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Fusion: Genesis

  1. Basic Knowledge & Tips -


While this section does contain features like basic controls, I highly recommend those who are new to the game to look over this section because there is vital information that you need to be made aware of. Even if you're not new to the game but don't know everything about the interface will likely need to stop and take a look because there are some things that not even the game will tell you.

  1. Controls [BKC] -

"A" button - Mapped Skill/(Default function is the "Use" command). When navigating menus this serves as the button you use to select options or menus.

"B" button - Mapped Skill/(Default function is the Afterburner skill) When navigating menus this serves as the button you use to cancel an option or exit out to a previous menu

"X" button - Mapped Skill

"Y" button - Mapped Skill/(Default function is a zone map shortcut).

Left Analog Stick - Fly/Move

Right Analog Stick - Fire Weapon (fires in the direction you point the analog stick. Beams and missiles must be locked on before they can be fired).

L3/Left analog stick button - Boost/Sub-light (you do not need to hold the analog stick button down, the boost is toggled).

R3/Right analog stick button - Unused

Left Bumper/Shoulder Button - Unused

Right Bumper/Shoulder Button - Drop mines/autoguns

Left Trigger - Sentient Lock-on

Right Trigger - Weapon Lock-on (for beams and missiles)

Back/Select Button - Quickview menu(s)

Start Button - Pause Menu (Figuratively speaking, the game doesn't actually pause.

Some of these will require a little more information but the Quickview menu might as well have its own damn encyclopedia. Seriously, Starfire really dropped the ball by failing to effectively provide a comprehensive rundown of its many functions. It would be an inexcusable travesty for me not to share my knowledge, but I'm going to start with some noteworthy aspects regarding the pause menu first. Don't worry though, I'll describe the Quickview menu immediately afterwards.

  1. Pause Menu [BKM] -

The two things you're most likely to use the pause menu for are selecting special missions and changing settings. Selecting settings within the Help & Options tab will let you adjust audio settings, but there's no restore defaults option, you've been warned. The Safe Area settings let you shift certain on-screen elements closer to the edges so that they don't obstruct your view too much.

The How to Play tab is riddled with incomplete information. The Controls section (which incidentally was already provided a tab) fails to include the boost command, the Quickview section barely scratches the surface of its various functions, Onscreen display fails to explain the curved bars next to sentient and pilot skills, (they represent the cooldown time/how much more energy is needed to use it, whichever is needed most at the time), and lastly the icon glossary only lists those that are either unimportant or easily deduced, failing to include weapon classification icons, radar icons, and/or buff icons.

The More Options tab includes some online options, the ability to turn off the radar ring (though why you would want to do such a thing is beyond me), something called Starfield which I must confess I have no clue about, and camera options. The Camera is set overhead by default, provides an equal view in all directions, and is the most useful for gameplay. Overhead + Look Ahead provides the same view as the previous one but also looks in front of the ship slightly but it's not that great. Fixed Angle gives you a 45 degree view that lets you view certain visual elements that would otherwise have been obstructed by the default setup. Tilt might as well have been titled "Vomit Inducer" as it's practically upside-down half the time and very disorienting. The game's practically unplayable with that option. Lastly, the Lazy setting is one of the more unique ones since it has a 45 degree angle like Fixed Angle, but unlike it and the two overhead views, its orientation isn't fixed. Instead, Lazy follows directly behind the player's ship, providing new perspectives of well-known zones. I highly recommend switching to the Lazy setting once you've completed a significant portion of the game and can cruise lazily around without fear because the altered perspective lets you really take in the sights.

The left side of the pause menu includes the galaxy map (which is also accessible from the quickview menu), online social options, and the special missions tab. Special missions can be initiated at almost any time and include military warzones, Dark Legion invasion missions (more commonly referred to as Legion Raids), and the Ark (more commonly referred to as Ark Raids. Military warzones become available almost as soon as you join the Revenant Order or Dominion of Allied Planets, Ark Raids are unlocked after completing all the main story missions, but it's not quite clear to me when Legion Raids become unlocked. All are explored in greater detail in later parts of the guide.

  1. Quickview Menu [BKQ] -

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this is the heart of the game and a make-or-break aspect that was clearly broken, as evidenced by the game's low notoriety and sales (though the less than significant marketing didn't help either). The information supplied in the Help & Options section barely scratches the surface of what you need to know to be successful, and it's the reason I'm guessing a lot of people didn't bother with the game after playing the free trial. But fear not! For I have the answers you seek! Though if you would like a video presentation, there is at least one tutorial video on Youtube that can be helpful. However, since its creator failed to respond to my message, I will not be posting a link since I was unable to get permission. So if you're the type that likes a visual look at what you need to know, search for it. For those of you who prefer text to fancy-pants videos (and to cover my aft if the video is removed for one reason or another) I've got you covered there too.

We'll begin from the top-left, work our way right, go to the bottom-left and work our way right again. To navigate through the menus you have to hold the left analog stick to select a menu tile and press "A" to see more of it. Since the game's Help & Options section already describes the first set of menus I won't bother listing it here, especially since most of it is either easily deduced or has more significant meaning/functionality after being selected.

One thing I will explain here is that any time a menu tile is flashing it means that there's something new you can do in that tile. For the Pilot Sub-Menu it means you've acquired a base/faction point that's capable of being assigned. For the ship menu it means you've acquired an upgrade and/or new weapon (although the upgrades tile will flash regardless of which one it is). Lastly, the sentients menu will flash when your sentients have unassigned skill/stat/attribute points, and/or when you've acquired a new sentient.

  1. Pilot Sub-Menu [QP] -

The Pilot Sub-menu is all about you and your growth as a character. (Small interjectory note: you can exceed 999,999 credits.) Starting from the top-right (because the top-left is the same as the tile you just selected to enter this menu) is the Pilot Skills menu. The Skills button will automatically be highlighted when you press "A" on this tile, but move around with the left analog stick and you can highlight the skills assigned to each button. By pressing "A" you can cycle through the skills capable of being assigned, along with the multipurpose "Use" command and a zone map shortcut. You have to have the "Use" command bound to at least one button, but the zone map is pretty useless since the mini-map displays enemies in a wide area and you can select the map from the first set of tiles in the Quickview menu anyway. It's good to have on hand in the early parts of the game when you want to get your bearrings but you'll definitely want to replace it with a skill once you know the basic layout of the zones. Want to know what skills you've got or how to get a new one? Select that skills button I mentioned earlier and I'll tell you what you need to know.

Skills are divided into Base skills and faction skills. Base skills are made more effective by assigning base points to them. Base points are awarded every time you level up, 1 per level, just highlight the skill and press "A" to put a point in it. You cannot put more than 25 points into any given skill. Faction skills become available after joining a particular faction and completing one of their story missions. Again, the skills are made more effective the more points you put into a skill, points are awarded upon completing faction story missions, and no more than 5 points can be assigned to a given skill. You can, however, put faction points earned from one faction into another factions skill since the points are universal. Lastly, Military skills are shared between the Order and Dominion, so joining either faction will unlock that set of skills. For a more detailed look at the skills and recommendations on what to get, see section VIII of this guide.

The third quadrant/bottom-left tile includes challenges you can complete, which are unlocked when you fulfill the criteria for a challenge in a given category. Press "A" to select the tile, scroll through to the category whose challenges you wish to view, and press "A" again to view them. For a full list of challenges and recommendations on the best methods for completing them see section IX of the guide.

The last tile is the Squadron tile, which allows you to change multiplayer social settings and presumably create/join a group of players.

  1. Zone Map [QZ] -

Nothing more than its title says, it's just a map of the zone you're currently occupying.

  1. Ship Sub-Menu [QSH] -

The first quadrant/top-left tile is a list of your weapons and sentients, the maximum total being 15 (Though you can't have more than 5 sentients). Weapons/sentients with small circles before their names are currently equipped. Press "A" when a weapon/sentient is highlighted and use the left analog stick to toggle between options, then press "A" again to select that option. You can replace an equipped item without losing it (this is standard in like 99% of games but the clarification is important since the same function is glitched in another tile).

The second quadrant/top-right tile cannot be selected, but highlighting it will display your ship's current statistics, which are modified by skills, upgrades, and equipped sentients.

The third quadrant/bottom-left tile is where upgrades are stored. There are three different types of upgrades: ship, weapon, and ability, and all have the same basic features. After selecting the tile you can scroll through acquired upgrades or use the left/right triggers to display a different upgrade type. Once again, equipped upgrades will have a small circle before their titles and you can have a maximum of 2 equipped in each category simultaneously. This can include two upgrades with the same effect, and the number of upgrades capable of being stored/equipped is the same for every ship from every faction. (You will also be able to pick up dropped upgrades even if your cargo hold is full, due to the fact that upgrades do not take up cargo space.) Like weapon slots, it doesn't matter what upgrade is assigned to a given slot, though when after exiting the ship tile upgrades in slot A will be listed at the top, and upgrades in slot B will be just below it.

Pressing "A" on a highlighted upgrade will let you choose to un-equip it, place it in slot A/B, or desynthesize it. Although you can choose to replace an already equipped upgrade, I strongly recommend that you don't. Upgrades can sometimes fail to de-equip the one they're supposed to be replacing, and though the event is uncommon it will most certainly delete one, or possibly more upgrades from your inventory. You can prevent this when you see more than two upgrades equipped by de-equipping all of them and selecting the two you want. But it's tedious to scroll up and down to make sure no more than two upgrades are equipped, so I advise manually un-equipping upgrades. Although even this method is glitched, it's easier to see when there's a problem because you can tell if an upgrade has been successfully unequipped because equipped upgrades are filled in light blue while empty slots are left empty and a darker blue. Plus, you'll know exactly which upgrade is effected, just equip it, and un-equip it again and the slot should be empty like normal.

The desynthesize option is the only way to get rid of unwanted upgrades since they cannot be sold. Desynthesizing upgrades instantly provides you with green crystals for ship upgrades, red crystals for weapon upgrades, and yellow crystals for ability upgrades, (the amount yielded is shown at the bottom-left of the mini-menu displaying the upgrade's function). I don't know what the limit is for the number of upgrades because given the aforementioned glitch I didn't want to risk exceeding any undefined limit like the item containers in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I'd recommend keeping no more than around 10 upgrades or so and desynthasizing unwanted ones at your earliest convenience just to be on the safe side.

The last tile is the cargo tile which shows the various useless knick-knacks you've picked up, how much room they're taking up, and your total number of credits.Selecting the sell now/sell all options will allow you to sell the cargo item(s) without docking provided you have a sentient with at least 1 point in the Trading skill equipped.

  1. Sentients Sub-Menu [QSE] -

The left half displays equipped sentients and weapons, though with less information regarding the latter. The bottom-right tile displays the total number of each crystal you have, and lets you toggle Auto-Feed on or off. I highly recommend you turn it off for reasons I'll explain later in this section. Lastly, the top-right tile is a list of your sentients, press "A" on a highlighted one to open up yet another set of tiles.

The first quadrant/top-left tile displays the sentient's level, mood, equipment status, and icons of abilities currently mapped to the D-pad. Sentient mood can be toggled between defensive, aggressive, and passive with each changing all sentient behaviors, not just the one you're currently viewing. Defensive is the default setting with sentients attacking but not leaving your side. Aggressive is the same for all but the DPS sentient which will fly around and pursue enemies, making it easier for it's pulse weapon to hit targets (Though also potentially making it more difficult to activate its abilities. Passive prevents your sentients from attacking altogether and is mandatory when sentients are equipped and you want to use the undercover skill for stealth purposes.

The second quadrant/top-right tile lists the sentient's skills and assignable skill points. Pressing "A" while a skill is highlighted, then pressing "A" again will let you assign a skill point to a given ability (the maximum number of points capable of being assigned is 8). Pressing "A" while a skill is highlighted, then pulling back on the left analog stick will then let you toggle where a skill is assigned on the D-pad. Abilities without this option are usually passive and active at all times.

The third quadrant/bottom-left tile displays the sentient's stats/attributes. Attribute points may be assigned to one of four categories: damage, speed, armor, and shield which increases your weapon damage, speed, hull, and shield strength respectively. Though I don't recommend putting as many points in armor compared to shields since the pilot skill "Increase Defense", in spite of what its description states, only increases hull strength. Pulling the left/right trigger will allow you to view the sentient's statistics if you're viewing attributes and vice versa. These statistics modify the effectiveness of sentient abilities, although the times for mining and trading actually go up rather than down via stat point influence, it fortunately has no effect on the actual times in the game.

As with the attributes list, pressing "A" will allow you to assign stat points, but there's also a button at the bottom that says "Create Black Crystal". Creating a black crystal requires a red, yellow, green, and blue crystal, and this menu option is the only way to get black crystals. Black crystals are also the only way to acquire stat points because they are not awarded when the sentient levels up like the skill and attribute points are. This is why turning off auto-feed is advised, you can't get blue crystals by desynthesizing upgrades, you'll develop favorite areas to mine, and auto-feed "feeds" crystals to sentients regardless of how many or few of a given type you possess. Speaking of crystals…

The last tile displays your crystals, and since you're in the menu of a sentient, you can "feed" them to said sentient. Pressing "A" will highlight a crystal's number count, which can then be increased/decreased. Don't worry about "overfeeding" a sentient one of the four basic crystal types that level it up as there are only so many that can be "fed". Those crystals (red, yellow, green, and blue) can be acquired by mining objects such as asteroids, ice crystals, and pieces of debris. Leveling up a sentient, as mentioned before, grants skill and attribute points to spend. (Note: You will still pick up crystals even if your cargo hold is full because they do not take up cargo space.)

Prismatic crystals are awarded after completing all 5 waves of a Legion Raid mission or completing an Ark Raid. Both only yield fractions of a whole crystal so multiple raids must be undertaken. Once you have one however, you can "feed" it to a sentient to reset all of your skills (both base and faction skills) without penalty. You only need ONE whole prismatic crystal to do this so don't "feed" it more than that. You also cannot reset your sentient's skills.

Lastly there are the Black crystals mentioned earlier. Each black crystal "fed" to a sentient provides 1 stat point, and with a 10 point limit and six categories you need 60 to max out its statistics. Neither these nor prismatic crystals are "fed" to sentients when auto-feed is turned on, but both can be "fed" more than is necessary without any benefit in doing so, so make sure it's the right amount.

A few small notes: crystals will still be picked up even if your cargo hold is full. And although I don't know what the limit is (or if there even is one for that matter), I was able to exceed 1,000 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue crystals, 10 prismatic crystals, and 100 black crystals.

지역 난이도

be. The first three contain tier 1 (weakest) enemies, the following two, contain tier 2 enemies, the two after that tier 3, and the last two tier 4.


The radar ring is that blue ring around your ship with all the little markers on them. Here's what they mean:

Green Triangles = Friendlies Yellow Triangles = Neutral Targets Red Triangles = Hostiles Light Blue plus sign diamond things = primary objectives, carrier spawn points, in warzone missions, and downed turrets in Legion Raids Yellow plus sign diamond things = secondary objectives like spynet satellites, Warzone Supply points, etc. Red plus sign diamond things = hostile targets that you need to destroy. Circles are SHIFT platforms. Upside down Y's (be they Green, Yellow, or Red) are docking stations.


  • Chosen (10) Complete all the Revenant Order story missions.
  • Collector (10) Acquire a new sentient AI.
  • Crimelord (10) Complete all the Sunshadow Syndicate story missions.
  • Defender (10) Complete a Dark Legion Invasion mission.
  • Hero (10) Reach pilot level 75.
  • Lawmaster (10) Complete all the Praetoriate Fleet story missions.
  • Legend (10) Reach pilot level 100.
  • Omniscient (10) Level a sentient to maximum level.
  • Protector (10) Join the Praetoriate Fleet.
  • Savior (10) Complete the Ark special mission.
  • Skilled (10) Earn all skills for a faction.
  • Smuggler (10) Join the Sunshadow Syndicate.
  • Trader (10) Join the Consortium faction.
  • Tycoon (10) Complete all the Consortium story missions.
  • Upstart (10) Reach pilot level 25.
  • Veteran (10) Reach pilot level 50.
  • Warlord (10) Complete all the Dominion of Allied Planets story missions.
  • Warmonger (10) Complete a Warzone mission.
  • Warrior (10) Join the Dominion of Allied Planets.
  • Zealot (10) Join the Revenant Order.
  1. Miscellaneous Knowledge [BKM] -

Some information just doesn't have a specific category to be listed in, so I'm going to have to lazily dump them all here in no particular order. Unprofessional? Perhaps. But at least I'm not depriving you of the information.

- Don't fret when you're told not to completely destroy an enemy(s) in the middle of a mission, enemies will automatically be crippled to non-functionality when they receive enough damage be it from you or your sentient(s) and will not be capable of being targeted (Am uncertain if they can still be damaged at this point but sincerely doubt it).

지도나 상태를 보는 중에도 게임이 정지되지 않으므로, 정비를 할 때에도 약한 몹이 출몰하는 곳이나 운석 주변에 정차하면 좋다.

RTB = Return to Base KIA = Killed in Action AWOL = Absent Without Leave DPS = Damage Per Second LR = Legion Raid AR = Ark Raid PVP = Player vs. Player WZN = Warzone NPC = Non-playable character HUD = Heads Up Display DMZ = I'm pretty sure it stands for De-Militarized Zone FYI = For Your Information APB = All Points Bulletin SOB = Son of a Bitch ASAP = As Soon As Possible pt(s) = Point(s) Aft means rear AKA ass.


Prometheus Station [WPS]-

탈출하면 된다.

  1. Commandeer, it's a Nautical Term [WNT] -

…And voila! It's done! (The linear parts I mean.) That's right, from here on out you can pretty much go wherever you want and do whatever you want, leaving it up to me to show you the optimal path to give you an edge and prepare you for any and all pitfalls. There are a good number of things to go over before one can be ready for future challenges, unfortunately there isn't any specific linear path to follow to reach that point. There are however, a few tips you can follow that can GREATLY reduce the difficulty of the process. Before that though, you need to know how to change factions. All you have to do is fly back to Alpha Station, select "Embassy Missions" and choose the option to join a different faction. You can change factions at any time that you're not on a mission, and you do NOT loose progress with a faction that would result in having to jump through hoops to re-join, nor does your progress with a faction's enemies affect anything within either faction.

The first, and most useful thing to have on hand when starting the game is the commandeer ability. In the Syndicate faction there's a skill called "Hijack" that lets you take control of enemy ships, but with many restrictions like the fact that you can't dock anywhere without the ship being replaced with what you had originally. The commandeer ability has the same basic concept but is vastly superior in other ways, but most notably for being able to dock and take part in missions without being replaced. Its only restriction compared to Hijack is that it's restricted to friendly ships, but that can be circumvented. Commandeer is a ship ability that's innate to an interceptor from either the Dominion of Allied Planets or Revenant Order. Joining either faction will get you access to the interceptors, with tier 1 versions being capable of being purchased right away for 2,000 credits.

With the commandeer skill you can take control of ANY friendly ship from the same faction, regardless of tier level, but to encounter higher tier ships you'll need access to new zones. To be permitted access to later zones all you have to do is explore the regions of the zones you've already unlocked. And by explore I mean fly into different areas, and when the text displaying the region name appears it means you've "explored" the area. The later the zones, the higher the tier level of the ships are likely to be. You find tier 1 ships in the Asteria and Erebus zones, tier 1, & occasionally 2, in the Leviathan zone, tier 2 ships in the Graveyard and Tempest zones, tier 3 ships in the Solaria and Tartarus zones, and tier 4 ships in the Crucible and Shadowrift zones.

  1. Hidden Arsenal [WHA] -

This next glitch is so ridiculously easy to trigger that you're bound to trigger it eventually. Fortunately for us, it's a BENEFICIAL glitch. All you have to do is fly a ship with 3 or more weapons into Alpha Station to change factions and not change your weapon load out. No seriously, that's all you have to do! For some reason, when you get switched to the ship "Goodbye Becky" to change factions, the equipped weapons remain equipped in spite of the fact that the ship can only support 2. It's assumed that Starfire wanted to de-equip all the weapons, were having problems with the upgrades glitch that makes upgrades disappear from time to time, couldn't deal with the complications before releasing the game, and decided to just keep the glitches in and try to patch the game later.

Sentients will not be visibly active if assigned to slots C or D on a ship that doesn't support them, their passive abilities will still be active while equipped in those slots. Weapons however, will function normally regardless of whether the ship supports a slot or not. This glitch will reset when buying new weapons or sentinets, or when switching ships (unless you're hijacking or commandeering). You can also take advantage of this glitch if you fly a commandeered vessel into Alpha Station to change factions, just so long as you replace the ship with your own weapons first. Lastly, while you can manually de-equip weapons/sentients assigned to an unsupported slot, you cannot PLACE a weapon in an unsupported slot manually.

Note: Although more items are being equipped to ships than should be possible, they are still displayed normally in the list of weapons/sentients, and will not result in you going beyond the 15 weapon/sentient limit. This means you don't have to worry about valuable items disappearing if you buy/acquire new weapons/sentients because your inventory will never exceed the assigned limit, which would likely have caused it to glitch.

  1. Smuggling Ships and Other Impossibilities [WSI] -

Unlike the above glitch, you might trigger this one on accident, but you probably won't realize it's potential right away. The Undercover glitch, AKA Eugene, requires more effort on your part than the last glitch, but it's just as beneficial, if not more so. Rather than go through the process, I'll just direct you to the part of the guide that goes into the details (MSUG), and focus on the applications and advice. Using Eugene, you can bring military interceptors with the commandeer ability into other factions, and since the ability works on ships that are a part of the same faction you're currently in rather than ships marked green, you can use it to commandeer ships that were never meant to be controlled by the ability. Unfortunately for you, the Undercover skill starts off with a whopping 5 minute cooldown time after use, so in spite of the fact that Eugene is capable of working with only 1 point assigned to the skill, you'll need at least 3 assigned before the wait is less ridiculous.

  1. The Fantastic 5 [WFF] -

There are 5 things you'll want in order to gain an edge in the game, credits, crystals, side mission completion, faction skills/skill points, and sentients. All are important in their own way, but few can be acquired without needing to move on to the other before being done with the potential exception of mining for crystals. Mining for crystals is slow enough as it is, but it's even worse if you only have one sentient to do the mining. That's why you want 2 sentients with the mining skill maxed out and a couple of points in looting before you move on. You'll want the Tank and Healer sentients to start off with, and the skills Mining, Shield Regeneration, Armor Increase, Repair, Recharge, and Hull Regeneration all maxed out. (Or at least close to it in the case of the Healer sentient if you don't get the uncommon version of it).

To get the Healer sentient you'll need credits, which will also help you get your hands on stronger ships in the future. Credits rewards for completing missions are highest in the Consortium story missions, so you'll want to work on their missions to get the money you need. That said, you don't really need a ton of money unless you're aiming to get the uncommon versions of sentients or purchase a tier 4 military cruiser to use with Eugene. But you'll also get faction skill points for completing faction story missions, which are extremely valuable. But to gain access to ALL the skills, you'll need to join each faction and complete the first story mission in each, (Dominion OR Order may be chosen since they both unlock the military skills). As for WHICH skills to develop, there again is no way to say what the best order is because it depends on what you plan on taking advantage of as well as your playstyle. But I'll list a few that are of note, for more information see the "Mad Skillz" section of the guide, (XX).

