명령어 및 권한

Cheatbigtreeessentials.bigtreeAllow access to the /bigtree command.
Cheatbreakessentials.breakAllows access to the /break command.
Cheatbreakessentials.break.bedrockAllows the breaking of bedrock.
Cheatenchantessentials.enchantAllows access to the /enchant command.
Cheatenchantessentials.enchant.[enchantmentname]Allows access to each enchantment type.
Cheatexpessentials.expAllow access to the /exp command.
Cheatexpessentials.exp.giveAllows players to give themselves exp.
Cheatexpessentials.exp.give.othersAllows players to give others exp (if they also have essentials.exp.give).
Cheatexpessentials.exp.othersAllows players to see another players exp.
Cheatexpessentials.exp.setAllows players to set their own exp.
Cheatexpessentials.exp.set.othersAllows players to change others exp (if they also have essentials.exp.set).
Cheatfeedessentials.feedAllows access to the /feed command.
Cheatfeedessentials.feed.othersAllows a player to feed another player.
Cheatflyessentials.flyAllow access to the /fly command. you to toggle fly for other players.
Cheatgamemodeessentials.gamemodeAllow access to the /gamemode command.
Cheatgamemodeessentials.gamemode.othersAllows you to change the gamemode of other players.
Cheatgiveessentials.giveAllow access to the /give command.
Cheatgiveessentials.give.item-<itemname>If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn <itemname>
Cheatgiveessentials.give.item-[itemid]If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn [itemid]
Cheatgiveessentials.give.item-allIf permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn all items
Cheatgiveessentials.itemspawn.exemptAllows spawning of items on the spawn blacklist.
Cheatgiveessentials.oversizedstacksAllows spawning of stacks above normal max stack size
Cheatgodessentials.godAllow access to the /god command.
Cheatgodessentials.god.othersAllows you to god other players
Cheathatessentials.hatAllow access to the /hat command.
Cheathealessentials.healAllow access to the /heal command.
Cheathealessentials.heal.cooldown.bypassBypass the heal cooldown
Cheathealessentials.heal.othersAllows healing another player
Cheatitemessentials.itemAllow access to the /item command.
Cheatitemessentials.itemspawn.exemptAllows spawning of items on the spawn blacklist.
Cheatitemessentials.itemspawn.item-[itemid]If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn [itemid]
Cheatitemessentials.itemspawn.item-[itemname]If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn [itemname]
Cheatitemessentials.itemspawn.item-allIf permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn all items.
Cheatitemessentials.oversizedstacksAllows spawning of stacks above normal max stack size
Cheatkitessentials.kitAllow access to the /kit command.
Cheatkitessentials.kit.*Allows access to all created kits (and giving kits to others).
Cheatkitessentials.kit.[kitname]Give access to a single kit, where [kitname] is the name of an existing kit.
Cheatkitessentials.kit.exemptdelaysExempts you from the kit delay feature, this affects signs as well as command.
Cheatkitessentials.kit.othersAllows spawning of kits on other players.
Cheatmoreessentials.moreAllows access to the /more command.
Cheatmoreessentials.oversizedstacksAllows spawning of oversized stacks.
Cheatptimeessentials.ptimeAllow access to the /ptime command.
Cheatptimeessentials.ptime.othersAllows you to change the time of another online player.
Cheatrepairessentials.repairAllow access to the /repair command. all also repairs equipped armor. of enchanted items.
Cheatspeedessentials.speedAllow access to the /command command.
Cheatspeedessentials.speed.bypassAllows you to bypass the speed limits set in the config.yml
Cheatspeedessentials.speed.othersAllows you to modify the speed of other players.
Cheattimeessentials.timeAllow access to the /time command.
Cheattimeessentials.time.setUser is allowed to change the time of the world.
Cheattreeessentials.treeAllow access to the /tree command.
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimitedAllow access to the /unlimited command.
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimited.item-[itemid]Allows the player to recieve an unlimited stack of [itemid]
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimited.item-[itemname]Allows the player to recieve an unlimited stack of [itemname]
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimited.item-allAllows the player to recieve an unlimited stack of any item.
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimited.item-bucketAllows the player to recieve an unlimited use of empty/lava/water buckets.
Cheatunlimitedessentials.unlimited.othersAllows the player to gift/remove another player with an unlimited stack.
