Crafty Controller

[+] Info:- Congrats! Crafty is now installed!
[+] Info:- We created a user called 'crafty' for you to run crafty as. (DO NOT RUN CRAFTY WITH ROOT OR SUDO) Switch to crafty user with 'sudo su crafty -'
[+] Info:- Your install is located here: /var/opt/minecraft/crafty
[+] Info:- You can run crafty by running /var/opt/minecraft/crafty/
[+] Info:- You can update crafty by running /var/opt/minecraft/crafty/
[+] Info:- A service unit file has been saved in /etc/systemd/system/crafty.service
[+] Info:- run this command to enable crafty as a service- 'sudo systemctl enable crafty.service' 
[+] Info:- run this command to start the crafty service- 'sudo systemctl start crafty.service'