- Advanced Radar is a Praetorian skill you'll want to have so that you can see cloaked enemies, especially if you're not using lock-on weapons like beams or missiles. But you also only want to put one point in the skill because more points just increases radar range and nothing else.

- Roll is another skill you only need 1 point in to take advantage of the Roll glitch, though if you're not planning on using a cargo ship or cruiser you can skip this.

- Undercover is fantastic for utilizing Eugene, but if you're one of those people who don't cheat under any circumstances then you might want to skip it.

- Abation is best to me for its near neutralization of the tractor beam's inhibiting effects on you, but it's also great for reducing the amount of time abilities like disable and shield short effect you for.

- Flares fire more frequently the more points you put in the skill which means more energy drained, but if you have an analogous upgrade of any strength level then you won't have to worry about it at all. Flares isn't as great against missiles as the Roll glitch is against beams but it's not far off.

To get more faction points you'll need to complete more faction story missions, and that means getting the faction experience points (AKA FXP) to unlock them. The easiest way to earn FXP is to complete side missions, preset side missions especially since they rarely require any skills/weapons of your own. I recommend playing the Revenant Order story and preset missions if you want the resources associated with them because some of the Dominion preset missions are ridiculous, and nearly half of the Order story missions have presets too.

  1. Finding Identity [WFI] -

It's important to know what kind of gameplay style you prefer so that I can put you on the right road. In the beginning, you'll want to commandeer a tier 4 cargo ship and have the Tank and Healer sentient equipped so that you can take advantage of their increased weapon power and spam Recharge and Armor Increase. This combination will serve you well for quite some time but will eventually need to be replaced with something that offers more firepower. That's where this section comes into play, it's purpose is to list ship, weapon, and sentient combinations that achieve certain results.

- Cruiser + Battlegun + All three sentinet types. Description - This is one of my go-to setups, it's basic and well-rounded.

- Consortium Heavy Fighter + Battlegun 4 in slot D + All three sentient types. Description - This is an upgraded version of the above type thanks to increased speed.

- Military Scout + 2 DPS sentients in the A & B slots + Corsairs in the C & D slots. Description - The innately higher energy regenation of scout crafts, plus the 33% cost reduction from military scouts, and the DPS sentient's Energy Regeneration skill let you unleash a volley of powerful projectiles against strong targets (though it's not nearly as good for ship-to-ship dogfighting).

- Praetorian Scout + Undercover Description - This is best used in Ark Raids with the Deathshrike Mine V.

- Syndicate Heavy Fighter + Coffin Nail Missiles Description - Power Missiles are good on any ship for their ability to fire with minimal lock-on but full firepower. Coffin Nail missiles on the other hand are very strong… but need max lock-on to be propelled at full speed. The Syndicate's Vampire however, provides the Power Missile's effect to the Coffin Nail.

- Praetorian Heavy Fighter + 1/2 DPS sentients + 2/3 Power Lightning Beams Description - This combo is a little iffy since I'm not certain whether the Enforcer's ability increases the OVERALL power of beam attacks, or if it just conveys the same ability as the power beam that fires at full power regardless of lock-on time but doesn't increase overall firepower or fire for as long as a fully locked shot.

The Battlegun is a great weapon to have and there's a good reason that most players covet it. It's a pulse weapon, so there's no defense other than the supershield ability, it's handicap can be overcome by equipping it to a cruiser or Consortium Heavy Fighter, and it fires extremely fast making it easier to hit targets from far away. A level 4 Battlegun is pricey so you'll have to take part in several Warzone missions before you can purchase it. It's also probably best to use the cargo ship setup in tier 3 warzones like Solaria or Tartarus since the points awarded are slightly less, but the enemy battleship will fall faster. The other weapons require time spent in Legion Raids and Ark Raids so they take longer to get access and are usually more difficult to get your hands on.

Before we finish this section, I need to talk about base pilot skills. It's important that you understand how each one effects you as you proceed because you'll want to build up your character as early as possible. The four skills to boost effect offense, defense, energy, and the Afterburner skill. Although you may instantly be drawn to the increase in damage it's important to look at the actual increase in value. The skills that boost offense and defense can only go up to 25%, Afterburner can go up to 50%, and your energy pool can increase to 100%! Increasing defense has some good to offer, but it's only REALLY potent in the Dominion faction because, contrary to what the description of the skill states, only your hull strength increases, not shields. Making the Dominion the choice because their hulls are twice as shields, rather than the other way around like it is in the Order. The Afterburner is a useful skill not just for getting out of tight spots in a hurry, but for traversal in general which is why I tend to boost the skill along with increasing energy reserves. Afterburner doesn't just make your ship go slightly faster when you put points in the skill, it also reduces its energy cost. Eventually you can pair it with a DPS sentient and boost for an indefinite amount of time!

본편 이야기

Main story missions are those you get from Judah at Alpha Station in the Asteria zone. They can be completed with any ship from any faction and culminate in the unlocking of the Ark Raid special mission. All of these missions yield a measly 100 XP so I won't even bother listing the rewards for the missions.

Old Friends, New Enemies [MS1] -

Unlocked at: level 5, Gameplay Zone: Asteria.

Description - All you have to do is get to the preset locations and scan them, then fly over to the Dark Legion Ship that appears at the end, nothing more, nothing less.

Hunter and Hunted [MS2] -

Unlocked at: level 10, Gameplay Zone: Erebus

Description - One of the more brief missions, the name of the game here is RUN, and while faster ships aren't required, they sure as hell don't hurt. All you have to do is take the SHIFT platform to the Erebus zone, fly to the destination, then move on to the SHIFT platform in Dominion territory to leave. Before you can do that however, a handful of Dark Legion fighters and a cruiser about the size of a cargo ship will appear. The fighters can be dealt with but not the cruiser because its strength scales depending upon your level making it do massive amounts damage, and most importantly cannot be destroyed. Just don't dawdle and you should be fine.

Undercover [MS3] -

Unlocked at: level 15, Gameplay Zone: The Graveyard

Description - You'll be tasked with meeting an old colleague of Judah's currently in the Dominion over at the Monument of the Fallen region. After a few boxes of text he'll call for backup to keep his cover from being blown (even if you're in a Dominion ship as opposed to an Order one). Judah will tell you that you need to incapacitate the ships without completely destroying them but don't worry, no matter how strong your attacks are the ships will be stopped and incapable of receiving any more damage automatically after damaging them enough.

War and Pieces [MS4] -

Unlocked at: level 20, Gameplay Zone: The Tempest

Description - The Dominion and Order are done with small-scale skirmishes and have engaged in full-on battle in the Tempest zone. No matter who wins, war will be inevitable if you don't diffuse things fast. To do that, you'll need to protect the battleships carrying major leaders from both factions, and that means taking out as many fighters and cruisers as possible. Fortunately, both sides will be too busy fighting each other to launch a coordinated attack against you. After destroying enough designated ships a Praetorian cruiser arrives demanding an immediate ceasefire, stopping the conflict and opening up the chance to warn the Convocation about the Dark Legion in the next mission.

Sacrifice [MS5] -

Unlocked at: level 25, Gameplay Zone: The Tempest

It's negotiation time and we're going back to the scene of the last battle, The Tempest zone. With the Praetorian's presiding over things negotiations are tense yet under control, but the biggest threat is not each other… Before things can be settled Dark Legion Ships begin appearing out of nowhere and attack the capital ships.

You'll need to protect both parties again but against much stronger ships this time. Be especially careful of the cargo ship-sized cruisers as their Hellfire beams pack a wallop. Admiral Alencourt should/will escape first, then the Order's matriarch, at which point you can race over to the SHIFT platform and turn in the mission.

Captured [MS6] -

Unlocked at: level 30, Gameplay Zone: Solaria

Description - Alright! An agreement has been made and all you have to do is facilitate a trade, easy right? Yeah, even if this was your first video game you'd have to have a severe mental deficiency to look at the title of the mission and not think that things are going to go South in some form or another. Sure enough, when you arrive you're boxed in by a Dark Legion Dreadnought and none other than the Order's Matriarch's flagship. Now you must survive waves of ships whose pilots are apparently under the control of Dark Legionnaires, but there's something you should know first. Although there appear to be two massive ships blocking any hope of escape, not only will you not run into them, they won't even fire at you when you leave! (Save for at the end of the mission as they're going their separate ways). All the action's in the Cauldron region and you need to destroy the ships to proceed, but the option is there to get out of range if you start taking too much damage.

The first wave consists of four scout-class Consortium fighters, the second, 4 interceptor-class Praetorian fighters, the third, 4 Order Heavy Fighters, the fourth, a pair of Syndicate cargo ships, and finally, a Dominion cruiser. Survive all 5 waves and the two ships will part ways and let you go with no strings attached. One can only assume that they are under the impression that there's nothing you can do to stop them.

Retribution [MS7] -

Unlocked at: level 35, Gameplay Zone: Shadowrift

Description - Lock and load, we've got a major combat mission on our hands and the enemy isn't going to just lay down and die. I recommend torpedoes and/or strong missiles for this since you're going to be taking down capital ships that don't go down easy if you're using a tier peashooter. With the Order's matriarch gone bad in the worst way, the Dominion are the only major force backing you up in this endeavor which makes things look grim. That is until you actually enter the fight…

Remember how I said that the enemy wouldn't go down without a fight? Yeah, I lied, kinda. The matriarch's allegiance with the Dark Legion was apparently too much for everyone other than the crew of her ship to accept because there are no Order ships other than the flagship. And there must be some serious infighting on board because it never fires back at you or anyone else! The Dark Legion arrived in less-than-optimal numbers too so making the matriarch pay is as easy as can be.

With its targeting distraction sundered, the Dark Legion ship makes a tactical relocation AKA runs away like a pansy. But the Legionnaire is justified in his confidence when you catch up; you're up against a carrier-class vessel with no backup in sight. But then, out of nowhere, a Syndicate Reaper cruiser commanded by warlord Alencourt, son of the Dominion admiral of the same name, forces his way into the fray to assist you! Now that the unexpected cavalry has arrived, avoid the carrier's torpedo weapons and make that smug Legionnaire say uncle! After taking enough damage the carrier will try to flee again but it's no use, they just can't make it past the DMZ. With nowhere to run, shields gone, and hull at 50% it's time to turn that Dreadnought into a pile of scorched debris!

All Good Things [MS8] -

Unlocked at: level 40, Gameplay Zone: Shadowrift/The Ark

Description - This is it, the final main story mission. Your goal is to fly into the heart of Dark Legion space so you can pinpoint the location of, and go to, the Ark. To do this, you can either get yourself a high tier ship, load it up with powerful weapons and/or sentients, and upgrades, dodge the powerful hellfire beams fired by the numerous Legion tanks, take the SHIFT platform through to the Ark and destroy the enemies you find THERE as well… Or you can switch on Cloak/Undercover, fly right past the clueless buggers, and leave the Ark as soon as you arrive. No seriously, the latter description really is that easy. Although the Ark enemies are worth a sizable amount of XP, you can engage them any time you want when initiating Ark Raids so there's really no reason to stay. After turning in the mission you will unlock Ark Raids in the Special Missions menu.


  1. Basic Knowledge and Recommendations -

You can change factions at any time by docking at Alpha Station in the Asteria zone and selecting the option on the missions screen. (You cannot do this in the middle of a mission though). Changing factions does NOT affect your statistics and will NOT change your relationship with a given faction upon re-joining them, even if you switch to its enemy. There are 5 factions, each with unique characteristics. The Consortium of Free Traders, The Sunshadow Syndicate, The Praetoriate Fleet, The Dominion of Allied Planets, and The Revenant Order.

The Consortium is a business-centric organization that performs smuggling operations from time to time but is on the right side of the law more often than not and have few enemies. The Syndicate is a band of the most ruthless cut-throats in the galaxy, consisting of smugglers, pirates, assassins, and just about anyone you'd want to steer clear of. They have no allies apart from themselves and are sworn enemies of the Praetorians, with the Consortium being a close second. Speaking of the Praetorians, they're the law enforcers who uphold the terms of the truce that has kept the galaxy from descending into civil war. The Dominion is the human government military that represents the species officially, and though a Colonel was discharged, a high ranking Admiral has been the subject of much criticism behind closed airlocks. They are the enemies of the Order. The Order is a militant religious group that consists of mostly humans and is led by a mysterious matriarch that dictates the course the whole group takes. They are the enemies of the Dominion.

Each of the factions has an additional aspect that differentiates them from others. Consortium ships have, on average, twice the normal cargo capacity compared to ships of the same class (with the exception being the cruisers which have the same capacity as the Praetorian and Syndicate's, and half that of the Dominion and Order's). Syndicate ships are 25% faster, Praetorian ships and weapons cost 50% less but with no statistical downgrade. Dominion ships have twice the hull strength compared to shields, save for the heavy fighters, and Order ships have twice the shield strength compared to hull, again save for the heavy fighters.

  1. Faction Story Mission General Information -

All faction missions have certain shared qualities that I'm going to list here rather than repeat throughout the descriptions. For starters, the first section of each faction category involves both the joining of the faction and the first story mission given as a full member. This is because the initial joining is incredibly short and easy, and the following mission usually isn't much more substantial. Completing the mission that lets you join the faction supplies you with a free tier 1 scout fighter and neither the joining mission nor the following first mission requires faction experience points (AKA FXP) before they can be attempted, unlike those that follow. Speaking of FXP, you need 300 for the second mission, and 300 more for every one that follows before you can attempt them. Faction XP can be earned by performing tasks that support the faction such as destroying ships allied with the faction's enemy, performing side missions, etc.

Faction XP will NOT carry over, meaning if you unlock a story mission for a faction and earn 10,000 FXP you'll still have to regain FXP to unlock the next story mission. You can see the amount of FXP you've earned/need for the next story mission on the Faction stats screen of the dock menu. If you see a number showing how much FXP you've earned rather than a number out of the necessary amount to unlock the next mission it means you've already unlocked the next mission.

You gain faction levels by completing the Faction story missions that follow your initial joining of the faction, so don't bother trying to get a tier 4 cruiser by earning FXP because you'll just be wasting your time. You will always ascend to the faction level analogous to the mission number, i.e. completing mission 5 will have you at faction level 5, completing mission 8 will put you at faction level 8 etc. You always receive a faction point to put in skills after completing a story mission that advances faction level as well.

With the exception of the Consortium, which yields more credits as you complete missions, faction missions always yield 100 XP and 250 credits upon completion. The mission-giver zone is where you need to go in order to start a mission for a given faction after acquiring the necessary amount of FXP. The gameplay zone is where you'll be sent to take part in a given mission, and the later the stage, the tougher things usually are. Rank is just a title you're given within the faction that can be viewed when you look at your faction status in the docking menu, it has no effect on gameplay and serves no purpose but I thought I'd list it anyway. Presets are ships and weapons you're supplied for a given mission and that mission only.

The Praetorians appear to be glitched because if they scan you and find stolen goods (which I'm assuming are the commodities dropped by defeated enemy ships picked up while in the Syndicate faction) they don't just attack you, they become invincible. Yeah you read that right, it's literally impossible to do ANY damage to them no matter what you do.

Consortium of Free Traders Story Missions -


What's Mine is Yours [CSM1] -

Joining the Consortium is mandatory if you want to be able to switch to other factions and such so I won't bother going over it again, even though the mission to follow is even easier. All you have to do is pay 2,000 credits, leave the base, and come right back. No really, that's ALL you need to do, and since the "mission" rewards you with 4,000 credits not only do you not lose money you GAIN it, so even if this is early in the game and you were saving for an interceptor from the Dominion/Order you'd still be advised to do this ASAP.

Special Delivery [CSM2] -

Unlocked with - 300 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Rewards - Consortium Rank 2 and 6,000 credits.

Orders are pouring in for the prototype you tested and the staff is overworked, so you've been contracted to make some deliveries to thin out the work load. Although Remus mentions taking a cargo ship, your ship does not change. Just cruise over to the marked location, deliver the goods, and when you do you'll receive a call. Apparently, the Dominion is making things difficult in the Erebus sector and you need to find out what's wrong.

Things are grim when you arrive as Admiral Kincaid is capturing or killing everyone aboard Consortium ships. One of the pilots tells you to flee before being blown to bits, and you'd be wise to heed that advice. Deal with the Dominion fighters that get in your way and get your aft through the SHIFT platform and out of there.

Breaking the Code [CSM3] -

Unlocked with - 600 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Leviathan, Rewards - Consortium Rank 3 and 9,000 credits.

As if Kincaid wasn't enough, the situation back at Last Stand station is nothing short of insane in the membrane. Remus informs you that a hidden code in the prototype is infecting Consortium ships, making them attack one another. An antivirus program has already been created but you need to get to the corrupted ships and upload it into their systems before they blast each other to pieces.

Romulus will tell you not to return fire but you need not worry about your sentients because they won't attack either. Get in there, avoid attacks, hang back and give your shields the chance to recharge when needed, and you should complete the mission without incident. Upon returning it's clear to Romulus that this was an inside job working on behalf of either Kincaid or the Syndicate, meaning we have a traitor in our midst.

They Will Pay [CSM4] -

Unlocked with - 900 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Graveyard, Rewards - Consortium Rank 4 and 13,500 credits.

Romulus has his money on the Syndicate being behind the latest attack but doesn't want to be wrong and end up paying for it later. Rather than launch an assault, you and a group of Consortium ships (including a cruiser to discourage enemies from attacking) are sent into Syndicate space to get some answers. The Syndicate is less than eager to talk so you'll have to protect Commander Cuss, who is leading the operation, by either dealing with enemies directly, healing/boosting offensive/defensive capabilities of allies, or all of the above. Upon reaching the end of the mission you'll find a lone Consortium ship attempting to flee. Pursue it, and if you stay close enough for long enough Romulus will identify the culprit.

Throwing Rocks [CSM5] -

Unlocked with - 1200 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Tempest and Asteria, Rewards - Consortium Rank 5 and 20,250 credits.

The traitor Raconteur has been traced to a region in The Tempest zone, head to it and confront him on behalf of the Consortium. When you've done enough damage he'll warp to Asteria, follow him and confront him again. This time you can cripple his ship after doing enough damage and drag his sorry aft back to Romulus who, after a good talking to and scolding alongside his brother, mercifully lets him go, finishing the mission.

Impressment [CSM6] -

Unlocked with - 1500 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Crucible, Rewards - Consortium Rank 6 and 30,375 credits.

Kincaid is back to threatening the Consortium, and with the Praetorians occupied at the moment Romulus is looking to resolve this sooner rather than later. That's where you come in, you'll be paired with Commander Cuss again, and sent into the region where the Consortium prisoners are being held. Kincaid himself and his supercarrier are there to greet you, and after Cuss initiates the scene depicted on the game's digital cover art the battle will begin.

Bring down half of the supercarrier's shields and Cuss will tell you to get the Consortium fighters moving while he deals with Kincaid. Time is of the essence so reactivate them and reactivate them FAST if you don't want to fail this mission. Kincaid will have gotten away if you succeed, but at least the prisoners are safe.

Unfinished Business [CSM7] -

Unlocked with - 1800 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Tartarus, Rewards - Consortium Rank 7 and 45,562 credits.

The Syndicate is long overdue for a good aft-kicking after that prototype viral fiasco, and the only person with knowledge of the organization that can be turned to is the traitor Raconteur. Your mission is to have him guide you to an Element 213 production facility critical to the Syndicate's business dealings and wreck it. Automated security systems won't make things easy and will eventually become too much after destroying enough of the marked targets. It forces Romulus to tell you to abandon the mission and retreat, but Raconteur isn't going anywhere, instead sacrificing himself by crashing into the main silo, crippling the facility and delivering a massive blow to the Syndicate.

The Last Stand [CSM8] -

Unlocked with - 2100 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Asteria, Rewards - Consortium Rank 8 and 68,343 credits.

The mission to make the Syndicate pay for their antics with interest was successful, too successful actually. They're not satisfied with the steepness of your interest fees and are coming down to the Last Stand base to propose an alternative settlement. By which I of course mean, they're coming to raze the station and make sure everyone dies as horrible a death as possible.

Scouts have detected everything from fighters to cruisers inbound, but many of them thankfully belong to lower tiers so as long as you're not still in the tier 1 scout fighter this should be a breeze. This is more of a battle of attrition though because it takes a while for the Praetorians to show up. When they eventually do though, and the Reaper cruiser that's stronger than its peers shows up and is destroyed the Syndicate should back down.

A Good Cussing Out [CSM9] -

Unlocked with - 2400 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Shadowrift, Rewards - Consortium Rank 9 and 102,545 credits.

Admiral Kincaid's escapades have apparently finally been noticed by his superiors, because he's now AWOL and wanted by the Dominion. It's time to get some serious payback, and Romulus knows just where to find him. Unfortunately, when you arrive you'll find that Kincaid's ship is being protected by an impenetrable shield that Commander Cuss will need to hack. Dominion fighters and security droids will be after you both so protect Cuss while he works and watch your aft. Once the shield is down, the weapons will be able to fire, and will be gunning for you, so either be very mindful of the amount of damage you're taking, or just use the roll glitch and laugh maniacally as you tear that hunk of metal asunder. (Note: Maniacal laughter is optional and will not improve likelihood of success).

                            ____     ___ ____
                            `Mb(     )d' `MM'
                             YM.     ,P   MM
                             `Mb     d'   MM
                              YM.   ,P    MM
                              `Mb   d'    MM
                               YM. ,P     MM
                               `Mb d'     MM
                                YM,P      MM
                                `MM'      MM
                                 YP      _MM_

Sunshadow Syndicate Story Missions -


Initiation [SSM1] -

Before you can even get to the Syndicate's enclave you'll be ambushed by one of its members, Captain Zazo. Avoid his missiles and best him in combat and he'll make you an offer you can't refuse (that is unless you quit the mission by opening a SHIFT platform or turning off the console). Accept the mission and you will have gained access to the Syndicate and your first mission as an initiate which is creatively dubbed "Initiation".

Your task is to destroy containers outside of Mintek which sounds like a breeze but is more complicated than that. The complications in this case being that, the Praetorians are the sworn enemies of the Syndicate, and the Praetorians just happen to have a base set up at MinTek. Also, since every other faction is neutral towards you, you'll have more enemies than allies on hand. All while in the weakest fighter in the faction.

It's a good thing that your ship is also the fastest in the game, so make good use of it and high-tail it when things get tough. I had a fighter, a cargo ship, and, no joke, a bloody CRUISER on me and I still managed to complete the mission with no hull damage so even in the most dire of situations it's far from impossible. The Prospector Field sometimes houses friendly Syndicate ships so heading East is probably your best bet if you're having trouble.