Cheatworkbenchessentials.workbenchAllow access to the /command command.
Economybalanceessentials.balanceAllow access to the /balance command.
Economybalanceessentials.balance.othersAllows you to see the balance of other players
Economybalancetopessentials.balancetopAllow access to the /balancetop command.
Economyecoessentials.ecoAllow access to the /eco command. the player unlimited money.
Economypayessentials.payAllow access to the /pay command.
Economysellessentials.sellAllow access to the /sell command.
Economysetworthessentials.setworthAllow access to the /setworth command.
Economyworthessentials.worthAllow access to the /worth command.
Generalafkessentials.afkAllow access to the /afk command.
Generalafkessentials.afk.kickexemptExempts the user from being auto kicked for AFK
Generalafkessentials.afk.othersAllows you to AFK other players.
Generalcompassessentials.compassAllow access to the /compass command.
Generaldepthessentials.depthAllow access to the /depth command.
Generalgetposessentials.getposAllow access to the /getpos command.
Generalgetposessentials.getpos.othersAllow user to get the position of another player.
Generalgetposessentials.list.hiddenAllows user to get position of a hidden player.
Generalhelpessentials.helpAllow access to the /help command.[pluginname]Manually adds the commands from a plugin to this group's /help. Name is all lowercase.
Generalhelpopessentials.helpopAllow access to the /helpop command.
Generalhelpopessentials.helpop.receiveAllows you to see Helpop messages with this permission will not be ignored, even if they are on another persons ignore list.
Generalignoreessentials.ignoreAllow access to the /ignore command.
Generalinfoessentials.infoAllow access to the /info command.
Generalitemdbessentials.itemdbAllows access to the /itemdb command.
Generallistessentials.listAllow access to the /list command.
Generallistessentials.list.hiddenShow hidden users
Generalmailessentials.mailAllow access to the /mail command.
Generalmailessentials.mail.sendSend mail
Generalmeessentials.meAllow access to the /me command.
Generalmotdessentials.motdUser sees MOTD on connect, and can use the command.
Generalmsgessentials.msgAllow access to the /msg command.
Generalmsgessentials.msg.colorThis allows you to color your private messages using color codes.
Generalmsgessentials.msg.formatThis allows you to format your private messages using format codes.
Generalmsgessentials.msg.magicThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your private messages.
Generalmsgessentials.msg.urlThis allows you to use urls in your private messages.
Generalnearessentials.nearAllow access to the /near command.
Generalnickessentials.nickAllow access to the /nick command.
Generalnickessentials.nick.colorThis allows you to color your nickname using color codes.
Generalnickessentials.nick.formatThis allows you to format your nickname using format codes.
Generalnickessentials.nick.magicThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your nickname.
Generalnickessentials.nick.othersGives you permission to give other players a nick name
Generalpowertoolessentials.powertoolAllow access to the /powertool command.
Generalpowertoolessentials.powertool.appendAllows adding multiple commands to a single powertool.
Generalpowertooltoggleessentials.powertooltoggleAllow access to the /powertooltoggle command.
Generalressentials.msgAllow access to the /msg command.
Generalressentials.msg.colorThis allows you to color your private messages using color codes.
Generalressentials.msg.formatThis allows you to format your private messages using format codes.
Generalressentials.msg.magicThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your private messages.
Generalressentials.msg.urlThis allows you to use urls in your private messages.
Generalrealnameessentials.realnameAllow access to the /realname command.
Generalrulesessentials.rulesAllow access to the /rules command.
Generalseenessentials.seenAllow access to the /seen command.
Generalseenessentials.seen.banreasonAllows the user to see why a user is banned.
Generalseenessentials.seen.extraAllow the user to see the last IP address a user connected with, and their last logged in location.
Generalspawneressentials.spawnerAllow access to the /spawner command.
Generalspawneressentials.spawner.*Allows the spawning of all mobs
Generalspawneressentials.spawner.[mob]Allows access to spawn a specific mob
Generalsuicideessentials.suicideAllow access to the /suicide command.
Generalwhoisessentials.geoip.showShows the GeoIP location of a player, if the GeoIP module is installed.
Generalwhoisessentials.list.hiddenShow hidden users
Generalwhoisessentials.whoisAllow access to the /whois command.
