, 수술시간이 길고 환자의 회복이 더딘 단점이 있다. 1)

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sacrolg.jpg The sacrocolpopexy is the gold standard in prolapse treatment with use of the mesh

Complications with transvaginal mesh The complications mentioned in the FDA safety communication on the transvaginal placement of surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse include mesh erosion, mesh contraction, pelvic pain, and painful sexual intercourse.

Rates of mesh erosion and mesh contraction are minimized by placing the mesh meticulously in the correct anatomic plane. When placed correctly, the vaginal portion of the mesh is lying identically as if the mesh were placed abdominally during sacrocolpopexy.

The FDA communication explains that pelvic pain and painful sexual intercourse are the result of mesh erosion and mesh contraction. However, these symptoms are known to occur even when the mesh does not erode or contract. Further, these symptoms occur during all prolapse procedures that involve the sacrospinous ligament, whether mesh is used or not. These symptoms also are less likely to occur abdominally, where the elevation point of the mesh is the sacrum and not the sacrospinous ligament.



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