Let's Make a Deal [SSM2] -

Unlocked with - 300 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Leviathan, Reward - Syndicate Rank 2, Presets - Tier 1 cargo ship, Multi Missile II, and Reaver Antimatter Cannon Mk. II.

Alright initiation's done, so now our first job as a legitimate member is… being given a cargo ship full of extremely valuable goods to deliver to a religious militant organization with whom they have a secret fragile business alliance. Say what?!? If the Syndicate trusts that much sensitive information, valuable property, and mission responsibility to a rookie they're either so shorthanded that they've got monkeys doing the maintenance and janitorial duties, they've got so many safeguards in place that your head will explode if you so much as entertain the notion of betraying them, or the exchange isn't that big a deal because they have super secret projects to create death star laser pistols or space hamster assassins or something. Or maybe they're just stupid….

Anyway, you need to meet up with the Order vessel and make the trade, but when you do the 5-0 arrive. You need to bounce back to base but can't warp while you're up to your pelvis in Praetorians, though it should be a drift though the nebula (walk in the park) to thin them out with the equipment you've been given. You and your client should escape with ease, but upon returning it seems as though a member of the Syndicate was captured during the skirmish…

The Lucky Charm [SSM3] -

Unlocked with - 600 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Asteria and Erebus, Reward - Syndicate Rank 3.

Captain Zazo needs his star pilot back and you're going to help, but first we need to find out where the poor SOB was taken. To find out, you need to hijack a Consortiums ship so that you can get close enough to a Praetorian station and hack the necessary Intel out of it. If you do not possess the Hijack skill it will be automatically be capable of being used even if you don't put any points into it. For more information on the skill see the Syndicate Skills section (MSS).

Cargo ships are slow but have an annoying beam attack, while Consortium Heavy Fighters are faster but have a slower missile attack. If you're capable of executing the roll glitch outlined in the Consortium Skills section (CSS) with your current resources then the former is an obvious choice, otherwise, you're probably going to want to go with the Heavy Fighter. Once you have the ship just go through the SHIFT platform, get the info, and leave quick before the Praetorians get wise.

Odd Job [SSM4] -

Unlocked with - 900 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Leviathan, Reward - Syndicate Rank 4.

During planning Captain Zazo is informed that something has come up, and you need to scan some Consortium ships to gather data. If you have the Cloak/Undercover ability this will likely be no problem, otherwise, I hope you like scanning while hectically dodging enemy fire. But that's really all there is to this mission, scanning ships, then leaving.

Break [SSM5] -

Unlocked with - 1200 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Tempest, Reward - Syndicate Rank 5. Presets: Tier 2 interceptor and 3 Crusher C-Beams.

Since no one else can get close enough (and you have no say in the matter), you're going to be hijacking a Praetorian cruiser. Don't worry though, this isn't as difficult as it sounds. You're given resources to help you, and that's where things get odd.

Your ship is a tier 2 interceptor yet your given 3 Crusher C-Beams, which are all equipped in spite of the fact that interceptors are only supposed to have 2 weapon slots. This isn't unheard of, but it only get's weirder from here. You're given a Consortium ship rather than a Praetorian one, but your pilot profile picture puts you in Praetorian gear, and you can even REPAIR SpyNet satellites! As if all that weren't enough, every single ship shows up as neutral, including the Syndicate ships, which can be targeted but not damaged…

To get a cruiser away from prying eyes and sensors, fake distress calls will be made to patrolling Praetorian forces. You have a small squadron of cloaked interceptors ready to pounce on the unsuspecting prey. (They're also coded as allies here too so you don't have to worry about accidentally targeting them with your beam weapons). You'll lure a small group of Praetorian fighters first, a pair of cargo ships second, and finally a cruiser. Your allies help distract the big guns away from you but they can only survive for so long so work fast to complete this mission successfully.

Skin of Your Teeth [SSM6] -

Unlocked with - 1500 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Asteria, Reward - Syndicate Rank 6. Presets: Tier 3 Heavy Fighter, a Piledriver Missile 1, and 3 Viper Proximity Mine I's

Everything's all set to get Lucky out, but you know what they say about the best laid plans and all that… Oddly enough though, it's not riding up in a Syndicate missile-loving heavy fighter that raises the alert but the bioscan of you. The Praetorians should take a lesson from the movie "Serenity" and look with their eyes.

If you try to complete this mission without using mines you WILL fail, so make sure that you deploy them at every chance you get with the right bumper/shoulder button. Although the cooldown time for the mines is a little lengthy, it's countered by the fact you have three different launchers for them that have cooldown times independent of each other. If you hold out long enough that Lucky can take control of the ship and lend fire support, you should have no problems from then on.

The Rat [SSM7] -

Unlocked with - 1800 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Solaria, Reward - Syndicate Rank 7.

Now that Lucky is back and the Syndicate is one big happy back-stabbing family again, matters can once again return to undercutting the law for personal gain. There's going to be an exchange with the Order, and as much as some like to say it doesn't, history has a way of repeating itself. Warlord Vestium sells out the entire Syndicate to the Praetorians who are not fooling around.

Don't bother trying to chase/shoot down Vestium's ship, and try not to head South for awhile because Order ships are down there and they're marked as neutral enemies rather than allies. Just focus on the Praetorian forces which consist of a cruiser and a lot of fighters to be exterminated. You have a pair of cargo ships backing you up but you'll have to handle the brunt of the work in this fight yourself, especially since the mission fails if Zazo falls in battle, so don't even think about playing this mission as a tier 1 scout fighter.

Ouroboros [SSM8] -

Unlocked with - 2100 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Tartarus, Reward - Syndicate Rank 8.

As the title of the mission suggests, the Syndicate is tearing itself apart with the help of Vestium who is taking part in the divisive battle being waged himself. Zazo tries to get everyone to stand down but to no avail, there are jamming signals coming from cargo ships that were no doubt brought by Vestium. Unfortunately, said cargo ships are right in the thick of the fight, and with everyone at each other's throats, you're fair game so take them down as quickly as you can. Once the cargo ships have been dealt with, Lucky will transmit evidence of Vestium's treachery, stopping the fight, and causing the warlord to make a break for it.

Chasing and firing at your target will eventually force it to warp to another zone, somehow managing to do so in spite of the fact that there are no SHIFT platforms nearby. Did Vestium cut a deal with the Order to get a share of whatever they were using Element 213 for in exchange for letting his former Syndicate brothers and sisters take the fall from the Praetorians, or is there something more sinister at work? Whatever the case may be he's out of your reach… for now…

What Goes Around [SSM9] -

Unlocked with - 2400 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Crucible, Reward - Syndicate Rank 9.

Thought we were done with Syndicate mission weirdness? It ain't over 'till the fat piggy warlord squeals, and in space no one can hear you squeal… No one… Before the mission even starts Zazo tells you that Vestium has been tracked down, only to tell you sentences later that he doesn't know where he is… Zazo also tells you during the brief that you can bring Vestium back dead or alive… only to to tell you to bring him back alive only as soon as the mission starts.

Anyway, all you have to do is damage the cruiser enough that Vestium tries to flee in an escape pod, then capture the pods before he gets away. The cruiser will primarily use missiles and can fire during the scrolling of the dialog boxes so prepare yourself accordingly. After Vestium has been dealt with Zazo will be promoted and you'll have a comfortable standning in the organization.

Praetoriate Fleet Story Missions -

The Blue Line [PSM1] -

The Praetoriate Fleet is always looking for more people to help keep the peace, so head to the destination and get their attention by dispatching the two Syndicate scouts causing trouble to prove your worth. Note: When I tried to sic my sentients on them they wouldn't attack for some reason (the sentients not the fighters) so bring at least one standard ship weapon for this battle. Joining the Praetorians will grant you the rank of Cadet.

Your first official mission is an easy one, scan Consortium ships to make sure they're not transporting anything illegal. And although the mission brief says that you should arrest them if they come quietly, I'm all but certain that such an event cannot occur. Also, any Consortium ship will do, not just the cargo ships and not just those found near the objective marker. Therefore I advise that you stay as close to the home base as possible if you happen across an enemy that's too much for you to handle at present. Plus, since you only have to scan 3 ships, it's possible you won't even have to leave anyway, or engage in combat for that matter if you didn't put any faction points into the Advanced Scanner before starting this mission. You'll be promoted to the rank of Officer after completing this mission.

On the Job [PSM2] -

Unlocked with - 300 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - Detective rank.

You'll be partnered with a veteran Praetorian named Kel from here on out, he can be gruff, but he's not as condescending as Malus. Anyway, you need to ask around marked Consortium ships at the destination by flying close enough to them that the use option changes to "talk" and pressing the appropriate button. Eventually one of them will point you where you need to go, and when you arrive you'll need to deal with the nearby hostiles to keep from blowing the informant's cover, then deal with the small group of Syndicate ships gunning for him. Once all hostiles have been dealt with, the mission will be complete. (Just an FYI, the informant happens to be the Standard side mission supplier when you're in the Syndicate faction.)

Breaking Heads [PSM3] -

Unlocked with - 600 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - Praetorian rank 3.

Apparently there's a disturbance in the Erebus Zone that needs investigating, so rendezvous with your partner and help the damsel in distress in the Hive region. The Order ship's weapons, shields, and thrusters are kaputt (busted/out of order) so they're completely vulnerable. Fortunately for you, there's nothing but Vanid as enemies "threatening" the vessel so this should be a drift through the nebula (walk in the park) for you. The mission drags on for awhile due to the enemies being so weak that they hardly pose a thread at all so just bear with it and you should complete the mission without incident.

Dirty [PSM4] -

Unlocked with - 900 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Graveyard, Reward - Praetorian rank 4.

The Praetorians are now aware that Element 213 was utilized in some form during the destruction of Killan's Rest. They may not know how, but if E. 213 was needed they aren't about to let any shipments go without intercepting them. Malus believes that one such shipment is being transported in the Graveyard Zone and wants you and your partner, who isn't so keen on the idea, to investigate. Don't fret when you exit the SHIFT platform and immediately enter combat, the Monument of the Fallen just has a bit of a Vanid problem so it's nothing to worry about.

Once you reach the objective marker you'll get visual contact with the small Syndicate convoy transporting E. 213. Malus orders you to attack but Kel thinks you need reinforcements (and if you're still in a tier 1 scout ship he might be right if you don't have sufficient abilities/ordinance to compensate). But regardless, reinforcements wouldn't be able to make it in time so you'll have to deal with them as you are, ready or not.

There's a small squadron of tier 2 interceptors and a cargo ship to fight, but something's wrong… Kel doesn't seem to be attacking the Syndicate ships, not even when their attacks hit him inadvertently… Sure enough, after eliminating the opposition your partner reveals that he was in league with the scallywags and promptly disables your ship, leaving you to die. Fortunately, your sentient is able to reboot your ship's systems and get them back online, allowing you to return and get Malus to send out an APB for your ex-partner.

It should also be noted that when I played through this mission while Undercover, all of the enemies ignored me even when I fired upon them, save for the cargo ship, which started firing back at the end. Also keep in mind that I was in a Praetorian Peacekeeper, which can fire while undercover without disengaging the ability.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [PSM5] -

Unlocked with - 1200 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Tempest, Reward - Sergeant rank.

The reputation of the Praetoriate Fleet, and Malus in particular, will suffer greatly if word gets out that Kel was a dirty cop, so you're going to go look for him. You're going to The Tempest zone, and the region you're sent to will have both Vanid and Syndicate ships of various classes close by so be prepared when you go through the SHIFT platform. Once you reach your destination you'll find it devoid of importance and Malus with no lead left to follow. But something more immediate demands attention, a member of the Order is in danger and has sent out a distress call.

Get to the escape pod containing Aspirant Choi on the double and tether it to your ship before anything can finish the pod off. When you do, Dominion ships will arrive, but for some reason they want her dead not because she's an enemy combatant but because she's a Heratic wanted by the Order… WHAT?!? I can only assume that Starfire programmed the wrong fighter type to show up as enemies and intended for them to be members of the Order.

It turns out that not only does Choi know what happened at Killan's Rest, and what device, utilizing Element 213, was used to put it in that state, but also knows where to find Kel! Wow, either she's extremely well informed about the important goings on in the galaxy right now, or she's saying anything to seem useful so that you don't throw her to the metaphorical wolves. Malus understandably wants to find out for certain but doesn't want the Dominion ships completely destroyed, though you don't have to worry since it's not possible for you to do so anyway. Return with Aspirant Choi and Malus will contrive some BS charges to keep the Dominion from trying to get ahold of her. How about that? Bureaucracy FACILITATING justice rather than hindering it, who would've thought?

(FYI, Aspirant Choi was presumably on board the cruiser you helped in the third mission in spite of the fact that Sister Octavia was the one communicating with you. I can only assume that either Starfire placed the wrong character portrait in the dialog box or Choi was just on board the ship too. Personally I think that the former is the case.)

Dead or Alive [PSM6] -

Unlocked with - 1500 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Solaria, Reward - Lieutenant rank.

Kel's been found, he's somewhere in Solaria and you need to find him, and you are to begin your search in the Sea of Fire region. Scan the Consortium ships, he's hiding in one of them and he'll attack once you sniff him out. Show him who's boss and he'll attack while fleeing instead, follow him while taking care to avoid his attacks and you'll be led to the Syndicate zone base. Kel will then be content to let others do his dirty work, sending out a large squadron of fighters (about 6 - 8 scout fighters) to take you down, all of which are Praetorian for some reason.

Defeat the ships and Warlord Cinnefa will intervene, inquiring the reason for your assault to your superior, who then explains and requests that Kel be turned over. Shockingly enough, it works, Cinnefa kicks Kel's aft out of the hanger as an offering to the Praetoriate Fleet under the reasoning that if Kel can't get rid of one human pilot (not to mention the fact that his cover was blown) he's useless, and getting rid of him would keep the Praetorians off them for a time. Also, if he was successful at driving you off, they would think twice about attacking the Syndicate again. That Cinnefa's a sharp one… Blast Kel into the vacuum and leave before you overstay your welcome.

Unwelcome Discoveries [PSM7] -

Unlocked with - 1800 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Tartarus/Unknown/Shadowrift, Reward - Captain rank.

Malus is giving you a break from all the Syndicate-associated neck-risking antics in favor a nice quiet investigation of an anomalous radiation signature that might be tied to the utter obliteration of an entire colony. …Well it's the thought that counts… I guess… head out to Tartarus and start scanning. As you may have already guessed, this mission isn't exactly a drift through the nebula because you're transported to an uncharted location. A location so alien and unknown that there's a SpyNet satellite close to where you spawn -_-.

Anyway, it looks like you're in space inhabited by the Dark Legion, and they aren't exactly known for being the most sociable and diplomatic, especially when others intrude on them. Your sentient is working on opening a SHIFT platform out but it's going to take some time so you're going to have to fight or stay out of sight of the incoming ships. After you've eliminated or snuck past the enemy ships you'll find yourself right in the middle of Syndicate-controlled space in the Shadowrift zone. Don't brown your trousers though because before they can gang up on you they realize that some Dark Legion ships followed you and will be distracted by them while you escape and report back to Malus.

Interdiction [PSM8] -

Unlocked with - 2100 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Shadowrift, Reward - Major rank.

Although the higher-ups are more concerned with quelling the war between the Dominion and Order, you're sent to the aftermath of a battle to see if the source of Element 213 can be found and eliminated. The debris is found in Syndicate and Legion controlled space so either be prepared for a fight or cloak yourself/go undercover. There are 4 scanning destinations with 3 being in Syndicate space and the last 1 in Legion territory.

Razing Sunshadow Bay [PSM9] -

Unlocked with - 2400 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Crucible, Reward - Commander rank.

The Praetoriate Fleet has discovered the location of the Syndicate's Element 213 manufacturing facility and you're going to bring it down. To do this you'll need to overload 4 key points, and you can't be engaged in combat at the time so you'll need to either destroy everything in the area or go in while cloaked/undercover. But even then, overloading the tanks triggers the station's automated security droids which can spot you whether you're concealed or not. So if you plan on taking the sneaky route you'll need to lure the droids away from the station, destroy them, go back in to overload another tank and repeat. Do this and you will have completed all the Praetorian faction story missions.

Dominion of Allied Planets Story Missions -


Shakedown [DSM1] -

As soon as you get to the destination you'll find a Dominion Flight Commander named Joran engaged with hostile Syndicate ships and requesting assistance. Funnily enough, even if you don't so much as twitch a butt-cheek and she fights them off herself she'll still praise your skill and let you join the Dominioin. (Apparently the military's combat prowess and IQ standards are a lot lower than they should be for commanding officers. For completing this initial skirmish and joining the Dominion of Allied Planets you'll be brought in at the rank of Private.

You are given a test of skill to see if you have what it takes to join up, tasking you with clearing out a mines within a set time limit. Speed is important so if you're going to commandeer a vessel, make it a tier 4 scout rather than any type of cruiser. Also, be advised that once you reach the end you'll be close to Order territory, so if you're vulnerable you had best be careful and leave ASAP. Completing this mission will earn you the rank of Corporal.

Without Warning [DSM2] -

Unlocked with - 300 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - Sergeant rank.

Killan's Rest just sent out a distress signal and you need to investigate it. Upon arriving you find the colony obliterated and Order ships on the scene. Joran wants retribution but Lieutenant Brighton is hesitant, though ultimately complies. You'll be up against a heavy fighter, a small squadron of interceptors, AND a cargo ship, so even with a pair of heavy fighters backing you up this won't be easy. That is assuming you haven't commandeered a high tier ship and/or have strong weapons to back you up. Brighton is still convinced that the destruction was too great for the Order to have achieved, and is leanded credence when an anomalous radiation signature nearby that you're asked to scan before finishing the mission.

Reciprocity [DSM3] -

Unlocked with - 600 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Leviathan, Reward - Master Sergeant rank, Presets - Tier 2 cruiser and 4 Vanquisher Miniguns.

Your mission is to assault the Order Carrier Guardian One as a ruse to cover for an infiltrator hacking intel on how the Order destroyed Killan's Rest. You'll have all three classes of fighters at your side and will contend with fighters and turrets. Do enough damage and/or destroy enough fighters and the matriarch herself will appear to drive you away. (Interestingly enough, although it takes awhile, you can destroy the matriarch's ship, though you will neither get an interesting dialog box nor fail the mission for doing so).

Casus Belli [DSM4] -

Unlocked with - 900 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Tempest, Reward - Lieutenant rank.

You're being sent on another carrier assault run but this time it's not a ruse, it's a full-on battle, and you get to bring your own ship and weapons this time so this shouldn't even be a challenge if you've got the right tools. Inflict enough damage and the matriarch will show up again, and it is again both possible and pointless to destroy her ship.

A Bad Taste [DSM5] -

Unlocked with - 1200 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - Solaria, Reward - Commander rank.

A squad of Dominion ships have gone dark and Admiral Alencourt himself wants you and your squadron to find out why. When you arrive you find the squadron wiped out and Consortium scavengers picking through the debris for valuables, but before being persuaded to leave, Admiral Kincaid butts in and accuses them of destroying the ships. Since he's clearly going beyond acceptable deviations in commandment issuance and judgment under Dominion military protocols, AKA being a colossal douchebag Joran and Brighton both defy his orders. Protect the innocent traders by destroying the marked fighters, some of them might be stuck outside the rock walls so if things go quiet for a while don't be afraid to leave them by themselves. Also, Kincaid's cruiser will not fire on you (or the Consortium ships for that matter) and won't be marked as hostile so just ignore it.

Fight and Flight [DSM6] -

Unlocked with - 1500 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - Erebus/Unknown/Shadowrift, Reward - Captain rank.

Surprise surprise, Battle Group Sicarus WASN'T wiped out by the Consortium; Dominion brass made it official when another anomolous radiation signature was found that matched Killan's Rest. Speaking of which, strange readings are coming from the former colony and the Dominion wants you to investigate. A shaken Consortium pilot flees the scene and recommends that you do too but your superiors need answers.

Not long after scanning you're pulled into a wormhole that takes you to an uncharted sector that features an ancient super sentient and a good number of Legion ships. The super sentient begins opening a SHIFT platform back, but it will take time that the Legion don't plan to squander. You can either fight off the ships or try using cloak/undercover, either way the SHIFT platform will eventually open to take you to the Shadowrift zone. Once there, go through the other platform that opens and return to base to complete the mission.

Unwanted Guests [DSM7] -

Unlocked with - 1800 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - Tartarus, Reward - Major rank.

Apparently the footage from your ship's camera wasn't conclusive so Admiral Alencourt has judged that trying to enlist the aid of the Convocation wouldn't be wise without sufficient proof. The Dominion needs hard data on the Order's weapon and intelligence points to a scientific outpost in the Tartarus zone. Your mission is simple, destroy all fighters and turrets, then capture any personnel attempting to flee. Some of the fighters are actually Praetorian, but since they're acting on behalf of the Order and not the Convocation you don't have to worry about them calling in cruisers for backup when you destroy them.

Recon [DSM8] -

Unlocked with - 2100 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - Shadowrift, Reward - Colonel rank.

The Dominion has finally pinpointed the location of the Order's secret weapon, it's aboard a battleship in the Shadowrift Zone. If you're familiar with the warzone missions you'll know what to expect here, except this time all the supply/carrier spawn points have been captured (save for the forward carrier spawn point) and you start off pretty close to the enemy battleship. Unfortunately, the ship's weapons aren't preset so you can end up either laughing in the face of beam/missile weapons or fearfully dodging a torrent of torpedoes. Don't be too ashamed to boost and hide while your shields/hull recover because otherwise you'll have to start over.

A Nest of Vipers [DSM9] -

Unlocked with - 2400 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - General rank, Presets - A badass Dark Legion ship, a Hellfire Beam, Healing and Wormhole abilities.

Before I get into the more standard description I'd like to point out that this is probably the single most unique mission in the whole game as it's the only time you get to pilot a Legion ship. I've tested the Undercover glitch (MSUG) AKA Eugene on this ship and it does in fact work, but that means that if you want to pilot the ship, you CANNOT complete this mission! Once you complete the mission the game will autosave, and you will NEVER be able to fly a Dark Legion ship again. To use Eugene, replace the skill mapped to the "B" button with Undercover when the mission starts, activate the ability, open a SHIFT platform to abort the mission, then de-activate the Undercover skill to revert to the Dark Legion ship.

Somehow, the Dominion managed to get its hands on a Legion ship, and they want YOU to pilot it. Not only that, but they've outfitted it with the wormhole device that was recovered in the last mission so that you can destroy Aerie Shipyard AKA Vostok 2. The "X" button summons Legion ships and the "Y" button heals them, though unlike the Healer sentient's ability it doesn't heal you too. Since you're in a Legion ship the Order won't be your only opposition because Praetorians mistaking you for a Legionnaire will attack you on sight.

Your job is to destroy the multiple enemy cruisers, and the battleship they surround. An outwardly daunting task for such a small ship, but child's-play for one that can summon an army. Keep an eye on your ability cooldown, keep pumping out Legion hard-hitters and cannon fodder, and let the enemy ships target the summoned ships while you heal them and the Order ships will be decimated.