Moderatorantiochessentials.antiochAllow access to the /antioch command.
Moderatorbackupessentials.backupAllow access to the /backup command.
Moderatorbanessentials.banAllow access to the /ban command.
Moderatorbanessentials.ban.exemptPrevents a specified group or player from being banned
Moderatorbanessentials.ban.notifyUser sees a notification when a ban is set.
Moderatorbanessentials.ban.offlineAllows banning of players who are offline. This may allow you to ban exempt players.
Moderatorbanipessentials.banipAllow access to the /banip command.
Moderatorbroadcastessentials.broadcastAllow access to the /broadcast command.
Moderatorburnessentials.burnAllow access to the /burn command.
Moderatorclearinventoryessentials.clearinventoryAllow access to the /clearinventory command.
Moderatorclearinventoryessentials.clearinventory.othersAllows you to clear other player's inventory
Moderatordeljailessentials.deljailAllow access to the /deljail command.
Moderatorenderchestessentials.enderchestAllow access to the /command command.
Moderatorenderchestessentials.enderchest.modifyAllows you to modify the contents of another players enderchest.
Moderatorenderchestessentials.enderchest.othersAllows you to see the contents of another players enderchest.
Moderatoressentialsessentials.essentialsAllow access to the /essentials command.
Moderatorextessentials.extAllow access to the /ext command.
Moderatorfireballessentials.fireballAllow access to the /fireball command.
Moderatorgcessentials.gcAllow access to the /gc command.
Moderatorinvseeessentials.invseeAllow access to the /invsee command.
Moderatorinvseeessentials.invsee.modifyPlayers can modify the other players inventory (remove/add items).
Moderatorinvseeessentials.invsee.preventmodifyPrevents other players from modifying the players inventory.
Moderatorjailsessentials.jailsAllow access to the /jails command.
Moderatorkickessentials.kickAllow access to the /kick command.
Moderatorkickessentials.kick.exemptPrevents a specified group or player from being kicked
Moderatorkickessentials.kick.notifyUser sees a notification when a user is kicked.
Moderatorkickallessentials.kickallAllow access to the /kickall command.
Moderatorkillessentials.killAllow access to the /kill command.
Moderatorkillessentials.kill.forceForce player death, even if event is cancelled.
Moderatorkillallessentials.killallAllows access to the /killall command.
Moderatorlightningessentials.lightningAllow access to the /lightning command.
Moderatorlightningessentials.lightning.othersAllows use of /lightning [playername]
Moderatormuteessentials.muteAllow access to the /mute command.
Moderatormuteessentials.mute.exemptPrevents a specified group or player from being muted
Moderatornukeessentials.nukeAllow access to the /nuke command.
Moderatorpingessentials.pingAllow access to the /ping command.
Moderatorremoveessentials.removeAllow access to the /remove command.
Moderatorsetjailessentials.setjailAllow access to the /setjail command.
Moderatorsocialspyessentials.socialspyAllow access to the /socialspy command.
Moderatorspawnmobessentials.spawnmobAllow access to the /spawnmob command.
Moderatorspawnmobessentials.spawnmob.*Allow the spawning of all mobs
Moderatorspawnmobessentials.spawnmob.[mob]Allow access to spawn a specific mob
Moderatorsudoessentials.sudoAllow access to the /sudo command.
Moderatorsudoessentials.sudo.exemptPrevents the holder from being sudo'ed by another user.
Moderatortempbanessentials.tempbanAllow access to the /tempban command.
Moderatortempbanessentials.tempban.exemptPrevents a specified group or player from being tempbanned
Moderatortempbanessentials.tempban.offlineAllows temp-banning of players who are offline. This may allow you to ban exempt players.
Moderatorthunderessentials.thunderAllow access to the /thunder command.
Moderatortogglejailessentials.jail.exemptPrevents a specified group or player from being jailed
Moderatortogglejailessentials.togglejailAllow access to the /togglejail command.
Moderatortogglejailessentials.togglejail.offlineAllows jailing of players who are offline. This may allow you to jail exempt players.
Moderatorunbanessentials.unbanAllow access to the /unban command.
Moderatorunbanipessentials.unbanipAllow access to the /unbanip command.