At the end of the mission Commander Joran will defend the actions of Lieutenant Brighton who flew in to evacuate some of the Order population before the Legion overtook the base since they were civilians and not enlisted military personnel. Those curious as to why she continuously calls him "lunchbox" should know that it's his knick-name, but damned if I know how he got it.

Revenant Order Story Missions -

A Test of Faith [OSM1] -

Presets - Tier 2 heavy fighter, 2 Devastator ES 1's, and 2 Purifier Light Lasers (yes, that's 4 weapons even though heavy fighters can only have 3.

As soon as you approach Vostok 1's station the Order's matriarch herself herself will speak to you, already aware of who you are, and your significance. She then permits you to pass and provides the opportunity to join them if you pass a "test of faith". A Test of Faith consists of you at the helm of weapons on a heavy fighter with several other ships to back you up for an assault against a Dominion carrier. It sounds like a tall order (no pun intended), but as long as you keep firing you're bound to succeed. Completing this mission will grant access not only to Military skills, but Warzone special missions as well.

Inquiry [OSM2] -

Unlocked with: 300 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - Agent Order Rank, Presets - Tier 1 cargo ship and 1 tier 1 Purifier Light Laser.

You're job is to venture into Killan's Rest and find out what happened. After a few scans a Dominion recon pilot will come across you assuming that you single-handedly destroyed the colony with your devastatingly powerful tier 1 ship and weapon. -_-. With no way to reach into the cockpit and beat some sense into them, you're left having to destroy them instead. There are only 4 interceptors so it shouldn't be anything you can't handle with the default ship and weapon. Complete the mission and Aspirant Choi will already know what really happened after analyzing the scan results, smart cookie that one. The Dark Legion was behind the attack.

Divine Wrath [OSM3] -

Unlocked with - 600FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus, Gameplay Zone - The Graveyard, Reward - Secret Agent Order Rank, Presets - Tier 1 cruiser, 3 Absolution Laser Assemblies, and a Tornado - CS3.

The higher-ups believe the devastation of Killan's Rest was just a Syndicate Raid, either they're averse to facts and science like many real-world religious groups or someone laced mercury into the hairspray they need to make their funky hairdos. Anyway, you're sent on a mission to give some payback for the lives lost. Enemy ships are higher in tier but your weapons make up for the difference somewhat, plus you've got a small squadron of fighters to back you up. Fire away at the Syndicate base and be mindful of the ships that come out (Reaper cruisers can be especially nasty), then head through the SHIFT platform when you're done.

Heathens [OSM4] -

Unlocked with - 900 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Leviathan, Reward - Order rank 4.

This is the first Order mission to not feature preset ships and weapons so you'll be able to use a commandeered vessal for this mission. You've likely noticed that you've been sent back to Asteria and Aspirant Coi, but in the mission brief it says that you need to defend the Supercarrier Guardian One which is housing… Aspirant Choi… Uh, oooookaaaayyyyy…. How can she be the mission-giver if she's in the middle of organizing the defense of the ship? I mean the brief seemed rather simplistic in its content, by which I mean they don't mention anyone making a recorded video distress broadcast so it's not like she personally requested your help.

Sorry, got a bit distracted by the details. Anyway, the Dominion is out to get the Order for that squadron you destroyed and the destruction of Killan's Rest. You need to rocket your way there to offer temporary assistance until the big guns show up. The Dominion will attack from 2 directions but only one side of the ship, and their forces will consist of interceptors and the occasional cargo vessal. Since you are no longer restricted to a specific ship and weapon loadout, you should have no problem mowing down until the matriarch arrives and lends assistance. After mopping up the rest of the ships you'll get a mission complete and be free to turn in the mission.

A Plague of Unbelievers [OSM5] -

Unlocked with - 1200 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - The Tempest, Reward - Order rank 5.

An Order patrol has been silent for 3 cycles (days) and Aspirant Choi is understandably concerned. You need to head to their last known location and either offer assistance or find out what led to their untimely demise. As you arrive you find Syndicate and Consortium ships are scavenging the wreckage of the patrol and fighting over the salvage. You're task is to drive them off before they can make off with something that could lead to an understanding of what happened there. There are several scouts and heavy fighters in the area, but fortunately for you they don't gang up on you all at once, and as soon as you deplete enough numbers from a particular group they'll leave the conflict outright. Once you've driven off the vultures from the scene it'll be time to figure out what happened to the patrol (aside from dying of course).

Scan the wreckage and you'll come across an anomalous radiation signature similar to the one at Killan's Rest. Aspirant Choi contacts you and tells you that the matriarch has just stated that the patrol was wiped out by the Dominion, something is definitely wrong here… Head though the SHIFT platform and return to base. When you hand in your mission report Choi will tell you that she wants to trust you with a secret. Oh please let it be that she's got a crush on me, because women who are not only pretty but think for themselves and question authority when presented contrary evidence (especially in a religion), is a major turn-on for me.

A Question of Blasphemy [OSM6] -

Unlocked with - 1500 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Tartarus, Reward - Order Rank 6.

Aspirant Choi is going against the matriarch's orders. Whoo! Power to the people! Viva la revolucion! Freeeeeeeeeeedoooommmmmmm! …By sending a science team to collect more data… (sigh), okay so maybe taking on a zealous religious military organization with only two people yelling "CHAERDGE!" isn't the best idea but it would've felt good for the 1.2 seconds before getting vaporized by the Evangelist Fleet. Besides, I thought we were made aware that the Dark Legion was behind all this like 5 missions ago.

Anyway, you need to get to the science team and make sure that they perform their task without outside interfe- aw crap, the Legion's already here! You arrive just in time to see the last research vessal pulverized and the Legion carrier disappear. You'll be asked to investigate with caution, but it's not easy to do so when you're next to a wormhole and, sure enough, you get sucked in while scanning. You'll reach an uncharted section of space and be near an ancient Progenitor sentient on the other side. But no matter what you might think regarding the gravity of such an encounter you'll have to get out ASAP because Legion ships are closing in on your position. The sentient offers to open a SHIFT platform for you but it's not as young as it used to be so it's going to take awhile. Your options are cloaking/going undercover and waiting until the platform opens or flying and blasting at anything that moves. If your weapons/ship tiers are too low I'd advise the former option.

Apostate [OSM7] -

Unlocked with - 1800 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Asteria, Gameplay Zone - Erebus, Reward - Order Rank 7, Presets - Tier 3 cruiser, 3 Devastator ES III's and a Mongoose Proto Trap 2 (a mine deployed with the right bumper/shoulder button).

Aspirant Choi has discovered that the Order has secretly been constructing a wormhole device that can bypass the mines in the DMZ, bringing Dark Legion ships in from the other side. No matter what the reasons might be one thing is clear, it's far too dangerous to exist any longer. Your mission is to protect Choi's ship long enough that she can break into the secret facility, steal the device, and make a SHIFT jump to safety. While it's not necessary to use the mines, they will help a little though you don't want to rely on them exclusively either.

Having said that this mission is a good opportunity to test the function of this particular mine if you're thinking about purchasing it with PVP points, or to boost your mine damage/kill challenge completion. Also keep in mind that after fending off the enemies as part of the mission, said mission will NOT end at that point or even after going through the SHIFT platform. This means that you can complete the mission, then combat Syndicate/Dominion ships to boost challenge completion or further test the mine's applications before actually turning the mission in. Aside from the above information, the fact that you/Choi will be hindered by the occasional tractor beam, and that you fight Praetorian ships (presumably on the matriarch's payroll) along with the Order ships there really isn't anything left you need to know.

Heratic [OSM8] -

Unlocked with - 2100 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus (personally also had it available in the Shadowrift zone too), Gameplay Zone - Solaria, Reward - Order Rank 8.

Alright, Choi's turned traitor and now it's time for you to hunt down that dirty two-timing bi-whoa whoa WHOA! Back that cargo ship of confusion up! Why am I helping the Revenant Order track down Aspirant Choi when I was the one helping her in the first place?!? I mean, I understand that you'd have to keep up appearances to avoid suspicion but come on!

Anyway, she was last seen in the Solaria zone and you're tasked with accessing data from satellites to find out where she went. you can use cloak/undercover to bypass the hazards altogether or just fight your way through. The first satellite has nothing, the next two have Dominion fighters guarding them, and the one closest to the Dominion base has a cruiser and various random forces patrolling to deal with. You've been warned.

Shug [OSM9] -

Unlocked with - 2400 FXP, Mission-Giver Zone - Erebus (again in Shadowrift too), Gameplay Zone - The Crucible, Reward - Order Rank 9.

Looks like I underestimated Aspirant Choi. Not only did she keep the Order from finding her via the satellite data, they're now so certain that they won't find her or the wormhole device that they're cutting ties with the Syndicate which supplied them with the element 213 needed to make the device work. Gotta love a resourceful woman…

Seneschal Brighton tells you to meet with the Syndicate warlord known as Shug so that the Order can politely ask if the Syndicate wouldn't mind terminating the production contract, not be paid for the last shipment, and quietly slink off into the darkest corners of the galaxy amicably. Either she's profoundly stupid or she's leading you to slaughter because she secretly found out about you aiding Choi's efforts. Whatever the case, we need to head to the Syndicate-controlled region of The Crucible.

Before you go you should have at least 1 weapon equipped instead of nothing but sentients, you'll find out why soon enough. The meeting goes downhill faster than you can say "told ya so", Shug's cruiser erects a supershield, and a small squadron of cloaked fighters start gunning for you. Cloaked enemies CANNOT be targeted by sentients, even if you target them manually for them, so you'll have to take them out with your own weapons.

Once the pups have been dealt with it's time to take down the nigh illiterate big dog and his cruiser. After it's destroyed Brighton will further test your patience and make you want to reach through the TV screen to slap some sense into her because she not only offers to rescue Shug, not turn him in to the Praetorians, and even take him anywhere he wants to go. Despite being given the chance to gather his strength, exact revenge against Brighton and the Order, and most importantly not die, Shug is either too stupid or too prideful to accept the offer and goes down in flames instead. Hopefully if she tries pulling that crap again it will be her own aft on the line and not the poor shuttle pilot she would've dispatched.

Side Missions -

Side missions come in three different types: Standard, preset, and military. Each has their own unique individuals that dispense the missions and characteristics that differentiate themselves from others. I'll give the important details in each section but they'll be the first thing I mention about them so you won't have to scroll through a ton of text just to know what you're looking at. Also, since the preset side missions require more information than the other two types, I've segregated them into their own sections, so this section is going to focus on the standard and military side missions.

Standard Side Missions [SM] -

Standard side missions are limitless but randomized and have disproportionate ratios for certain mission types. Therefore I'm going to list the mission types from least common to most common. Spy missions require more information if you want to complete them successfully so you'll want to see the (SPY) section below for vital data. The difficulty of standard side missions can be adjusted while viewing them by pulling the left/right triggers to decrease/increase the difficulty, respectively. Pulling the triggers will also change what missions are displayed so you don't have to exit the screen to get a particular mission to appear, just flip back and fourth between difficulty settings. Increasing the difficulty and/or participating in standard side missions in later zones grants access to more credits and better quality upgrades upon completion. (Note that there are only three levels of difficulty). You can also increase the amount of credits yielded from standard side missions from a faction the more times you complete side missions of any kind for said faction.

Following the spy mission walkthrough will be the Upgrades Title Listing (UTL), which lists the names of the upgrades and what they do so that if you're trying to get a particular kind of upgrade you'll know what you're getting. Gameplay hot tip - All side missions contain enemies, so use cloak/undercover during missions that don't require combat, i.e. the Seeker, Explorer, and Collector missions.

Mission types: Spy, Courier/Escort, Object/NPC Defense, Object/NPC Locator/Seeker, Scout/Exploration, Use/Acquisition(/Collector), and Kill/Destroy.

      Faction: Consortium, Mission Supplier: Preacher.

Moonlighting = Spy Convoy Escort = Courrier Mayday = Defender Sabatoge = Defender Scouting = Explorer Mapmaker = Explorer Locate Object = Seeker Identify Escape Pods = Seeker The Lost Pilot = Seeker Rogue Drones = Killer Syndicate Plunder = Killr Syndicate Purge = Killer Lost Cargo = Collector Lost Cargo (turrets) = Collector Lost Cargo (friend) = Collector Maintenance Man = Collector Scan Reports = Collector

      Faction: Syndicate, Mission Supplier: Sketch

Tracking Device = Spy Inside Information = Courier Information Overload = Explorer Escaping the Net = Defender Hotwire Help = Defender Salvage = Collector Viral Infection = Collector Syndicate in Need = Collector Jammed Coms = Seeker Missing Ships = Seeker Eyes and Ears = Seeker Consortium Strike = Killer Easy Pickings = Killer Praetorian Strike = Killer Law Deforcing = Killer Dominion Trouble = Killer Dominion Strike = Killr Order Trouble = Killer Revenant Order Strike = Killer Loose Ends = Killer Mousetrap = Killer

      Faction: Praetorian, Mission Supplier: Praefectus Juventis

Parole Breaker = Spy Protect the VIP = Courier Hit = Defender Evidence Protection = Defender Stakeout = Explorer Watch Duty = Explorer Joyride = Seeker Distress Signal = Seeker Law Enforcing = Killer Pirate Hunt = Killer Disinfection = Collector Station Security = Collector Security Test = Collector Suspect Debris = Collector Stolen Goods = Collector

      Faction: Dominion, Mission Supplier: Lieutenant Brighton

The Traitor's Message = Spy Defection = Courier The Ambush = Defender Defend the Transports = Defender Missing Spysats = Seeker Brokern Communications = Seeker Patrolling = Explorer Exploration = Explorer Sentry Shutdown = Collector Turret Defendse = Collector Lost Convoys = Collector Ambushed Supplies = Collector Antipiracy = Killer Syndiacte Hunt = Killer Demolition = Killer Revenant Oder Hunt = Killer

      Fation: Order, Mission Supplier: Brother Bookman

Traitorous Deeds = Spy Save the Defector = Courier Surprise Attack = Defender Transport Defender = Defender Lost Contact = Seeker Lost Satelites = Seeker Exploration = Explorer Renenant Patrol = Explorer Turret Defender = Collector Sentry Reactivation = Collector Lost Convoys = Collector Psi Repair = Collector Syndicate Eradication = Killer Dominion Storm = Killer Dominion Hunt = Killer Dominion Probe-lems = Killer

Spy Mission Walkthrough [SPY] -

Spy missions deserve their own guided explanation as they can be infuriating if you aren't aware of the following information. The first rule of spy missions is to ALWAYS pick the easiest version of these missions, for reasons that will become clear later in this section. Also, regardless of what the mission description says, it will always involves finding a targeted fighter and keeping it in range long enough for the mission to be completed. Even if you're cloaked/undercover before entering the mission, some enemies can still find you, and you don't need to be hidden to trail targets anyway.

Right from the start there are complications you need to be made aware of to avoid frustration. Such as the percentage number in the objectives box on the HUD which will not only climb when at the appropriate distance, but also descend into negative percentages, failing the mission when -100% is reached. The goal is to get to +100%, but unless you pay attention to both your distance from the target AND the percentage indicator you won't know how close is too close. You typically need to keep the target ship at the bottom/top edges of the screen and where the edges WOULD be on an equal-sided square for the left/right sides. But do the complications stop there? Hardly, we've only just started.

You see, the ships vary in speed and behavior. It can be as easy as a slow-cruising heavy fighter with a barely curved vector, or as frustrating as a speedy Syndicate scout fighter conducting more U-turns than water in an infinitely looping S-bend. But what makes this guide so important to have is the last, and possibly most crucial complication of all, the one that made me stress the importance of selecting the easiest difficulty setting: Weapons Fire.

You see, every spy mission has enemies in the area near the target. You're probably thinking that setting the difficulty lower is needed so that destroying the enemy ships is easier, thus making your attacks less likely to hit the target ship right? WRONG! While it's true that firing on your target is a no-no and you'll want to dispose of enemies ASAP, it's really because if ANY ship hits your target the mission will fail as though it had been you that did it. Why would enemy fire hit the target you're tailing? Because Starfire programmed them as neutral targets rather than hostiles, so hostile weapons fire can still hit your target even though they're supposed to be allies. As if all that weren't enough, the spy target can actively engage in fire-fights, and while the Dark Legion are an obvious concern when taking part in spy missions in Shadowrift, the ever-present Vanid will end the mission as soon as one of their beams locks on to the target. The easiest missions take place in pocket areas outside of all zones and feature no Vanid or Dark Legion ships, it's not perfect but it's the best possible way to complete the missions if you're trying to complete the analogous challenge.

Upgrades Title Listing [UTL] -

Upgrades have titles that are meaningless once you have them but are easy to forget when you need to know them. Therefore, I've compiled a list of all the upgrade titles and what their effects are so that you'll have the information needed to find what you're looking for. However, I won't be listing the adjectives that describe the upgrade's percentage yield since that's not as important.

Ship Upgrades:

Injector = Increases the maximum speed Coil = Increases maximum warp speed Energizer = Increases maximum shield capacity Lining = Increases maximum hull strength Pod = Increases maximum cargo size

Weapon Upgrades:

Power Gem = Increases damage of all weapons Recharger = Increases the refire rate of all weapons _ Boost = Increases the damage and refire rate of _ weapons (i.e. mine boost boosts mine weapons, auto boost boosts autogun weapons, etc.)

Ability Upgrades:

Harvester = Harvest Deceiver = Feign Death Escaper = Roll Hider = Cloaking Teleporter = Teleport Stealer = Hijack Scanner = Scan Shielder = Supershield Misdirector = Undercover Flaregun = Flares Controller = Clone Ram = Ram

Military Warzone Side Missions [WSM] -

Military Warzone side missions are the most simplistic since there are only two factions that have them, there are only three missions, and they're the same in both factions with zones only changing the rewards. The people who supply the missions are Sergeant Torsky (Dominion), and Sister Octavia (Order). When taking part in these missions keep in mind that you cannot go to a different zone after accepting them to fight in a different zone. You also cannot collect your reward for completing the side mission while taking part in a warzone battle, you have to wait until you win or lose before turning in the mission. That is unless you take part in a warzone battle in a different zone by selecting "Random Zone" rather than the one you're in, in which case a SHIFT platform will appear automatically upon completing the objective.

Warlord - The objective is simple, destroy 20 enemy ships. This includes all pilotable ships as well as carriers and the battleship, though turrets do not count.

Supply Chain - Although Supply Chain missions state that you need to capture supply points specifically, carrier spawn points count towards credit. You need to capture at least 5 points to to complete the mission.

War! - About as straightforward as it gets, you just have to win. You do not have to fire the final shot on a battleship to get credit for destroying it for "War!" side missions or even damage it. It is assumed however that you need to at least damage it to get credit for the analogous challenge.

                   ____      ___ ____     ___ ____ ____
                   `MM(      )M' `Mb(     )d' `MM' `MM'
                    `MM.     d'   YM.     ,P   MM   MM
                     `MM.   d'    `Mb     d'   MM   MM
                      `MM. d'      YM.   ,P    MM   MM
                       `MMd        `Mb   d'    MM   MM
                        dMM.        YM. ,P     MM   MM
                       d'`MM.       `Mb d'     MM   MM
                      d'  `MM.       YM,P      MM   MM
                     d'    `MM.      `MM'      MM   MM
                   _M(_    _)MM_      YP      _MM_ _MM_
  1. Military Warzone -


  1. Basic Mission Progression and Rewards [WZNP] -

Military Warzone missions are unlocked after joining the Revenant Order or Dominion of Allied Planets, and can only be initiated while an active member of either faction. To take part in a Warzone battle, open the pause/start menu, select "Special Missions", and choose "Warzone". The goal of these missions is simple, destroy the enemy's battleship while guarding your own. Warzone missions can be played alone or online in PVP, and take place in one of the nine zones in the game. This is why there are no Syndicate vs. Praetorian, Syndicate vs. Consortium, etc. versions of this mission, because aside from necessitating a military focus that would justify the construction of massive battleships, the bases of the factions need to be far, and opposite one another. Each zone has Order and Dominion on opposite edges of the map, making it necessary to capture carrier points to spawn from, and supply points for support. That was likely the working theory anyway, but since this is an RPG, certain behaviors that would be logical in games like Star Wars Battlefront just don't translate.

Battleships will always attack you over your allies because the player stands as the most significant threat more often than not. Because you're capable of growing in strength several magnitudes greater than NPC ships, or perhaps due simply to poor programming and pathfinding skills, your allied forces will not storm the enemy base in force for a great length of time, if at all, even when you're in control of every single resource available. So unless you're piloting weaker ships with peashooter weapons, it's faster to just rush in and assault the battleship by yourself, and even if you DO die, you won't fail the mission unless it happens 25 times (more on that later).

Warzone missions function the same Legion Raids with regards to difficulty adjustment. There will be a number in parenthesis next to the areas that are displayed on screen whenever you move into a region or exit a base structure. Said number indicates the tier level of your enemy's ships so it will always be 1 - 4, no more, no less. The number is dependent upon the whichever value is highest, the Zone you're playing in, or the highest tier ship you posses in your current faction (this does NOT include the tier level of a hijacked/commandeered ship). So if you have a tier 2 ship but are in a tier 3 zone, the enemy's tier level will be 3. Also, if you're in a tier 1 ship but posses a tier 3 ship, in a tier 1 zone, the enemy's tier level will still be 3, because it counts the highest tier ship you posses, not what you're currently piloting. The tier associated with each zone is as follows: Asteria, Erebus, and Leviathan are tier 1 zones, The Graveyard and The Tempest are tier 2 zones, Solaria and Tartarus are tier 3 zones, and The Crucible and Shadowrift are tier 4 zones.

The number of Warzone points (WZN pts.) yielded is also effected by the final tier level of your enemies. You get 3 times the tier level after the battleship is destroyed, regardless of whether you were the one to fire the final shot, or even damaged it in the first place. Destroying enemies, capturing supply points/carrier spawn points, and other activities have no impact on the amount of warzone points you receive at the end. Note: There are NO penalties for quitting before the enemy battleship has been destroyed, but you will NOT be able to resume where you left off. Warzone points are great for getting one weapon, and one weapon only, the Battlegun. Even if the torpedo weapons weren't outmatched by the Legion Raid Corsair, the Battlegun is a fantastic weapon to get ahold of, especially early on in the game.

  1. Important Mission Elements and Interaction [WZNE] -

The first thing to note is the HUD boxes to the left and right. The one on the left always represents the Order, and the one on the right represents the Dominion. The percentages represents that faction's battleship's "health", the second item represents captured carrier points, the third, supply points, and the last representing human player points. Battleship "health" is depleted as you damage it, but shields can be recovered slightly if NPCs or human players use the Recharge ability. (NPC cargo ships can use it by themselves, but human players must have Healer sentients, that have the ability, actively equipped.)

Battleships can have many different weapons and abilities, the latter being dependent upon the faction it belongs to when it comes to the specifics. (Dominion Battleships can have Creeping Death missiles, Order Battleships can have Piranha missiles, Dominion Battleships can have Silkworm torpedoes, Order Battleships can have Tornado torpedoes, etc.) That's right, the battleships unfortunately can have torpedoes in addition to missiles, beams, and pulse weapons. They can also use Disable, Tractor Beam, and Shield Short if you get too close as well. NPC ships, battleships included, are not restricted by energy cost either, so don't expect a torrent of torpedoes to ever let up.

Carrier spawn points, as their name suggests, spawns a carrier upon capturing it. When a carrier is under your control, it acts as a spawn point for you if your ship is destroyed (you spawn at the carrier closest to the enemy base). Carriers also heal you and your NPC allies. When a carrier is destroyed, the spawn point can be captured by either side, provided that it's a neutral point. There are two different kind of carrier spawn points, neutral and forward. Neutral points can be captured by either faction, but forward points are close to the enemy's base, can only be captured by that base's faction's enemy, and only while in the possession of a neutral point. Forward carrier points can be valuable, but it's best to attempt to capture them while cloaked/undercover. Carriers can also be healed by NPC ships and players, and to a greater degree than a Battleship.

Supply points are more numerous and contribute to the number of NPC allies spawned to combat the enemies. These points are always neutral and can be captured at any time, regardless of whether you or your enemy currently controls it. You cannot begin to capture a supply/carrier point while in combat. You WILL however be able to CONTINUE capturing a point if an enemy attacks after you've begun capturing a point. Lastly, human player points are subtracted by 4 whenever you're defeated in battle, and this is regardless of your ship's/weapon's/sentient's tier level or statistics. If you lose all 100 points, you fail the mission, so defeating human players in PVP 25 times will win the mission without destroying the battleship.

  1. Basic Mission Zone Layout and Contents [WZNZ] -

This will be an outline of where each carrier spawn point/Supply point can be found within each zone. Points are in the center or in such a small area that it's nearly impossible to miss unless otherwise noted. Locations in parentheses dictates the location of the region, locations following the Supply Point/Carrier Spawn Point dictate the point's location. Note: It's possible for the enemy Dominion battleship in The Tempest zone to become glitched & not take damage for varying periods of time. I have not encountered this problem elsewhere so I would recommend avoiding The Tempest for Military Warzone matches just in case.

  1. Asteria -

Ghost Zone (path between Calico Base and Alpha Station), Supply Point, found about halfway through to the first entrance to Calico Base).

Calico's End, Supply point, North West of the Ghost Zone Supply point,just before the collection of barriers in the corner.

Nemo's Folly (North of Fort Hestion), Supply point, A little East of the center.

Icy Wastes (North of the entrance to Fort Neston), Carrier Spawn Point, almost directly North of the entrance.

Vostok 1, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, at the Northern end of the main area.

Fort Heston, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, at the Southern end of the main area.

Alpha Station, Carrier Spawn Point, almost dead center and far South of Alpha Station itself.

Clearing Area. (East of Alpha Stations), Supply Point, between the two Southern triangular map objects with circles in them.

Pitkins Patch, (east of Alpha Station), Supply Point, in the Northwest corner.

MinTek Storage Depot, Supply Point, between the two entrances and the base itself.

Prospect Field (between MinTek and Last Stand), Carrier Spawn Point, bottom center.

The Last Stand, Supply Point, in the center of the central structure in the base area.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 3, Total Supply Points: 7.
  1. Erebus -

Shadowden, Supply Point, Center.

Habitation, (area South of Shadoden), Supply Point.

Beta Station, Supply Point, center.

Killian's Rest, (Far North East quadrant), Supply Point.

Power Generation, (near North East quadrant), Supply Point.

Fort Thorn, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, Far South end of the Core.

Vostok 2, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, far north end.

Processing Plant, (near South West quadrant), Supply Point.

Hive, (far South West quadrant), Carrier Spawn Point.

Pit, (Near South East quadrant), Supply Point.

Silverlode, (Far South East quadrant), Carrier Spawn Point.

Precinct 357, Supply Point, center.

  1. Leviathan -

Colony, (West of Guardian One/The Vigilant), Supply Point.

Guardian One/The Vigilant, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, to the left of the base ship).

Communications Array, (north East of Delta Station and South West of Guardian One/The Vigilant), Supply Point.

Solar Collectors (North West of Sanctuary and South East of Guardian One/The Vigilant), Supply Point.

Delta Station, Supply Point, Just North of the station.

Delta Station, Carrier Spawn Point, Just East of the station.

Power Core, (between Delta Station and Sanctuary), Supply Point.

Sanctuary, Carrier Spawn Point, Near the bottom of the Sunshadow Syndicate symbol.

Control, (South of the Power Core), Supply Point.

Engine Bay (South of Control), Supply Point.

Eagle's Nest (Dominion Region), Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, to the right of the base ship.

  1. The Graveyard -

Minefield (North East of Falcon's Roost), Supply Point.

Falcon's Roost, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point.

Sentinal Gate, (East of Falcon's Roost), Supply Point.

Breaker's Yard, (South East of Falcon's Roost), Supply Point, center South.

Cemetery, (North West of Kappa Station), Carrier Spawn Point.

Monument of the Fallen, (South West of Kappa Station), Supply Point.

Station Kappa, Supply Point, just North of the Station.

Wraithmist, (North East of kappa Station), Supply Point.

Cage, (South East of Kappa Station), Supply Point.

Radzone, (North West of Guardian Two/The Defiant), Supply Point.

Guardian Two/The Defiant, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, North West between it and the Supply Point.

Calico's Den, Supply Point.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 2, Total Supply points: 8
  1. The Tempest -

Fort Bravo, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, South East of Fort Bravo and very close to the Dominion Battleship.

Attractor, (East of Fort Bravo (or East by Northeast), Carrier Spawn Point, East side of the structure.

Wilderness, (South of Attractor), Supply Point, almost at the center of the dark amorphous blob on the map.

Sanctuary Station, Supply Point, South West of the station, just outside.

Sanctuary Base, Carrier Spawn Point.

Fog Core, (East of Sanctuary Base), Supply Point.

Gauntlet, (East of Shroudport /Ruined Biosphere), Supply Point, Near the North end.

Lonecrag Lighthouse, (Far East of Sanctuary base), Supply Point.

Shroudport, Supply Point.

Vostok 3, Dominion Forward Carrier Point, Right North next to Vostok 3 and the battleship.

Research Outpost, (East of Vostok 3), Supply Point.

Brimstone Creek, (East of Research Outpost), Supply Point.

Widow's Claim, (South of Vostok 3 and the Research Outpost), Carrier Spawn Point.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 3, Total Supply Points: 7.
  1. Solaria -

Cauldron, (West of Lambda Station), Supply Point.

Lambda Station, Supply Point, West Side.

Sea of Fire, (East of Lambda Station), Supply Point.

Eden, (South of Cauldron), Carrier Spawn Point.

Hotzone, (South by South West of Lambda Station), Carrier Spawn Point.

Sunshadow Bay, Carrier Spawn Point.

Ventrica, (South of Eden/North of Condor's Perch), Supply Point, North end.

Port Quickbuck, (South of Sunshadow Bay), Supply Point.

Ventrica, (South of Eden/North of Condor's Perch), Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point.

Glassica (South of Quickbuck and North of Guardian Three), Supply Point.

Guardian Three, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, North East of Guardian Three and South West of Glassica.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 3, Total Supply Points: 6.
  1. Tartarus -

Recycler, (North of Fort Bilgh), Supply Point.

Theta Station, Supply Point, Just South of the station.

Theta Station, Carrier Spawn Point, South of the aforementioned point (and near the Tightrope region).

Brink Science Outpost, (East of Theta Station, Supply Point.

Apex Antimatter Factory, (East of Fort Bilgh), Supply Point, South by South East of the center.

Apex Antimatter Factory, (East of Fort Bilgh), Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, South West of the center.

Event Horizon, (Center of Zone, East of Apex Antimatter Factory), Supply Point.

Vosok 4, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, between the Tempus Labs and the South West corner of Vostok 4.

Dimension Gate, (South of Fort Bilgh), Supply Point, in the third/Far right circle.

Tempus Labs, (Structures South East of the Event Horizon), Carrier Spawn Point, Almost directly South of the Event Horizon.

New Eden, Supply Point.

Chrona Farm (East by North East of the Event Horizon), Supply Point, at the center of the closed off section.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 2, Supply Points: 8.
  1. The Crucible -

Cold Storage, (North East of Fort Deckard), Supply Point.

Epsilon Station, Supply Point.

Fort Deckard, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, Next to the Southern Collection of mines.

Assimilator, (North West of Nexus (the Zone's center)), Supply Point.

Flotsam Wastes, (North East of Nexus (the Zone's center)), Supply Point.

Metropolis, (North of Vostok 5), Supply Point.

Nexus, (the center of the zone map), Carrier Spawn Point.

Spinespire (South of Nexus), Supply Point, South of Nexus near the downed cargo ship.

Vostok 5, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, between Vostok 5 and access point from the inner part of the map.

MinTek Headquarters, (South of Fort Deckard), Supply Point, between the two sets of tunnels not near the buildings.

Drydock, (South West of Vostok 5), Supply Point.

Sunshadow Bay, Supply Point.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 1, Total Supply Points: 9.
  1. Shadowrift -

Omega Station, Supply Point, North of station's entrance.

Fort Baxtor, Order Forward Carrier Spawn Point, between Murkpit, City Ruins, and Fort Baxtor.

City Ruins, (East of Fort Baxtor), Supply Point.

Lost Hope, Carrier Spawn Point.

Catacombs, South of center and equidistant to Lost Hope and Omega Station, Supply Point.

Cathedral, (West of Vostok 6), Supply Point.

Vostok 6, Dominion Forward Carrier Spawn Point, North at the divide between Vostok 6 and Cathedral.

Murkpit, (far South West/Opposite Lost Hope), Supply Point.

Dustpan/Catacombs, Carrier Spawn Point, In the middle of the divide between Dustpan and Catacombs.

Infection Island, (South East of the Catacombs), Supply Point.

Impact Site, (South of Dustpan/Catacombs), Supply Point.

Webweave, (South of the Impact Site) 2 Supply points.

      Total Neutral Carrier Spawn Points: 2, Supply Points: 9.

Ark Raid Mission Guide -

Ark Raids are unlocked after completing all the main story missions so you'll be at a minimum of level 40 when you start this, meaning you should have access to many resources at this point such as high-tier ships, weapons, and high level sentients. If you don't then you probably shouldn't even be looking at this section, but if you do you'll likely still need some pointers before you jump into the fray. Ark Raids are pretty much all about boss fights with each having their own strengths and weaknesses, and I'll be sure to walk you through them.

The Ark Raids are a good mission set to take part in before attempting to best later versions of Legion Raids, as you can be supplied with more weapons and upgrades to help you along. It's also good for power leveling as the first two sections of the mission feature cannon fodder enemies that yield a high amount of XP when compared to how much damage they take to destroy. Ark Raids also offer the only way to get rarer sentients without getting them through the mobile game Fusion: Sentient, as well as some sweet weapons. In order for weapons to be dropped however, you must have room for them, i.e. no more than 14 weapons and sentients total. It's not clear if certain weapons or 50% upgrades are exclusive to a given boss but I'll list all the ones I've encountered in my personal experience. More information on the weapons themselves can be found in the Bonus Weapons section (WB).

It's worth noting that since you don't start off docked at a station like the Warzones and Legion Raids, you can take hijacked ships through this as long as you don't die, otherwise you'll respawn as your original ship. Ark raid points are awarded thusly: 1 point for the first boss, 2 points for each of the following 3, 3 for the Hall of Mirrors boss, and 5 for the final boss for a possible total of 15. Lastly, there is no penalty for leaving Ark Raids before they're completed, however you will NOT be able to pick up where you left off.

  1. Stealthly Blitzkrieg [ARS] -

In spite of the fact that the majority of enemies in the game react to your presence when you shoot them while cloaked/undercover, Ark Raids are a bizarre exception to this rule as few will return fire or even react for that matter. For reasons that are unclear, Splitters and Janus (Mirror boss) will attack the player if you're cloaked, but not when you're undercover. The rest of these will fail to acknowledge your presence regardless of your stealth ability of choice. All the first enemies, (including the boss) all Path of the Dead enemies (including the boss), the Elder ones, and all droids and torpedo nodes in the final area.

While in a state of stealth, you can let your sentients attack for you if you're undercover, but you'll have to use your weapons if you're cloaked. It should also go without saying that you need either the Syndicate or Praetorian scout fighter if you want to attack without disengaging the cloak or undercover abilities respectively. But since you need to do as much damage as possible against the Elder Ones, the Deathshrike Mine V is a good weapon to use.As a side-note, it's worth mentioning that the Splitters only need to be split once each in order to "unlock" the doors in the main chamber.

During the battle with Janus (Mirror boss), I should note that while you can technically use sentients to attack him/her while in a cruiser, there are more complications outside of the obvious increased defensive qualities of your enemy. Since Janus doesn't attack but still flies around, the ship can get stuck in the environment, and while ships that get trapped for an extended period of time have their positions reset, Janus just disappears. So don't say I didn't warn you, and no you cannot leave and come back to reset the state of things, you have to start all over again.

  1. Clay Tok [ARC] -

The first part of the Ark Raid is, appropriately, the very area you went to at the end of the last main mission. You should see a large number of hostile markers on your mini-map, and you'll want to take them out, but try to keep your distance with the right/Eastern most portion of this area. Also, try not to engage too many at a time, they're manageable in small groups, but getting the attention of most of them at once is a really stupid idea, especially since they can boost each other's offensive power. They exclusively use beam weapons though, so if you're able to perform the Roll glitch then feel free to go nuts.

Once you've cleared out most or all of the smaller enemies it will be safer to venture to the right/East. Guarding the path to the other areas is a giant version of the enemies you were fighting, which in turn were giant versions of the Vanid/space mites. It is known as Clay Tok, and if you didn't heed my advice regarding the destruction of the many smaller enemies or just blundered too close by mistake, you can probably kiss your aft goodbye. This is because partway through inflicting damage to it, Clay Tok will draw in ALL of the smaller enemies, allowing them to not only gang up on you but boost Clay Tok's firepower.

Without the added support however, Clay Tok can be bested with ease if you don't stay still long enough for its KL-088 attack (those pink/magenta pulse blasts) to hit you. Clay Tok uses Supershield and, most prominently, Feign Death so missiles are a bad idea in this fight. It only uses the Supershield ability for a second or two after being attacked initially, similarly to many cruisers and cargo ships, before stopping. You don't actually visibly see the shield come up, but you can hear the effect noise it makes, and it clearly suffers no damage even though it should. While the KL-088 is pretty strong, clay Tok is completely incapable of firing while it uses Feign Death, and though you can't see its statistics it takes damage in that state, so hit it with everything you've got. A 50% Feign Death upgrade can be dropped by Clay Tok, as well as the Power Beam and Deathshrike Mine V weapons.

  1. Forks in the Road [ARF] -

After defeating Clay Tok it will drop either an upgrade or a weapon, pick it up and fly near the portal-like opening which the game calls a door until the option to go through comes up. On the other side will be a ton of Splitters and many more barred entrances. If you're unfamiliar with them, splitters are the enemies you can encounter North West of the center of The Crucible. As their name implies, they split apart, becoming defensively weaker, though I'm uncertain if they're weaker offensively as well (I don't think they do). Splitters multiply whenever you completely deplete their health and can only split so many times before being completely destroyed. They use beam weapons so if you can/are taking advantage of the Roll glitch you won't even have to worry about them.

There are 4 doorways with 5 splitters in front of each. The Northernmost door leads to the Librarian boss, the Northwest one leads to the Elder ones, the Southwest one leads to the Mirror boss Janus, and the Southeast one leads to the Ghost Battleship. All three must be defeated before the door leading to the Mirror boss can be opened so you've got no choice but to fight them all. So I'll be listing them in an order that I feel represents the incline of difficulty from least to greatest, starting with the Southeast doorway leading to the Path of the Dead.

  1. Path of the Dead [ARD] -

The minute you reach the other side you'll encounter a Ghost Dominion cruiser, whose Admiral you need to speak with to proceed. Regardless of your faction you'll be tasked with protecting said cruiser from missiles that appear out of thin air multiple times. This is easier than it might sound however because although they can be damaging for the escort target, they don't do too much damage to you if you're in a tier 4 cargo ship/cruiser, you're given a fair amount of time to reach them, and they're not too difficult to destroy.

The missiles will appear in clusters that are easily seen from the mini-map, and appear in front of cruiser, front, front left (your left, not the cruiser's), left (again, your left, not the cruiser's), behind, front, and both in front AND behind it. Go after the one's in front first because the cruiser is actively moving away from the others. The cruiser has tier 4 Dominion beam weapons but they alone are not enough to intercept the missiles.

Once you've fended off the missiles you'll need fly close so that you can talk to the Ghost Admiral again. This time you'll have to protect the cruiser from several ships aiming to destroy it. Failing to protect it will not forfeit the entire mission, or even send you back to the beginning of the Path of the Dead, but you will have to fight all ships over again until you succeed. Said ships are pretty weak but the cruiser won't fire back this time around so it's entirely up to you. You'll have to fend off fighters, cargo ships, a pair of cruisers, a carrier that launches fighters, and a Ghost Battleship before the mission is through.

The cargo ship's have annoying supershields, the cruisers can be intercepted with relative ease, the carrier always has tier 4 Dominion beam weapons, and the Battleship always fires missiles. Unfortunately, just where exactly the ships appear is not consistent, so keep close to draw fire away from the escort target just in case. Flares are useful for countering missiles, Clone is good for drawing away attacks, and a Healer sentient's recharge ability is obviously quite useful here. Once you defeat the Ghost battleship a reward (with the Power Lightning Beam being possible) will be dropped and you'll be given the appropriate number of Ark Raid points. The mission also starts as it means to go on by NOT making you backtrack all the way back to the entrance of the area, but rather the threshhold leading to this circular area.

  1. Path of Knowledge [ARK] -

Head to the far North end and enter go through the doorway leading to the Path of Knowledge. You again have to initiate a conversation, but this time it's with a massively oversized healer sentient. Follow the path to the end of the tunnels swatting down security droids along the way and you'll eventually find yourself in another boss arena. This time however it's one enemy with pretty high defensive statistics and a beam attack that would make the BFG 9,000 from Doom feel insecure about it's potency. Fortunately, as I just said it's a beam weapon, and as such is susceptible to the Roll glitch, as well as the Roll ability in general, and the Supershield ability too. Speaking of Supershields, the giant enemy sentient will have a supershield up if you're too far away so don't expect to pick away at it from a distance. You have to get pretty close to the sentient for the shield to go down. After 1 section of its shields are depleted it will erect a supershield and start drifting away while it presumably makes modifications to boost weapon power because it's Big Green Power beam can slaughter you at this point in time if you can't avoid it. Try to stay as close as possible to its center while it's drifting and when the shield eventually goes down. If you have enough firepower you can destroy it utterly before it manages to get even 1 shot off.

It's worth noting that in addition to the standard rewards of upgrades, potential for weapons, and Ark Raid points, this is the only method by which you can acquire rarer sentients in the game without transferring them from Fusion: Sentient or getting them from online Auctions. So long as you have 14 or fewer weapons (including equipped ones) AND 4 or less sentinets, there's a chance that the Librarian boss will drop a Rare, Epic, or Legendary sentient that can be one of the three different types. A 50% Flare upgrade is also possible.

  1. Path of Darkness [ARP] -

Head to the Northwest section and go through the door to be on your way to the Path or Darkness. Unlike the Path of Knowledge there aren't any enemies on the way, but the journey is the most dangerous of the three since there are booby-trap-esque Hellfire beams being fired in the tight spaces. The beams get all the more frequent by the end so if you're having trouble with just the early bits you're horrendously unprepared for what lies in wait at the end. Once again though the roll glitch lets you sail through with ease, unless of course you're in a cruiser in which case the tight quarters are going to be quite irritating to navigate.

Upon reaching the end you'll be greeted by three yellow Dark Legion carriers being controlled by beings calling themselves The Elder Ones, and request the administration of voluntary euthanasia. But apparently they're from a country that isn't progressive enough to permit such a practice without mandating self-defense because they fire incredibly powerful missiles at you and constantly heal one another. You have to either deplete their health incredibly fast, or get close enough to one that it starts chasing you, and allow you to lure it away from its allies. You'll need either Flares or Supershield for this fight because as I said previously the missiles they fire are incredibly powerful. Fortunately while their shields are pretty tough and can be healed, their hull strength is laughably weak and can't be recovered so once their shields go down they won't have long.

Watch out if you're engaging The Elder Ones in one of the three fighter types though because they have a tendency to use the Healer sentient knockback skill which is not just annoying, it can prevent you from avoiding the missiles fired. You'll have to take each of the three down one at a time, but don't expect them all to yield goodies, only the last one you destroy will provide an upgrade or weapon. Speaking of which, the Power Big Green Power Beam and Power Missile are possible weapon drops.

  1. Hall of Mirrors [ARH] -

Now that all three major bosses have been extinguished we can move on through the door that was previously sealed in the Southwest part of the main area. Unlike the preceding sections though you only fly a couple of meters before the boss, Janus, makes his/her presence known. Janus copies you ship but only to a certain extent. It's defenses appear to be higher, but the weapons used are thankfully not your own. The ship that is mimicked is whatever you're currently flying, not whatever you might be able to change into when you disengage the undercover ability. Janus also only copies what your ship's statistics are SUPPOSED to be and inflates them a little from there. Meaning if you rock up in a scout fighter with the shields and hull of a military cruiser using Eugene then Janus will be stuck with defensive stats that are pathetic by comparison. The area's large enough to run and use a Healer and Tank sentient combo to boost your shields if things start going South so it's not too difficult overall, it can be more about attrition than anything. A 50% Undercover upgrade can be dropped, as well as the Deathshrike Mine V, and the Power Lightning Beam.

  1. The Ark [ARA] -

Getting to the right point where you can enter the next door will be a little difficult but once you get there you can proceed to the Ark's core. Ahead of you will be the Ark super-sentient, protected by a series of powerful defenses. To start, there are large beams inhibiting your progress that need the emitters at both ends to be destroyed. Doing so will get rid of the deadly beam (seriously, it can be VERY dangerous if you're defenses are not too close to the top), as well as launch security droids from the damaged nodes that are weak afterthoughts. After shutting down a few of those pesky beams you'll come to the Ark's inner sanctum, only to find more beams in your way. Or at least that's how it LOOKS, the beams are actually powering a shield that recovers faster than you can damage it, and the beams themselves can't harm you in the slightest. What CAN harm you however are the nodes, on either side of the towers supplying shield energy, which fire massive torpedoes that will do a lot of damage if you don't keep moving and stay out of the way. Destroying those nodes will keep the torpedoes off your aft but not for very long so concentrate on the ones supplying shield energy instead.