Moderatorvanishessentials.list.hiddenAllows players to see vanished players in commands like /list, /getpos and /whois
Moderatorvanishessentials.teleport.hiddenAllows players to teleport to vanished players with /tpo and /tpohere
Moderatorvanishessentials.vanishAllow access to the /vanish command.
Moderatorvanishessentials.vanish.seeAllows you to see a vanished player.
Moderatorweatheressentials.weatherAllow access to the /weather command.
Spawnsetspawnessentials.setspawnAllow access to the /setspawn command.
Spawnspawnessentials.spawnAllow access to the /spawn command.
Teleportbackessentials.backAllow access to the /back command.
Teleportbackessentials.back.ondeathGive this permission to allow players to use /back to go to their death spot
Teleportbackessentials.keepxpAllows the user to keep their exp on death, instead of dropping it.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleportdelhomeessentials.delhomeAllow access to the /delhome command.
Teleportdelhomeessentials.delhome.othersAllows you to delete the homes of other players.
Teleportdelwarpessentials.delwarpAllow access to the /delwarp command.
Teleporthomeessentials.homeAllow access to the /home command.
Teleporthomeessentials.home.othersAllows you to teleport to homes of other players<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleportjumpessentials.jumpAllow access to the /jump command.
Teleportsethomeessentials.sethomeAllow access to the /sethome command.
Teleportsethomeessentials.sethome.multipleAllows player to have multiple homes, or create named homes. Required for 2+ homes.
Teleportsethomeessentials.sethome.multiple.[set]Raise the multiple home limit to a setting defined in the config file.
Teleportsethomeessentials.sethome.multiple.unlimitedRemoves the cap on the number of homes people are allowed (if they have multiple homes).
Teleportsethomeessentials.sethome.othersAllows you to change another users home location.
Teleportsetwarpessentials.setwarpAllow access to the /setwarp command.
Teleportsetwarpessentials.warp.overwrite.*Allows overwriting of all existing warps.
Teleportsetwarpessentials.warp.overwrite.[warpname]Allows overwriting of existing warps.
Teleporttopessentials.topAllow access to the /top command.
Teleporttpessentials.tpAllow access to the /tp command. players to teleport another player.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpaessentials.tpaAllow access to the /tpa command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpaallessentials.tpaallAllow access to the /tpaall command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpacceptessentials.tpacceptAllow access to the /tpaccept command.
Teleporttpahereessentials.tpahereAllow access to the /tpahere command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpallessentials.tpallAllow access to the /tpall command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpdenyessentials.tpdenyAllow access to the /tpdeny command.
Teleporttphereessentials.tphereAllow access to the /tphere command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpoessentials.teleport.hiddenAllows teleporting to a hidden player
Teleporttpoessentials.tpoAllow access to the /tpo command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpohereessentials.teleport.hiddenAllows teleporting a hidden player
Teleporttpohereessentials.tpohereAllow access to the /tpohere command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
Teleporttpposessentials.tpposAllow access to the /tppos command.
Teleporttptoggleessentials.teleport.cooldown.bypassBypass the teleport cooldown
Teleporttptoggleessentials.teleport.hiddenAllows the user to teleport to players who are hidden by another plugin. This permission only affects tpo and tpohere.
Teleporttptoggleessentials.teleport.timer.bypassBypass the teleport delay
Teleporttptoggleessentials.tptoggleAllow access to the /tptoggle command.
Teleportwarpessentials.warpAllow access to the /warp command.
Teleportwarpessentials.warp.*Allows access to all warps.
Teleportwarpessentials.warp.[warpname]If you have per-warp-permission set to true in the config.yml then you can limit what warps players can use. This also controls what players would see with /warp.
Teleportwarpessentials.warp.listSpecifies whether you can view warp list with /warp.
Teleportwarpessentials.warp.otherplayersAllows warping another player.
Teleportworldessentials.worldAllow access to the /world command.<worldname>Allows players access to a specific world.
VariousNoneessentials.buildAllows people to build when using permission systems which don't support build toggles. allows you to color your chat messages using color codes. allows you to format your chat messages using format codes. allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your chat messages. allows you to send global qeustions, used if a chat-raidus is configured. allows you to send global messages, used if a chat-raidus is configured. permission designed for admins, to intercept all local messages (ignoring the chat-radius). allows you to use urls in your chat messages.