Once you've cut off all four towers from the super-sentient you can attack the sentient itself. Unfortunately however, you can only do 25% hull damage before its shields are brought back online. Even more frustrating is trying to damage it while in one of the three fighter classes because like the Elder Ones the Ark super-sentient can use the knockback ability. But as long as you keep moving and damaging the core you'll eventually defeat the age-old construct and claim your due rewards, which can include the Power Missile. A message might pop up very quickly and ask if you're sure you want to quit the mission. Either select "no" or don't select yes until your sentients pick up the loot dropped by the boss, because not only is the upgrade/weapon supposed to be dropped, but unlike in Legion Raids, Prismatic crystal pieces are dropped rather than being automatically added to your inventory.

Mad Skillz (Pilot Skills List & Ratings) -

  1. Base Skills [MSB] -

No more than 25 base points, which are awarded upon leveling up your pilot character, can be assigned to any one skill, and since you get one point per level and 100 levels you'll have enough points to max out every skill with the only question being how you'll initially distribute the points. I should mention that energy cost of using the Afterburner ability can decrease to the point where having 1 DPS sentient equipped with a high enough level Energy Regeneration bonus can let you use it indefinitely. Speaking of energy, although your first thought may be to increase energy reserves since it offers the highest increase per point, you'll want to avoid weapons that drain energy in the early parts of the game, and some of the upgrades to abilities can outright negate the energy cost so focus on the others. Lastly, while the description for Increase Defense states that it increases both shields and hull, it only increases hull strength, so keep that in mind.

Increase Damage - 1% increase per point, Total possible = 25%

Increase Defense - 1% increase to hull per point, Total possible = 25%

Afterburner - 2% increase to speed and efficiency per point, Total possible = 50%

Increase Energy - 4% increase per point, Total possible = 100%

  1. Faction Skills [MSF] -

Faction skills are where you can become either a terror among the stars, or a laughingstock for touring vessels to point at and mock. I'll help you make sure you become the former, and turn your enemies into the latter. Each skill will be evaluated with more in-depth descriptions and information after point level statistics. The *'s represent how good a skill is, the more *'s the better, though that should become apparent in the description. But first, some general info you need to know.

Faction skills are added when you become a member of a faction and completed a mission that rewards you with a faction point to spend on skills. Don't worry about accidentally choosing one of the lame skills since Prismatic crystals can reset all your skills without penalty, just keep in mind that it may take a good deal of time before you can get some and the act of acquiring them will be made easier if you have better skills. Faction points are universal, meaning that points earned in one faction can be spent to unlock/advance another's skills. Also, Military Skills are shared between the Revenant Order and Dominion of Allied Planets, so joining either faction will unlock the skills.

  1. Consortium Skills [MSC] -

Harvest (Passive) - Extracts ore from any asteroid or gas cloud.

Lvl 1 - 10% Lvl 2 - 20% Lvl - 30% Lvl 4 - 40% Lvl 5 - 50%

Rating: 1/4 *'s

Evaluation - Although the name is different and it mentions gas clouds, the Harvest skill is just mining. The gas cloud bit is bizarre because there's no expanded function for the mining ability, it only speeds up the mining time, there doesn't appear to be any difference in the quantity or quality of resources yielded. Although you can put enough points into the ability that you can mine faster than your sentients with maxed out mining skills, the fact that you can have multiple sentients mining at a time makes this skill useless until you can get prismatic crystals without leaning on certain skills. In all I'd say it's got 0/4 *'s in the early parts of the game and maybe 2/4 *'s for the later parts with the average being the final rating seen at the beginning.

Feign Death - Fakes the death of the ship, possibly tricking enemies. Energy Cost - 50 pts.

Lvl 1 - 160 sec cooldown Lvl 2 - 80 sec cooldown Lvl 3 - 40 sec cooldown Lvl 4 - 20 sec cooldown Lvl 5 - 10 sec cooldown

Rating: 1/4 *'s

Evaluation - If you've fought Clay Tok then you probably already know why this skill doesn't have a good rating, if not, I'll naturally explain it to you. Feign Death can stop missiles mid-flight but note that the description states that it can only POSSIBLY trick enemies into stopping their attacks. When you use Feign Death you're completely immobile until the effect wears off, and though your shields can recover in this state, you can take damage too. This means that if you use the ability in the no-man's-land of a fire-fight, you'll be hammered with projectiles even if the enemies DID back off. The afterburner is a base skill, you'd best use it instead.

Roll - Performs a roll maneuver, allowing dodging of beam attacks. Energy Cost - 25 pts.

Lvl 1 - 4 sec cooldown and 1 sec evasion Lvl 2 - 4 sec cooldown and 1.5 sec lock-on break Lvl 3 - 4 sec cooldown and 2 sec lock-on break Lvl 4 - 4 sec cooldown and 2.5 sec lock-on break Lvl 5 - 4 sec cooldown and 3 sec lock-on break

Rating: 4/4 *'s

Evaluation - I'm sure a lot of you are surprised by this rating because I originally was going to put this at 0/4 *'s. That was until I looked more closely at the skill and found many errors that elevate its standing and a glitch that makes it a must-have for nearly everyone. For one thing, the description is not true, there is NO cooldown time for the ability. And since the analogous upgrade negates the energy cost regardless of its percentage value, you can use it as many times as you want. That's great n' all but it's not what gives this skill such a high rating it's the following glitch.

My theory is that Starfire programmed the roll animation to be executed with fighters but not capital ships because the idea that such a large craft avoided beam fire by out-maneuvering it would come across as understandably absurd, leaving the effect to be explained by shield movement deflecting fire or something else the player might imagine. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the coding for the skill presumably had the effects activate when energy was deducted, and concluded after the roll animation was finished, but since the animation never actually STARTS, the duration never ends. That's right, if you use the roll ability while in a cargo ship or cruiser you will be immune to all forms of beam weaponry INDEFINITELY. That's not much of an exaggeration, going through SHIFT platforms, docking, initiating missions, etc. do not reset your status. Not even switching out the skill with a different one will change it!

Being immune to an entire category of weapons that at least 1 ship from every faction uses is great enough in its own right, even if it's limited to cargo ships and cruisers. But the fact that this effect can be applied with only 1 point assigned to the skill to reap the benefits of the glitch gives it a perfect rating. Note: The barrel rolls your ship sometimes performs cannot be induced at will outside of using the Consortium Roll skill so don't bother asking be how to make the ship do it. Lastly, although you don't take damage from the beam attacks and the hijack skill will not be interrupted, your shields will not recover when beams are being fired at you.

Increase Cargo (Passive) - Increases amount of cargo the ship can carry.

Lvl 1 - 20% increase Lvl 2 - 40% increase Lvl 3 - 60% increase Lvl 4 - 80% increase Lvl 5 - 100% increase

Rating: 2/4 *'s

Evaluation - Cargo capacity is hardly vital, but not having to go back to docking stations/send sentients to sell its contents as often is still a convenience, though one you'll not want to take advantage of early on in the game when there are better options.

  1. Syndicate Skills [MSS] -

Cloaking - Cloaks the ship, making it almost invisible.

Lvl 1 - Drains shields in 5 sec, 10 sec cooldown Lvl 2 - Drains shields in 10 sec, 9 sec cooldown Lvl 3 - Drains shields in 15 sec, 8 sec cooldown Lvl 4 - Drains shields in 25 sec, 7 sec cooldown Lvl 5 - Drains shields in 30 sec, 6 sec cooldown

Rating - 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - Once near the top of the heap, this skill gets thrown down to useless thanks to another skill's unbelievably versatile glitch. I'll address that when I talk about said skill, until then, here are some things you should know:

- Your shields are drained a little, but your energy will run out long before your shields.

- An analogous upgrade, regardless of percentage value will prevent any and all energy/shield drain while the ability is active. Even while this upgrade is active however, not only will energy and shields not regenerate, but your hull will be incapable of recovering with the Healer sentient's abilities either.

- Although there is no point in doing so, both the Cloak and Undercover skills can be active simultaneously.

- Enemy weapons can still harm you even if they don't target you while you're cloaked, so watch out.

- If you attack or your enemy hits you while you're flying in anything other than a Ghost scout fighter the cloak will automatically disengage.

- Although the Ghost scout fighter lets you fire while cloaked, nearby enemies will be alerted to your presence and will be able to target you even though the ability was not disengaged. It won't be disengaged when fired upon either so you'll need to manually turn it off to be able to recover shields, hull, and energy.

- Your sentients will automatically not engage enemies while you're cloaked, so you don't have to worry about setting their combat mood to passive to keep them from giving away your position.

- Although the the hint screens say that those using the Cloaking skill should be wary of ships with advanced radar, it appears as though no ships possess it, not even Dark Legion ships. If you're suddenly de-cloaked with no combat taking place, it's likely that you flew too close to an enemy/neutral target that had a ram shield erected.

Teleport - Teleports the ship to a new position. Energy Cost - 20 pts.

Lvl 1 - 30 sec cooldown Lvl 2 - 20 sec cooldown Lvl 3 - 15 sec cooldown Lvl 4 - 10 sec cooldown Lvl 5 - 5 sec cooldown

Rating - 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - Believe it or not, not only does this skill get better because of a glitch, the glitch necessitates that you not put any points into the skill. You see, preset side missions for the 5 factions will give you skills, and said skills are usually more effective the more points you have in them even though they're preset missions. But for some reason, when you have no points in the Teleport skill the cooldown time is non-existent during those missions. Pair it with an analogous upgrade and you can use it as often as you want, but ironically, the skill is pretty lackluster even then.

All it does is teleport your ship a short distance away. The time in transit is quick so you can't expect to be immune to enemy fire for an extended period of time, the starting distance is short and doesn't get better as you put more points into the ability, and the cooldown time is so long outside of preset missions that you can avoid more fire and cover more ground with the default afterburner. This is probably the single worst and most useless skill in the game, don't even touch it.

Hijack (Passive) - Takes control of a ship that has no shields. Not effective against players. Energy Cost - 50 pts

Lvl 1 - 10 sec capture time, 30 sec reuse time Lvl 2 - 8 sec capture time, 30 sec reuse time Lvl 3 - 6 sec capture time, 30 sec reuse time Lvl 4 - 4 sec capture time, 30 sec reuse time Lvl 5 - 2 sec capture time, 30 sec reuse time

Rating - 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - Before discovering the Undercover glitch this was the go-to ability for people too cheap to buy ships and weapons of their own (like me). Now it's more of a nice little novelty that has unfortunately lost its usefulness. Its obsolescence will be made clear soon enough, in the meantime here is some information regarding the skill you should know:

- If you do not possess the hijack skill when starting a Syndicate story mission that requires it, it will be provided for you, can be used even when not apart of the faction, will be capable of being used without any points in the skill until all Syndicate story missions have been completed.

- You only need to deplete one section of shields in order to hijack a ship, NOT both.

- If you hijack a ship, it will be replaced with whatever you were piloting originally when you dock, though not when going through a SHIFT platform or initiating special missions like Legion Raids or Ark Raids.

- Dark Legion ships sadly can't be hijacked. :(

- Your sentients will stop attacking and your weapons will be disabled while hijacking so that the targeted ship isn't inadvertently destroyed, so make sure you have as few other enemies around as possible when attempting a hijack because you will be unable to defend yourself.

- You cannot hijack friendly ship, only enemies or neutral targets with the capacity to BECOME enemies. If you hijack a Dominion/Order interceptor you can use its commandeer ability to take control of a friendly unit that you could not previously take control of. However, it will be subject to the same rules as a hijacked ship and will be replaced with your original ship as soon as you dock.

- Cloning while in a hijacked ship *will* produce a copy of the ship you hijacked… but it will attack *you* instead of your enemies. However if you hijack a Dominion/Order interceptor and commandeer a friendly ship, said ship will aid you when cloned.

- Although you can't equip sentients in hijacked ships per say, their passive bonuses such as energy regeneration and statistical boosts will still be applied.

- Although you don't do any damage, hijacking a ship while cloaked/undercover will cause the targeted ship to attack you.

- Although you don't take any damage, being hit while a supershield is erected will hinder the hijacking process.

- If you hijack a ship(s) you were supposed to destroy the mission will glitch and and fail to continue, even if you hijack a different ship to destroy it. The only solution is to quit the mission.

- A high leveled Shield Short & Hijack skill make for a potent combo. The Tractor Beam also is good for pinning down particularly slippery hijack targets like fighters.

- If you hijack a ship during a mission, you will be reverted back to your original ship the moment it's completed.

- If you find yourself suddenly in the pod you were in at the start of the very first mission while engaging Syndicate ships it means that your ship was hijacked. Syndicate interceptors appear to be the only enemies that can hijack your ship. Just as with you, they can't hijack your ship unless at least one section of shields has been depleted, they can't attack, and their attempt will fail if you destroy them first or get far enough out of range.

Don't worry though, you don't have to re-purchase the ship, & you don't lose weapons, upgrades, sentients, or crystals though I assume you lose whatever cargo you were carrying, & possibly some credits as well. Dying or docking will put you back in your ship good as new.

Scavenge (Passive) - Defeated enemies have a chance of dropping temporary power-up.

Lvl 1 - 10% chance Lvl 2 - 20% chance Lvl 3 - 30% chance Lvl 4 - 40% chance Lvl 5 - 50% chance

Rating - 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - Fusion Genesis' power-ups aren't very impactful so this is hardly a game-changer, and if you don't like your sentients flying off to pick up things on the other side of the screen you're not interested in this will certainly not be an ability that you'll want. The only reason to pick this skill would be to advance the Syndicate challenge of the same name.

  1. Praetorian Skills [MSP] -

Scan Enemies (Passive) - Scans a ship for illegal goods and increases the chance of higher-quality salvage.

Lvl 1 - 10 sec scan time Lvl 2 - 8 sec scan time Lvl 3 - 6 sec scan time Lvl 4 - 4 sec scan time Lvl 5 - 2 sec scan time

Rating 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - You get much better upgrades from Legion and Ark Raid missions so the major point of the skill goes out the airlock right there. But there are other advantages to putting points into this skill that keep it from being as bad as something like Teleport. For one thing there are challenges that are less tedious to complete with the scan time reduced as much as possible. Also, fighters in earlier zones will be momentarily incapacitated after being scanned and will be unable to attack for a short amount of time. So in summary, good for completing challenges but offers no significant boons for combat.

- Since Scanning will temporarily incapacitate some lower class & tier ships, try scanning an enemy while cloaked/undercover before attacking to gain an advantage.

- You must be an active member of the Praetorian faction to advance the scanner and revealer challenges. Both scan targets must be Consortium ships, and the revealer challenge requires you to put at least 1 point in this skill (because you can't detect illegal goods otherwise).

- You can earn points for the Praetorian Judge challenge, by scanning and destroying Syndicate ships while apart of the Order, Dominion, or Consortium, if you have at least one point in this skill. But not while a member of the Praetorian faction, and obviously not the Syndicate.

Supershield - A special shield that nullifies pulse weapon damage, but drains energy.

Lvl 1 - 100% energy drain rate Lvl 2 - 90% energy drain rate Lvl 3 - 80% energy drain rate Lvl 4 - 65% energy drain rate Lvl 5 - 50% energy drain rate

Rating 3/4 *'s

Evaluation - Contrary to its description, the Supershield skill nullifies ALL damage, not just pulse weapon damage. While the Supershield is active your energy is drained, neither you nor your sentients are capable of attacking, and you can't recover your shields if you're under attack even though you're not taking damage. In despite all those handicaps, the Supershield can be a valuable asset.

As I said earlier, the Supershield negates all damage and not just pulse damage, and while the percentages might make you think that the shield will drain your energy reserves instantaneously it's not that bad. In fact, with the right preparations you can maintain a Supershield indefinitely. That's partially because the shield's energy drain is unaffected by weapons fire, so it will consume the same amount of energy blocking a super powerful boss attack as a tier 1 Vanid's beam attack. And while neither you nor your sentients can attack while the shield is active and beams stop firing as soon as you erect it, missiles will still fly to their targets.

A major advantage of the Supershield is that it's quick to erect and capable of staying active for as long or as little as you'd like (provided you have the energy to maintain it of course). This means that you can flicker the shield on momentarily to stop a missile or hunker down against a torrent of weapon fire. It's not the best ability but it definitely warrants attention.

Undercover - Turns the ship into asteroids and space junk and enhances its defensive capabilities.

Lvl 1 - 300 sec cooldown time and 10% damage absorption Lvl 2 - 180 sec cooldown time and 25% damage absorption Lvl 3 - 90 sec cooldown time and 40% damage absorption Lvl 4 - 60 sec cooldown time and 55% damage absorption Lvl 5 - 30 sec cooldown time, 70% damage absorption, and 50% damage increase

Rating - 5/4 *'s

Evaluation - No, that's not a typo. This is it. This is the singe most versatile and useful ability in the entire game, not even Abation can exceed this skill's caliber, and it's all thanks to the most beneficial glitch this game has to offer. Before I had discovered the Undercover glitch (AKA U.G.), which I call Eugene, this skill was an afterthought and I never used it. After discovering Eugene however, it opened up a staggering amount of possibilities that completely changed the game.

The Undercover skill was meant to be the Praetorian version of the Syndicate faction's cloak skill as both had the same purpose: keep enemies from knowing you're there. The Undercover ability turns your ship into an unremarkable asteroid to both slip past enemies and increase your ship's defensive properties. Since it actually improved defense rather than weaken it by hindering regeneration handicaps had to be tacked on to balance it out. These included having the ability drain energy while moving if you didn't have the analogous upgrade, having to go into the sentient menu and set their combat mood to passive to keep them from attacking while the ability was active for stealth purposes, and most crippling of all, greatly reducing movement speed and maneuverability. Although the description doesn't mention it, your ship moves like molasses going uphill in January. With crutches. And though the ability gains a damage absorption percentage that borders on the absurd, and there's apparently a 50% boost to weapon damage at level 4, your slow speed and terrible maneuverability makes it difficult to go beyond a compensation factor.

  1. Undercover Glitch: Eugene [MSUG] -

I began to notice something though; every time I docked at a station while undercover, my ship would no longer be disguised when I exited. What's more, I had to activate the ability twice to re-engage it, and every time I completed a mission the same thing would happen to my ship because mission completion reverts you to the status your ship has after having docked. It was a curiosity that eventually led me to a great realization; although my ship's appearance and controls had changed after docking, the Undercover ability was still active! This is why when you try to activate the ability again after leaving a docking station that your ship flickers and you have to activate it again, because it was actually disengaging the ability. By simply activating the Undercover ability before docking at a station and then leaving, you can take advantage of all the boons without having to suffer with the navigation handicaps! Eugene's elevating of the Undercover skill's status was a major gain, but he has so much more to offer than that alone.

Not long after I discovered the application Eugene possesses that can completely change the game: the ability to take a ship from one faction and use it in another. As strange as it sounds it's actually true, with Eugene's help you can pilot any ship from any faction (save for the carriers and battleships of course), and even Goodbye Becky! All you have to do is…

1) activate the Undercover ability for the ship you want to use, then either dock at nearest station to reduce travel time, enter Alpha Station, or in the case of Goodbye Becky, just continue to the station you're supposed to dock at.

2) Head to Alpha Station and select the option to change factions (you do not need to do this if you are trying to pilot Goodbye Becky), and leave the station.

3) Join/re-join the desired faction, exit the station, and disengage the Undercover ability.

4) Enjoy your success because you're now flying the ship you were in when you used the Undercover ability!

Eugene can have a slight downside, but one that can not only be compensated for, but turned into yet another major game-changing advantage. You see, while everything else is the same, your ship maintains the shield/hull strength of the ship you are put into by default when joining/re-joining a faction. Those just starting will find think this is an unavoidable hurdle that will leave powerful ships with a tier 1 scout fighter's hull and shields, but veterans will know why this isn't a problem in the slightest. Because while you start out with a scout fighter when first joining a faction, the ship you are put into automatically after RE-joining a faction is whatever you were last piloting. Connect the dots yet? That means you can take a scout fighter from one faction and give it the hull and shields of a military-grade cruiser! Believe it or not, there's even more Eugene has to offer.

With all the possibilities Eugene provides you're probably thinking that he's all well and good later on when you have tier 4 cruisers to play around with, but what about during the early sections of the game? Well, you know how you can't hijack one of your own faction's ships, but hijacking an Order or Dominion interceptor will allow you to commandeer friendly ships? Well if you use Eugene to get one of the aforementioned interceptors in another faction you can use it to commandeer a tier 4 ship from a later zone without it being replaced as soon as you dock because it wasn't hijacked! Now you see why the Undercover skill has a better-than-perfect rating; the benefits gained from Eugene just can't be matched.

Think we're done? Think again, there's one last wondrous thing that Eugene lets you do. As mentioned before, there are many fun things you can do with the ships you own, but there's something else that can be done with a different ship, a ship that was never meant to be used more than once. That's right, you can perform the Undercover glitch with the Dark Legion ship provided to you in the last Dominion story mission and use it whenever you want! The catch is that you can't complete the mission or you won't get to pilot it and work Eugene's magic again so you'll have to forfeit the faction point you'd get for completing the mission to continue piloting the ship. In order for Eugene to effect the ship, you need to manually replace the default Afterburner skill with Undercover, use the ability, then manually open a SHIFT platform to abort the mission (this is because you can't dock at a base during the mission). Then disengage the ability when you revert back to your ship to revert back to the Legion ship. Note that you can't summon Dark Legion ships to fight for you or heal them. I know that this section is already very long, but there are just a few more things to know about the Undercover skill before moving on:

- As mentioned previously, you need to switch your sentient's combat mood from aggressive/defensive to passive when using the Undercover ability for stealth purposes because they will attack enemies otherwise.

- Undercover does not disengage upon completing missions it just gets switched to the state you find the ship after docking. (Already being in that state when a mission ends will not disengage the ability or revert it to its intended form either).

- Unlike the Cloak ability, you can recover hull, shields, and energy while Undercover, and even be hit by enemies without the ability being disengaged.

- Get a good Undercover upgrade and a DPS sentient with a high level Energy Regeneration skill and you can move without draining energy. You can also boost and still regenerate energy or even not drain energy at all if you have enough DPS sentients with high leveled Energy Regeneration skills.

- Although there is no point in doing so, both the Cloak and Undercover skills can be active simultaneously.

- Although the Peacemaker ship lets you fire while undercover, nearby enemies will be alerted to your presence and will be able to target you even though the ability was not disengaged.

- Enemy weapons can still harm you even if they don't target you while undercover so watch out.

- When taking part in Legion Raids, the reinforcements you get come from the faction you last joined, not the faction whose ship you are piloting using Eugene's exploit.

- When taking part in Ark Raids, the ship that Janus (Mirror boss) turns into is the one you're piloting while you're undercover, not the one you can change into by disengaging the ability.

- Likewise, when engaging Janus in a ship from a different faction and/or class, Janus will copy the statistics that the ship is meant to have, meaning it will have a scout's hull/shields if you're in a scout but have a cruiser's hull/shields.

Advanced Radar (Passive) - Uncovers cloaked enemies and increases radar range.

Lvl 1 - 2,500 units of range Lvl 2 - 3,000 units of range Lvl 3 - 3,500 units of range Lvl 4 - 4,000 units of range Lvl 5 - 4,500 units of range

Rating - 2/4 *'s

Evaluation - This one's a bit polarizing since the ability to see cloaked enemies can be advantageous, but having your radar ring cluttered with enemies from greater distances than you need to be aware of can be a nuisence. Personally I just put one point in the skill and be done with it as cloaked enemies don't become more easily visible the higher the skill gets or anything. And since I use the mini-map when looking for far away enemies and the radar ring for more immediate threats I see no reason to add any more points.

  1. Military Skills [MSM] -

Flares - Deploys anti-missile countermeasures. (The energy cost for this ability is estimated to be around 20 points per cluster of flares).

Lvl 1 - 15 sec cooldown, number of flares fired- 1 Lvl 2 - 12 sec cooldown, number of flares fired - 2 Lvl 3 - 9 sec cooldown, number of flares fired - 3 Lvl 4 - 6 sec cooldown, number of flares fired - 4 Lvl 5 - 3 sec cooldown, number of flares fired - 5

Rating - 4/4 *'s

Evaluation - This is one of the few skills that manages to pull its own weight without the use of glitches. Missiles are the most damaging of the basic weapon types so this ability is in a good position right off the bat. And while it's not guaranteed to prevent a missile from hitting you, it succeeds often and most importantly, without player interaction. That's right, the Flares skill is entirely automated, just press the assigned button once to activate the ability and your ship will automatically fire flares whenever a missile targets you. Not only that, but as you put more points into the skill, the number of flares fired will increase, while the time between flares being deployed decreases. Lastly, the energy cost can be nullified when an analogous upgrade is equipped in addition to reducing the cooldown time by the percentage indicated.

Clone - Projects a duplicate of the ship that will temporarily assist in combat. Energy Cost - 50 pts.

Lvl 1 - 15 sec fight time and 180 sec cooldown time Lvl 2 - 30 sec fight time and 120 sec cooldown time Lvl 3 - 60 sec fight time and 90 sec cooldown time Lvl 4 - 90 sec fight time and 60 sec cooldown time Lvl 5 - 120 sec fight time and 30 sec cooldown time

Rating - 2/4 *'s

Evaluation - The Clone ability sounds like something you want, and want now but that's not quite the case. You see while the ability does indeed get much better the more points you put into the skill it's not the battlefield-dominating skill you might think it is. For one thing the cloned ship does not have your statistical bonuses from upgrades, skills, or sentient statistics. It also doesn't have your weapons, instead using the weapons that ships of your class and tier can be seen using outside of missions in the various zones. Things look bad but they're going to get worse because cloned ships can't be directed or controlled in any capacity and will often stay put while you advance and engage enemies elsewhere without assistance. You can clone a ship again even while the first clone is still active but A) the newly cloned ship will replace the old one so you can't build up a sizable amount of reinforcements, and B) The lengthy cooldown time means that you're likely going to take down most of the enemies yourself before you'll be able to use it again.

With all that said it's still great for point defense missions, especially when you have a cruiser, clones distract enemy ships from you/escort targets, and while they're not that good at it, they can help you mine asteroids too. Lastly, cloning while in a hijacked ship *will* produce a copy of the ship you hijacked… but it will attack YOU instead of your enemies. However if you hijack a Dominion/Order interceptor and commandeer a friendly ship, said ship will aid you when cloned.

Ram - Generates a temporary shield that damages anything the shielded ship collides with. Energy Cost - 20 pts.

Lvl 1 - 4 sec duration Lvl 2 - 8 sec duration Lvl 3 - 12 sec duration Lvl 4 - 15 sec duration Lvl 5 - 20 sec duration

Rating - 0/4 *'s

Evaluation - This is another skill with no redeeming qualities that's near Teleport levels of uselessness. The barrier generated is small, requires that you be right on top of an enemy ship to damage it, and to top it off couldn't do significant damage to ship with no shields and major rust problems with its hull. The skill is also glitched in preset missions, but not in a good way. Ram will not work properly in preset missions unless you have at least one point assigned to the skill, but even if it worked better in preset missions you'd want to avoid this skill.

Abation (Passive) - Reduces the effects of negative attacks such as Tractor beams, knockbacks, and control effects.

Lvl 1 - 20% Lvl 2 - 35% Lvl 3 - 50% Lvl 4 - 65% Lvl 5 - 80%

Rating - 4/4 *'s

Evaluation - Before finding out about Eugene this was the number 1 skill to get and it's not hard to see why. It's an entirely passive ability that makes the Tractor Beam practically powerless when it's used against you, and significantly cuts down on the time Shield Short and Disable affect you for.

Challenge List & Recommendations -

Challenges are not necessary to unlock anything but they're a good side attraction for completionists, and provide a boost of XP. I'll provide descriptions and tips when I feel it's needed, otherwise I'll just leave the basic in-game listing. All of the challenges are cumulative, i.e. the criteria doesn't need to be fulfilled all at once in order to complete the challenge. I experienced an instance where my sentient damage challenge was reset. I regained completion status quickly but am concerned that this could happen with other challenges as well. (This happened with the Pulse weapon damage challenge too. Again, I regained completion status quickly.)

  1. Exploration Challenges [CLE] -

Explorer - Explore all the regions in a zone. Description - Don't worry, although challenges don't register completion until after completing the mandatory mission for the Consortium, any areas you went to beforehand, though not counted, can be visited again to count toward the challenge.

Docker - Dock at as many different stations as possible. Description - By "different" it means "not the same one you just left", so don't bother listing all the stations and try to dock at each one because that won't work.

Traveler - Move a certain amount of distance.

Booster - Travel a certain distance using boost.

Burner - Travel a certain distance using afterburner.

Warper - Warp into new zones a certain number of times. Description - By "warp" it means using SHIFT platforms, and by "new" it again means "not the one you were just at".

  1. Mission Challenges [CLMI] -

For more information on what side missions fall into each category see the Standard Side Missions (SMS) section of this guide.

Killer - Complete kill or destroy missions

Defender - Complete defend object or NPC missions

Seeker - Complete locate object or NPC missions

Spy - Complete spy missions Description - See the (SPY) section of the Side Missions guide for more in-depth information.

Explorer - Complete explore or scout missions

Courier - Complete courier or escort missions

Collector - Complete use or acquire missions

  1. Combat Challenges [CLCO] -

Most of these challenges can be completed inadvertently by joining the faction's enemy and completing their story and/or side missions. Kills by sentients count toward these challenges.

Consortium Bankrupter - Kill Consortium ships

Cop Retirer - Kill Praetorian ships

Syndicate Slayer - Kill Syndicate ships

Military Enforcer - Kill Dominion or Order ships

Legion Bane - Kill Dark Legion ships Description - Webweave and Legion Raid missions seem like the obvious choice here but the best way to rack up the Legion kill count is by engaging the Splitters in the Ark Raid mission since it counts as a kill each time a Splitter splits.

Asteroid Clearer - Destroy asteroids

Critter Killer - Kill critters Description - Critters, also known as space mites, are the little dots you can see flying around aimlessly in certain regions like Asteria's Icy Wastes. They have the same appearance as the Vanid which can be found in areas like the Erebus zone's Hive region but are not the same behavior wise or in challenge criteria fulfillment. Critters are not hostile towards you and that's how you can tell the difference, so squash the bugs every chance you get because there are no missions where you can engage them inadvertently.

Pincushion - Take Damage

Unstoppable - Die many times

  1. Weapon Challenges [CLW] -

Sentient attacks (and presumably autoguns) count toward both the damage and kill challenges listed here as well.

Beamer - Cause damage with beam weapons

Missiler - Cause damage with missile weapons

Pulser - Cause damage with pulse weapons

Torpedoer - Cause damage with torpedo weapons

Mine-iac - Cause damage with mine weapons

Beam Kill - Kills obtained with beam weapons

Missile kill - Kills obtained with missile weapons

Pulser kill - Kills obtained with pulse weapons

Torpedo kill - Kills obtained with torpedo weapons

Mine Kill - Kills obtained with mine weapons

  1. Acquisition Challenges [CLA] -

Shopaholic - Buy as many ships or pieces of equipment as possible. Description - Contrary to its description, Shopaholic is based on the amount of credits spent not number of items purchased.

Improver - Get as many upgrades as possible. Description - upgrades can be acquired by looting them off some destroyed ships, occasionally mined out of asteroids, or completing standard side missions.

Desynther - Desynth as many upgrades as possible. Description - Upgrades cannot be sold but they can be broken down into crystals to "feed" to sentients. Desynthesize enough unwanted upgrades by selecting the option in the upgrades section of the Quickview menu and you'll complete this challenge eventually.

Temper - Earn as many temporary power-ups as possible

Reddy - Mine as many red crystals as possible.

Yellower - Mine as many yellow crystals as possible.

Bluey - Mine as many blue crystals as possible

Greener - Mine as many green crystals as possible.

Mixer - Create as many black crystals as possible. Description - See the (QSE) section of the Quickview guide for more information on the creation and function of black crystals.

Rainbow Chaser - Earn as many prismatic crystals as possible. Description - See the (QSE) section of the Quickview guide for more information on the acquisition methods and function of prismatic crystals.

  1. Consortium Challenges [CLC] -

Trader - Sell as many trade goods as possible. Description - Sell items from your cargo hold, not weapons/sentients. This appears to only advance when using the analogous shared sentient ability.

Miner - Mine as many pieces of ore as possible.

Roller - Evade as many beam attacks as possible. Description - It's not clear if the roll glitch outlined in the Mad Skillz section as it might not register with this challenge unless it's functioning normally.

Feigner - Fool as many enemies as possible into stopping their attacks. (Using the Feign Death ability if that wasn't apparent) It's not clear if tricking missiles counts toward the completion of this challenge. If it does, the most convenient place to do so would likely be the Path of the Dead battleship as when it's not near the escort target, it fires four missiles at a time and nothing else.

  1. Praetorian Challenges [CLP] -

Scanner - Scan as many targets as possible. Description - You must be actively in the Praetorian faction, and the scan targets must be Consortium ships.

Star Employee - Earn as many credits from a wage as possible. Description - This one's a little odd, as there doesn't seem to be any way of determining what is necessary to fulfill the criteria for this challenge. It seems like a given that you have to be in the Praetorian faction, but as for what you need to do, that's not so obvious. I think that patrolling zones helps, but your best bet will probably be completing standard side missions and destroying Syndicate ships.

Revealer - Unmask as many criminals transporting illegal goods as possible.

Description - Again you must actively be in the Praetorian faction, and again the scan targets must be Consortium ships. You also need at least one point in the scan skill because you won't be able to detect illegal goods otherwise. When a Consortium ship turns hostile after scanning it, it means you've exposed its illegal cargo.

Judge - Stop as many criminals transporting illegal goods as possible. Description - Surprisingly you can actually advance this challenge without actually being in the Praetorian faction. You can earn points this challenge, by scanning and destroying Syndicate ships while apart of the Order, Dominion, or Consortium, if you have at least one point in this skill. But not while a member of the Praetorian faction, and obviously not the Syndicate. Otherwise, you need to destroy the Consortium ships that become hostile after scanning and revealing their illegal cargo.

Undercover - Use the undercover ability to observe as many enemies as possible.

Description - You do not need to be in visual range of enemies or be moving for this challenge to register, you can even advance it while docked at a station.

Shielder - Absorb as much damage as possible using Supershield. Description - Having DPS sentients with high level Energy Regeneration skills and/or an analogous ability upgrade will make this challenge easier.

Repairer - Repair as many Spynet satellites as possible. Description - I'll provide the locations of the various satellites below. You do not have to be out of combat to repair spynet satellites.

Asteria Zone: Ghost Zone and Icy Wastes regions

Erebus Zone: Habitation, Power Generation, and Pit regions.

Leviathan Zone: Left/West half of the ship's Solar Collectors, Power Core, and Control Regions

The Graveyard Zone: Radzone and Breaker's Yard regions.

The Tempest Zone: North edge of the Research Outpost and Gauntlet (just above the halfway point)

Solaria Zone: Cauldron and Glassica regions.

Tartarus Zone: Northern edge of Dimensional Gate and Chrona Farm (next to the little plus sign that's 1 of 7 and furthest to the East).

The Crucible Zone: Mintek Headquarters (southernmost portion of the buildings), and Nexus regions.

Shadowrift Zone: City Ruins and Catacombs regions.

Spynet satellites will reset their status, i.e. you can repair them again, whenever you use a SHIFT platform, but NOT after dying, completing missions, docking at stations, etc.

  1. Syndicate Challenges [CLS] -

Hijacker - Hijack as many enemy ships as possible. Description - The best way to do this is to get a strong beam weapon upgrade to give yourself an offensive advantage, have the flares skill to counter missiles, and hijack Consortium cargo ships while using the roll glitch. Since the hijack skill isn't interrupted when avoiding beam attacks your enemies will be helpless.

Looter - Steal as much loot from destroyed enemies as possible. Description - You must be actively apart of the Syndicate in order for this challenge to be completed, but it will register even if your cargo hold is full upon looting items enemies drop.

Cloaker - Travel as far as possible while cloaked. Description - Just like with the Undercover skill, you don't have to be moving in order to advance this challenge, and can even do so while docked.

Scavenger - Scavenge as many temporary power-ups as possible. Description - Not only do you have to actively be in the faction in order to advance the challenge, but you also have to have at least 1 point put into the ability of the same name.

Hacker - Hack as many Spynet satellites as possible. Description - I'll provide the locations of the various satellites below. You do not have to be out of combat to hack spynet satellites.

Asteria Zone: Clearing Area and Prospector Field regions.

Erebus Zone: Processing Plant and Core regions

Leviathan Zone: Control and the trench dividing the Communications Array and Solar Collectors regions.

The Graveyard Zone: Wraithmist and between Cemetery and Monument of the Fallen, just before reaching the Sentinal Gate region.

The Tempest Zone: Just to the West of the Ruined Biosphere region (on the edge of No Man's Land), and the Wilderness region East of Fort Bravo.

Solaria Zone: Sea of Fire and between the Ventrica and Eden regions.

Tartarus: SE corner of the Recycler region and Brink Science Outpost, near Theta Station.

The Crucible Zone: Cold Storage and Metropolis regions.

Shadowrift Zone: Western edge of Infection Island and Impact Site regions.

Spynet satellites will reset their status (i.e. you can hack them again) whenever you use a SHIFT platform but NOT after dying, completing missions, docking at stations, etc.

  1. Military Challenges [CLM] -

Warlord - Win as many warzones as possible.

Resupplier - Capture as many resupply points as possible. Description - Like the faction military mission, this challenge is advanced when capturing carrier spawn points, not just supply points.

Carrier Bane - Destroy as many enemy carriers as possible. Description - You'll have to allow the enemy to do their own thing if you want them to capture a carrier spawn point. I recommend, going off and mining for crystals you wait.

Battle Bane - Destroy as many enemy battleships as possible.

Legioneer - Win as many Dark Legion Raids as possible Description - You have to play until all waves of attack have concluded, you can't complete a few waves and quit.

Dazzler - Use the Flares ability as many times as possible.

  1. Sentient Challenges [CLSE] -

Damager - Deal as much damage with the sentient as possible.

Leveler - Gain as many sentient levels as possible

Healer - Heal as much damage with a sentient as possible. Description - The Healer sentient's recharge skill most certainly counts toward this challenge's completion, and it's likely that the Repair ability's hull restoration function counts as well. What's not clear is whether the shield reboot part of Repair and the passive Hull Regeneration abilities count too.

Tractorer - Tractor as many enemies as possible. Description - You can use either the Tractor Beam OR Knockback abilities, and you can use them on the same target multiple times.

Disabler - Disable as many enemies as possible.

Debuffer - Debuff the shields of as many enemies as possible. Description - This is referring to the Shield Short ability.

Enhancer - Enhance the energy, armor, or damage for as many friends as possible. Description - This counts when using the abilities on yourself, though things will obviously go faster when using it on multiple other allies. The best opportunity to do this is during warzone missions when several allied ships eventually migrate to the enemy battleship.

Sentient Information Guide

Sentients are a big part of the game, after all they're featured in the story and have their own game in the form of Fusion: Sentient. You can have a maximum of 5 sentients, even though the weapon/sentient total is 15. Having the right knowledge regarding sentient abilities can make a big difference in battle, which is why I'm going to list and evaluate them here. I'll also provide a quick look at sentient rarity, but that will be all. If you want to know more about how to use or upgrade a sentient, see section (QSE) of the Quickview guide. Keep in mind that a cargo ship can use sentient skills at nauseam without using energy, so go nuts. This is particularly useful for sentient-based challenges dependent upon using their abilities to harm enemies/heal allies. Also, Armor Increase, Damage Increase, Energize, and Recharge apply to you as well, not just friendly ships. Lastly, s sentient's offensive weapon(s) strength is tied to your ship's tier level, the higher the the tier, the more powerful its weapon. Although you may not notice it, the healer sentient DOES have an offensive weapon. It fires missiles that are not as conspicuous as the tank and DPS sentient's beams and pulse blasts, so don't neglect leveling up its offensive attributes.

The weapons that sentients use are capable of being purchased from the Consortium and include the following: Tank sentient - A/B/C/G Beams DPS sentient - Dirge Rail Gun Mk. 1/2/3/4 (primary weapon, the secondary weapon doesn't appear to have an analog). Healer sentient - C1/2/3/4-Hawkeye missiles

  1. Sentient Rarity [SIR] -

Sentients come in 5 different rarities. Going from least to greatest, there's Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common and Uncommon variants can be purchased in nearly any station store in the galaxy, with the Common ones costing 1,000 credits, and the Uncommon ones costing 10,000 credits. The other versions of the sentients can be acquired in one of three ways: 1) By being transferred through the tie-in game Fusion Sentient. 2) By purchasing them through the in-game online auction store (which I have heard is glitch and should be avoided at all costs for reasons I do not know). or 3) By having it dropped by the Librarian sub-boss in the Ark Raid mission (this is not a common occurrence, and you must have 14 or less total weapons/sentients AND 4 or less total sentients).

The characteristics of the sentient rarities are as follows:

- Common Sentients are "Gun-Metal" grey, cost 1,000 credits and sell for 900 credits, and have 32 levels. - Uncommon Sentients are green, cost 10,000 credits and sell for 9,000 credits, and have 40 levels. - Rare Sentients are Dark Blue, sell for 45,000 credits, and have 48 levels. - Epic Sentients are Pink, Sell for 90,000 credits, and have 56 levels. - Legendary Sentients are Orange, sell for 450,000 credits, and have 64 levels.

(Sale prices are based off of in-game station stores, not the average online auction prices, it also does not change regardless of level or point distribution)

  1. Tank Sentient, and Ability Evaluation [SIT] -

The first sentient you gain access to, the Tank Sentient, is in the middle when it comes to offensive strength and ability usefulness in my opinion. Recommended number of sentients of this type - 1

The Following information is based upon the MAXIMUM possible statistical ratings that are boosting by assigning attribute points, which are gained by "feeding" sentients Black Crystals. Again, see (QSE) of the Quickview guide for more information.

Shield Short - Nullifies part of enemy shields for 10 seconds. Evaluation - Cutting off an enemy's shields to strike at the Hull underneath is great and all that, but you'll want to use tractor beam to keep the ship from turning the unaffected half of the shield to face you. In case you didn't deduce this from the previous statement, Shield Short only effects either the fore or aft section of shields. It will also be next to useless in PVP matches against opponents with high Abation skills. But this ability IS useful when used in conjunction with the Hijack ability.

Taunt - Taunts an enemy into attacking the sentient for 50 seconds. Evaluation - Hands down the most useless ability of the lot, taunt makes your enemies target the Tank sentient instead of you. But how that's supposed to be any kind of an advantage when you still take damage is beyond me. Your rear shields are still harmed, there's no visual indication that that the ability has taken effect, and it's also pretty fickle, probably requiring you to manually target specific enemies for it to work properly. I'm not sure if you can avoid hull damage damage, but again, it's not very reliable so I'd hardly count on it in an emergency anyway.

Tractor Beam - Slows down the movement off the targeted enemy for 10 seconds. Evaluation - This ability slows down enemies to a crawl, allowing you pin down particularly slippery enemies that would otherwise be too difficult to hijack or hit with missiles. While it's again useless against PVP opponents with high Abation skills, and hardly a game-changing tide-turner, it's a decent enough ability to consider.

Armor Increase - Ionizes friendly ships, absorbing 40% of any damage inflicted for 30 seconds. Evaluation - This ability absorbs a portion of damage rather than marginally boosting hull/shields, which is important to note, because if it did it wouldn't be useful at all for high tier cruisers with the maximum amount of shields/hull. Although it can't match/exceed 50% at its maximum level it's still a pretty potent form of protection that makes you and your allies that much stronger for a time. (Note: This ability CANNOT stack with the Undercover ability and absorb 110% of damage so don't even bother trying it).

Shield Regeneration - Increases the ship's shield regeneration rate by 200%. Evaluation - Passive abilities are always good to have and you'll most certainly want to have this one, as Shield Regeneration greatly increases the rate at which shields are recovered. Although you still have to deal with the delay beforehand, which can be circumvented with the Healer sentient's Repair ability, it's still a must-have.

  1. DPS Sentient, and Ability Evaluation [SID] -

DPS sentients are pretty lackluster, in fact were it not for its passive ability I probably wouldn't bother with them at all. Recommended number of sentients of this type - 2

The Following information is based upon the MAXIMUM possible statistical ratings that are boosting by assigning attribute points, which are gained by "feeding" sentients Black Crystals. Again, see (QSE) of the Quickview guide for more information.

Primary Weapon - Increases the power of the pirmary weapon that the sentient uses. Evaluation - You know that expression, "you can polish a turd but it's still a turd"? Well the same principle pretty much applies here, you can increase the Dirge Rail Gun's power, but it's still a Dirge Rail Gun. (Note that the DPS sentient is the only type affected by changing sentient mood to aggressive (noted in the (QSE) section of the guide), and will make it more likely to hit its targets. This will also potentially make it more difficult to activate its abilities since it won't be close to you most of the time).

Power Weapon - Increases the power of the secondary weapon that the sentient uses. Evaluation - You may have asked yourself, "a stronger weapon for the sentient to use, and a more accurate beam weapon no less, why WOULDN'T I want that?!?" Five words: Energy cost and default status. The title of "Power Weapon" refers to more than just strength, it also drains energy, even with Energy Regeneration set as high as possible. And while you might want to have the ability on SOMEtimes but not others, the ability is on by default when equipped, so you have to tinker in the menus to assign the skill, exit out and use it, and then go back in the menus to assign the skill you really want. If you don't use power weapons or abilities that would otherwise detract from your energy pool then I guess it's not a bad option to have on all the time for added firepower. Personally though, I like to not put any points in the skill at all.

Disable - Stops the target from using special abilities for 20 seconds. Evaluation - While it's not as useful against NPC enemies as shield short or tractor beam are, PVP opponents have to wait twice as long as the aforementioned abilities before they recover. Use it at the right time and your opponent will be utterly helpless.