VariousNoneessentials.geoip.hideAllows you to hide your country and city from people who have permission
VariousNoneessentials.geoip.showAllows you to see the country and city of players.
VariousNoneessentials.joinfullserverPlayer can join when the server is full.
VariousNoneessentials.nocommandcost.[command]Removes the command cost of a given command.
VariousNoneessentials.nocommandcost.allRemoves the command cost of all commands.
VariousNoneessentials.protectAllows the protection of rails and signs, otherwise they are not protected.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.adminAllows the destruction of signs and rails.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.alertsAllows a player to recieve protect alerts.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.alerts.notriggerUsers with this permission do not trigger protect alerts.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.contactPlayer will receive contact damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.creeperPlayer will receive creeper damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.disableAdmin override to prevent admins from dying
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.drowningPlayer will receive drowning damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.fallPlayer will receive fall damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.firePlayer will receive fire damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.fireballPlayer will receive fireball damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.lavaPlayer will receive lava damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.lightningPlayer will receive lightning damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.projectilesPlayer will receive projectile damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.suffocationPlayer will receive suffocation damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.damage.tntPlayer will receive tnt damage
VariousNoneessentials.protect.entitytarget.bypassAllows a player to be targeted by mobs.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.exemptbreakAllows a player to ignore the break blacklist.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.exemptplacementAllows a player to ignore the block placement blacklist.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.exemptusageAllows a player to ignore the usage blacklist.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.ownerinfoAllows a player to examine protected objects to find their owner.
VariousNoneessentials.protect.pvpWhen prevent PVP is set to true, this allows players to still PVP. Both attacker and defender need to have this permission.
VariousNoneessentials.pvpdelay.exemptExempts players from the 'pvp delay' option in the config file.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.balanceControls who can break balance signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.buyControls who can break buy signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.disposalControls who can break disposal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.enchantControls who can break enchant signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.freeControls who can break free signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.gamemodeControls who can break gamemode signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.healControls who can break heal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.infoControls who can break info signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.kitControls who can break kit signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.mailControls who can break a mail sign.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.protectionControls who can break a protection sign. Typically given to everybody.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.repairControls who can break repair signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.sellControls who can break sell signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.spawnmobControls who can break spawnmob signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.timeControls who can break time signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.tradeControls who can break trade signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.warpControls who can break warp signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.break.weatherControls who can break weather signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.colorThis allows you to color your signs using color codes.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.balanceControls who can create balance signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.buyControls who can create buy signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.disposalControls who can create disposal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.enchantControls who can create enchant signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.freeControls who can create free signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.gamemodeControls who can create gamemode signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.healControls who can create heal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.infoControls who can create info signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.kitControls who can create kit signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.mailControls who can create a mail sign.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.protectionControls who can create a protection sign.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.repairControls who can create repair signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.sellControls who can create sell signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.spawnmobControls who can create spawnmob signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.timeControls who can create time signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.tradeControls who can create trade signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.warpControls who can create warp signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.create.weatherControls who can create weather signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.formatThis allows you to format your signs using format codes.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.magicThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your signs. to override any protections. Typically given to mods & admins to override the creator only protection on trade signs. Typically given to mods & admins
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.balanceControls who can use balance signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.buyControls who can use buy signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.disposalControls who can use disposal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.enchantControls who can use enchant signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.freeControls who can use free signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.gamemodeControls who can use gamemode signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.healControls who can use heal signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.infoControls who can use info signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.kitControls who can use kit signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.mailControls who can use a mail sign.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.protectionControls who can use a protection sign. Typically given to everybody.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.repairControls who can use repair signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.sellControls who can use sell signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.spawnmobControls who can use spawnmob signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.timeControls who can use time signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.tradeControls who can use trade signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.warpControls who can use warp signs.
VariousNoneessentials.signs.use.weatherControls who can use weather signs.
VariousNoneessentials.sleepingignoredUser isn't required to be sleeping, for time to be reset.
XMPPsetxmppessentials.setxmppAllow access to the /setxmpp command.
XMPPxmppessentials.xmppAllow access to the /xmpp command.
XMPPxmppspyessentials.xmppspyAllow access to the /xmppspy command.
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