Damage Increase - Increases the damage of nearby friendly units by 40% for 30 seconds. Evaluation - The DPS sentient's answer to the Tank sentient's Armor Increase, this ability increases weapon damage by a solid amount. However, it's more useful to you than to allies in Warzone or Legion Raid missions since their damage values are lower than yours, so your better off using Armor Increase in those missions to keep them alive as target fodder while you do most of the work. Though that's not to say that you can't boost the ships with BOTH abilities, just that I prefer the other skill if forced to choose between the two.

Energy Regeneration - Increases the ship's shield regeneration rate by 200%. Evaluation - This is where it's at baby, this is the ability that makes a DPS sentient worth having! A single DPS sentient with this skill maxed out can completely negate the energy drain of an Afterburner skill that's leveled high enough, make a KL-088's energy drain practically non-existent, or let you use the Afterburner skill while Undercover for longer. Plus, since passive abilities stack, that means multiple DPS sentients can compensate completely for weapons like torpedoes, or even skills like Supershield.

  1. Healer Sentient, and Ability Evaluation [SIH] -

The Healer sentients are the best on average in my book, striking a good balance of weapon strength and ability usefulness. Recommended number of sentients of this type - 1

The Following information is based upon the MAXIMUM possible statistical ratings that are boosting by assigning attribute points, which are gained by "feeding" sentients Black Crystals. Again, see (QSE) of the Quickview guide for more information.

Repair - Constantly repairs 50 units of hull and reboots the shields. Evaluation - Probably its most useful ability, using it in conjunction with a Tank sentient's passive ability will can bring your shields from non-existent, to completely full in a matter of seconds. You still have to avoid enemy fire, but for far less time. It also repairs hull damage at the cost of energy, but will do so whether you're taking damage or not.

Recharge - Restores 200 units of shield energy to all nearby friendly units. Evaluation - This ability doesn't boost your shields/allied shields by that much, but when used continuously in conjunction with a cargo ship you can be a VERY difficult target to take down. This ability is also good to have on hand for the Ark Raid Path of the Dead section.

Knockback - Knocks back up to 20 nearby enemies. Evaluation - A minor nuisance in PVP, and completely worthless against NPC enemies, this ability is a complete dud because it doesn't push enemies that far back, doesn't increase in range as the number of affected enemies increases, and can't even be used often enough to be a novelty. It's at least worth noting that it can advance the Tractor Sentient Challenge, but you're better off advancing that with the Tractor Beam.

Energize - Increases the energy capacity of friendly ships by 40% for 30 seconds. Evaluation - A potential 80 pt. increase to energy reserves sounds nice, but with no boost to regeneration rate, a 30 second duration, energy cost of its own, and NPCs possessing an infinite amount of energy, this ability is another dud.

Hull Regeneration - Increases the hull regeneration rate of the ship by 200%. Evaluation - Potentially the weakest of the 3 passive abilities, it's still worth investing in. Hull Regeneration will, in spite of its high percentage total, slowly but surely repair hull damage at all times. Note that although this applies during temporary invincibility, you will not be able to re-enter the state immediately after recovering a small amount of health, you still have to wait until the set amount of time has passed.

Also worth noting is the unique nature of the ability. Hull Regeneration, like Shield Regeneration's performance, is dependent upon the ship it's being applied to. Since some ships have stronger/weaker shields/hull, the number of points restored differs from ship to ship because the rate of regeneration is a fixed percentage. That means that ships with higher shields/hull will have more points per second restored whenever the ability is active. But since Hull Regeneration is active at all times, and passive abilities stack, you can probably see where this is going. A ship with a strong Hull like a tier 4 cruiser, (ideally a Dominion cruiser), coupled with a Healer sentient or two with high Hull Regeneration stats can potentially recover hull damage faster than it can be depleted!

  1. Shared Sentient Ability Evaluation [SIS] -

The Following information is based upon the MAXIMUM possible statistical ratings that are boosting by assigning attribute points, which are gained by "feeding" sentients Black Crystals. However, said attribute points actually makes 2 skills in this category LESS effective if you just look at the listed times, when in actuality, they do not change from their values prior to "feeding" the sentient. Therefore, I'm going to list BOTH values so that you understand the contrast. Again, see (QSE) of the Quickview guide for more information.

Mining - Allows the ship to mine nearby asteroids with a mining time of 14 seconds (listed statistic post-attribute point assignment), AKA 7 seconds (the actual statistic observed post-attribute point assignment, and listed statistic pre-attribute point assignment). Evaluation - Considering sentients can mine faster than you (though not when the Harvest skill is leveled up), and you can have up to 4 out at a time, this skill is pretty useful. You'll want to pair it with the looter skill and a cargo ship with nothing but sentients to get the most out of this ability.

Looting - Allows the sentient to loot any items that can be picked up with a range of 10 Evaluation - This ability is both a blessing and a curse. It enables sentients to detect, and fly to, salvage, power-ups, crystals, etc. and pick them up for you so that you don't have to line up your ship and do it yourself (which is particularly irritating while in slower ships). But unfortunately, sentients cannot venture farther than the edges of the screen, but will continue to try and get something that's out of their reach. In combat, this results in the sentients being too far to use their abilities or attack most enemies. Sentient pickup range can be as restricted as practically right next to it, or the entirety of the area being viewed. I advise taking it slow and finding a range that works for you, ideally one that's really close to the edges of the screen without going beyond them.

Trading - Allows the sentient to travel to a station to sell items with a travel time of 40 seconds (listed statistic post-attribute point assignment), AKA 20 seconds (the actual statistic observed post-attribute point assignment, and listed statistic pre-attribute point assignment). Evaluation - Trading is a minor convenience, but a convenience nonetheless. You won't need more than 1 sentient with this skill, but said sentient must be visibly equipped if you want to use it.

                  ____      ___ ____      ___ ____ ____ ____
                  `MM(      )M' `MM(      )M' `MM' `MM' `MM'
                   `MM.     d'   `MM.     d'   MM   MM   MM
                    `MM.   d'     `MM.   d'    MM   MM   MM
                     `MM. d'       `MM. d'     MM   MM   MM
                      `MMd          `MMd       MM   MM   MM
                       dMM.          dMM.      MM   MM   MM
                      d'`MM.        d'`MM.     MM   MM   MM
                     d'  `MM.      d'  `MM.    MM   MM   MM
                    d'    `MM.    d'    `MM.   MM   MM   MM
                  _M(_    _)MM_ _M(_    _)MM_ _MM_ _MM_ _MM_
  1. Weapons: Statistics and Recommendations -


  1. Weapon Type Analysis [WTA] -

There are many different types of weapons in the game, and they have different strengths and weaknesses which I'll be listing here to give you an idea of what to expect. There are three basic weapon types that are represented in every faction's ships and purchase options: Pulse, Beam, and Missile weapons. The other weapon types are torpedoes, mines, and autoguns and can only be acquired by spending reward points or being dropped by certain major enemies.

- Pulse weapons fire manually aimed rapid-fire projectiles at targets that were presumably meant to be countered with the Supershield ability before being changed to prevent all weapons fire. Pulse weapons have no specific counter but have a handicap in the form of a reduced rate of fire if used for to long without pause. However, tier 1 pulse weapons (and pulse weapons scaled down on tier 1 ships) don't overheat and slow down, with the exception of the Battlegun. The Pulse weapon's handicap can also be compensated for by equipping them to Consortium Heavy Fighters or any faction's cruisers.

- Beam weapons fire long blasts of energy and fire for longer periods of time and do more damage the longer the weapon is locked on for. Beam weapons are accurate, tend to have long range, and most will jump to another locked on target after the last one has been destroyed. The beam weapon's handicap involves the fact that many fighters will roll and avoid most of the first shot's damage, forcing you to lock on and fire again.

- Missile weapons fire warheads that track down and detonate on targets, flying faster the longer the weapon is locked on for (though not farther). Missile weapons are quite strong but are limited to their speed and turning arc, making them less effective against small and nimble targets like Vanid. Missiles also must be aimed at a enemies with a certain degree of precision, as you can easily lock on to the wrong target when there are large clusters of enemies. Missiles can also be wasted if they collide with asteroids, meteors, or other ships en route to the intended target. Lastly, the countermeasure used against missiles is the Flares ability, which draws the missile away by making it chase a new cluster of heat signatures.

- Torpedo weapons fire very powerful energy projectiles rather than warheads like you might have been expecting. Torpedoes can be devastating when used against cargo ships, cruisers, and other large-scale ships, but diminish in effectiveness when used against fighters because of the enemy's maneuverability and small size. Torpedo weapons also drain energy with every shot, necessitating precise shots with time to recharge, and/or the pairing with a DPS sentient's Energy Regeneration boost.

- Mines are powerful explosive weapons that are set with the right bumper/shoulder button and detonate on contact with enemy ships. Mines are only really useful during Legion Raid missions and some missions where they're supplied for faction story missions. Since the enemy ships have to actually come in contact with the mine to be damaged you need to either place them in choke points or use maneuverable fighters to get right on top of your enemy to deploy the mine. In spite of their many handicaps, mines tend to do much more damage at a time than other weapons.

- Autoguns are turrets that are another point-defense weapon set with the right bumper/shoulder button that's most useful in certain preset missions and Legion Raid missions. Again the weapons are immobile, but with one exception (the Thumper Autogun) they doesn't need to be. Each of the three autogun types uses either missiles, beams, or pulse weapons to engage enemies. The handicap for autoguns is the need to be near the weapon to ensure enemies coming for you will be engaged by it, and its lengthy period of time before being able to be deployed again.

  1. Statistics Intro [WSI] -

I'm going to list various weapons and statistics so you can be informed of their ups and downs through and through BEFORE spending you hard earned credits/points. First however, a reminder: I have not played PVP matches so I won't be listing much that you can't find out yourself. That said, I WILL point you in the right direction to judge for yourself by listing missions that feature them as presets so you won't be completely blind.

You can only have a maximum of 15 weapons/sentients, and while you can only have 5 sentients, there is no limit to consider outside of the 15 with regards to weapons. Though it wouldn't be wise to have nothing but weapons in your inventory When purchasing weapons, red text means that you cannot afford the weapon, yellow means that you can afford it but it will have to be scaled down, and green means that you can both afford it and it will work at full power. When a weapon is scaled down, its attributes reflect that of one who's level is the same as your ship's tier. This does NOT mean however, that a level 4 weapon equipped to say a tier 1 ship will reduce the strength of the weapon indefinitely, it just changes depending on the ship it's equipped to. Speaking of weapon attributes, unlike ships, the menus do not take into account damage or rate of fire augments from stats, sentient boosts, or upgrades.

Weapon classification, RoF (rate of fire), range, and energy costs (for beam weapons it's based on the cost at maximum lock on) are consistent from weapon to weapon of the same basic name but different tier, therefore I will only list them for the tier 1 weapon rather than repeat the same information 3 more times. Likewise, weapon tier level advances the same way every time, starting from lowest and ending in highest, and always 4 in total, so I won't be listing the tier level of the weapons at all. (FYI, DPS means damage per second in case you didn't already know.) Range refers to the weapon's effectiveness based upon distance. Close range weapons do more damage when you're near the enemy, long range weapons do more damage when you're farther away, and medium range weapons appear to do well at any distance.

The rate of fire statistic sadly isn't consistent from weapon to weapon. Sometimes weapons with higher RoF fire incredibly slow, while others are pretty damn fast. For example, many pulse weapons have an RoF of 8, but fire projectiles faster than Deathshrike Legion mines which have an RoF of 3. Conversely, the Deathshrike Legion mines have an RoF of 3, but the Deathshrike mine V has an RoF of 1.5 yet fires twice as fast. Most pulse weapons have an RoF of 8, the Praetorian pulse weapon fires much faster and has an RoF of 15, but the Battlegun has an RoF of 1 in spite of firing about as fast as the Praetorian weapon. In short, in spite of copying the RoF as seen in the game it's nigh impossible to know what it means.

  1. Consortium Weapons [WC] -

Spike A - Beam, Classification - Beam, DPS - 39, RoF - 0, Cost - 2,000 credits, Range - Medium, Description - A high-energy gravity-wave weapon. Popular for its cost and reliability, but surpassed by other beam weapons.

Slash B - Beam, DPS - 77, Cost - 3,000 credits, Description - Upgrade of the Spike A - Beam, this gravity-wave weapon is effective at long range and against armored targets.

Crusher C - Beam, DPS - 154, Cost - 10,125 credits, Description - Improved version of the Slash B - Beam, highly effective with sustained bursts of particle energy.

Rupture G - Beam, DPS - 553, Cost - 22,781 credits, Description - The pinnacle of Consortium tech, the Rupture is coveted among free traders and operatives alike for its sheer destructive power.

Dirge Rail Gun Mk. I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 2,285 credits, DPS - 36, Rof - 8, Range - Medium, Description - Of Maris design, with huge slugs of metal magnetically accelerated to high velocity to the target. Crude but effective.

Dirge Rail Gun Mk. II, Cost - 3,428 credits, DPS - 71, Description - Uses improved magnetic channels and aluminum rounds coated in a synthetic alloy specifically to punch through targets.

Dirge Rail Gun Mk. III, Cost - 11,571 credits, DPS - 145, Description - using a secret Maris technique, the magnetic couplers have been coated in an unknown substance that accelerates the round at deadly speed.

Dirge Rail Gun Mk. IV, Cost - 26,035 credits, DPS - 289, Description - Custom-made on Maris Prime and coveted by fighter jocks of any faction. Fast-reloading and hard-hitting, the Dirge Mk. IV is the ultimate in rail-gun technology.

C1-Hawkeye, Classification - Missile, Cost - 2,666 credits, DPS - 97, RoF - 1, Range - medium, Description - A tried and tested missile, possessing a good balance of turn rate and speed.

C2-Hawkeye, Cost - 4,000, credits, DPS - 178, Description - Upgraded version of the C1 - Hawkeye, boasting improved damage potential.

C3-Hawkeye, Cost - 13,500 credits, DPS - 372, Description - Upgraded version of the Hawkeye missile, boasting significantly improved damage potential.

C4-Hawkeye, Cost - 30,374 credits, DPS - 744, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Hawkeye missile, boasting devastating damage potential.

  1. Syndicate Weapons [WS] -

Reaver Antimatter Cannon Mk. I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 3,426 credits, DPS - 60, Rof - 4, Range - Long, Description - Slow-firing, highly damaging bolts of antimatter that are harmless until they come in contact with matter. Most effective at range.

Reaver Antimatter Cannon Mk. II, Cost - 5,142 credits, DPS - 121, Description - Launches devastating bolts of antimatter at the target with an improved firing rate.

Reaver Antimatter Cannon Mk. III, Cost - 17,357 credits, DPS - 242, Description - Modified to more quickly assemble antimatter particles for a faster firing rate.

Reaver Antimatter Cannon Mk. IV, Cost - 39,053 credits, DPS - 434, Description - Delivers slow-firing, highly damaging bolts of antimatter that are harmless until they com in contact with matter. Most effective at range.

Incinerator Plasma-Thrower, Classification - Beam, Cost - 2,500 credits, DPS - 55, RoF - 0, Range - Close, Description - High-damaging short-range plasma stream popular with Syndicate mercenaries. Deadly in close quarters but inaccurate at long range.

Incinerator II Plasma-Thrower, Cost - 4,100 credits, DPS - 111, Description - Deadly close quarters upgrade of the original that discharges a powerful stream of superheated plasma. Requires recharging.

Incinerator III Plasma-Thrower, Cost - 12,656 credits, DPS - 266, Description - Developed by Warlord Cinnefato effectively throw a longer and more sustained burst of plasma.

Incinerator IV Plasma Cannon, Cost - 28,476 credits, DPS - 444, Description - The height of plasma technology pirated from Convocation research; the deadliest close-combat weapon in known space.

Piledriver I, Classification - Missile, Cost - 4,000 credits, DPS - 101, RoF - 2, Range - Medium, Description - A Syndicate-hacked version of Order technology. All navigation has been sacrificed to produce a super-fast missile that starts off slow and is capable of high damage.

Piledriver II, Cost - 6,000 credits, DPS - 184, Description - Upgraded version of the Piledriver missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Piledriver III, Cost - 20,250 credits, DPS - 404, Description - Upgraded version of the Piledriver missile, boasting significantly improved damage potential.

Piledriver IV, Cost - 45,562 credits, DPS - 775, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Piledriver missile, boasting devastating damage potential.

  1. Praetorian Weapons [WP] -

Like their ships, Praetorian weapons cost 50% less than the average price of weapons in the same category and tier but are no less effective.

Crackshot LR, Classification - Beam, Cost - 1,250 credits, DPS - 64, RoF - 0, Range - Long, Description - Accurate long-range energy weapon used by the Praetoriate. Valued for its accuracy, which guarantees a hit on enemy ships.

Crackshot LR II, Cost - 2,050 credits, DPS - 128, Description - Upgrade of the Cracshot LR, this long-range weapon fires penetrating guided rounds with destructive results

Crackshot LR III, Cost - 6,328 credits, DPS - 255, Description - Next-Generation long-range precision weapon that fires solid-slug rounds with internal guidance systems.

Crackshot LR IV, Cost - 14,238 credits, DPS - 510, Description - High-performance ordinance that puts a solid-slug round on target from distance with improved tracking.

Pulse Hi-EX I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 1,714 credits, DPS - 44, RoF - 15, Range - Close, Description - Fast-firing Praetorian-issue. Fires high energy projectiles toward the target using Qui pulse technology.

Pulse Hi-Ex II, Cost - 2,571 credits, DPS - 90, Description - With its improved cyclical rate, this weapon fires a constant stream of energy at the target.

Pulse Hi-Ex III, Cost - 8,678 credits, DPS - 179, Description - Thanks to proprietary Qui technology, the pulses are more rapidly energized and released for destructive effect.

Pulse Hi-Ex IV, Cost - 19,526 credits, DPS - 350, Description - This Convocation mainstay was converted from anti-fighter ordinance to anti-armor for tactical missions requiring sustained firepower.

Packhound v1, Classification - Missile, Cost - 2,000 credits, DPS - 101, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Description - The standard issue missile on almost all Praetorian ships. can be fired multiple times in a short span of time, although damage is sacrificed.

Packhount v2, Cost - 3,000 credits, DPS - 198, Description - Upgraded version of the Packhound missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Packhound v3, Cost - 10,125, DPS - 423, Description - Upgraded version of the Packhound missile, boasting significantly improved damage potential.

Packhound v4, Cost - 22,781 credits, DPS - 808, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Packhound missile, boasting devastating damage potential.

  1. Dominion Weapons [WD] -

Phalanx Plasma Cannon Mk. I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 2557 credits, DPS - 37, RoF - 8, Range - Close, Description - Charged shots of superheated balls of plasma are fired at the target with devastating anti-armor effects. Best at short range.

Phalanx Plasma Cannon Mk. II, Cost - 4,285 credits, DPS - 74, Description - This upgraded version of the Phalanx has better range from improved long-barrel cooling technology.

Phalanx Plasma Cannon Mk. III, Cost - 14,464 credits, DPS - 150, Description - The latest in plasma delivery technology, this model of the Phalanx delivers a more destructive round at range that gathers strength while in transit.

Phalanx Plasma Cannon Mk. IV, Cost - 32,544 credits, DPS - 300, Description - The very latest in plasma cannon tech, the Phalanx delivers a large destructive bolt of pure plasma on target with devastating effects.

Dominion Minigun, Classification - Beam, Cost - 3,000 credits, DPS - 55, RoF - 0, Range - Long, Description - A kinetic weapon introduced during the Colony Wars 50 years ago. Fires high-velocity shells at long range with fast lock time.

Vanquisher Minigun, Cost - 4,000 credits, DPS - 111, Description - Enhanced version of the Decimator minigun that fires self-propelled shells at high rates of speed.

Annihilator Minigun, Cost - 15,187 credits, DPS - 222, Description - Modified version used exclusively by the Basilisks, with improved kinetic stabilization to keep sustained fire on target.

Reaper Minigun, Cost - 34,171 credits, DPS - 444, Description - Using applied gyro-stabilizers and solid-shell detonating warheads, the Reaper is more accurately characterized as a "mini-cannon".

Creeping Death Mk. I, Classification - Missile, Cost - 3,333 credits, DPS - 105, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Description - A slow Dominion-made missile with an excellent turning arc. Capable of high damage.

Creeping Death Mk. II, Cost - 5,000 credits, DPS - 210, Description - Upgraded version of the Creeping Death missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Creeping Death Mk. III, Cost - 16,875, DPS - 420, Description - Upgraded version of the Creeping Death missile, boasting significantly improved damage potential.

Creeping Death Mk. IV, Cost - 37,968 credits, DPS - 879, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Creeping Death missile, boasting devastating damage potential.

  1. Order Weapons [WO] -

Devastator ES I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 2,857 credits, DPS - 56, RoF - 8, Range - Long, Description - A ball of electrons glued together by Order nanotechnology. Critical mass is not achieved until high velocity so best used at long range.

Devastator ES II, Cost - 4,285 credits, DPS - 114, Description - Improved range and magnetic clouds increase the speed of the projectile without compromising weapon's strength.

Devastator ES III, Cost - 14,464 credits, DPS - 226, Description - A ball of electrons glued together by Order nanotechnology. Critical mass is not achieved until high velocity so best used at long range.

Devastator ES IV, Cost - 32,544 credits, DPS - 449, Description - The cutting edge of electronic shunt technology, the Devastator creates a massive ball of pure fusion energy held together by nano-tethers.

Purifier Light Laser, Classification - Beam, Cost - 3,000 credits, DPS - 55, RoF - 0, Range - Close, Description - Short-range high-damage beam of energy. While effective, the weapon does require recharging before use.

Absolution Laser Assembly, Cost - 4,500 credits, DPS - 111, Description - Enhanced version of the Purifier Light Laser that fires a sustained beam of high-damage energy.

Deliverance Custom Laser, Cost - 15,187 credits, DPS - 222, Description - Developed by Order scientists, the D - laser is a veritable torrent of fusion energy harnessed into a beam of incandescent weapons fire.

Domination Laser, Cost - 34,171, DPS - 444, The highest level of Order beam technology, the Domination Laser is coveted by any who witness its deadly effects in combat.

Piranha-A, Classification - Missile, Cost - 3,333 credits, DPS - 112, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Description - A fast-moving missile from the Order's Evangelist Fleet technical laboratories. Hampered by low turning arc and low damage.

Piranha-B, Cost - 5,000 credits, DPS - 216, Description - Upgraded version of the Piranha missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Piranha-C, Cost - 16,875, DPS - 431, Description - Upgraded version of the Piranha missile, boasting significantly improved damage potential.

Piranha-D, Cost - 37,968 credits, DPS - 899, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Piranha missile, boasting devastating damage potential.

  1. PVP Weapons [WP] -

As I said in the introduction I do not have access to PVP weapons so I can't provide intimate statistical details, but I'll do all I can to give you an idea of what to expect.

Viper Proximity Mine - Presumably the same as the Deathshike Legion Mine, just weaker and incapable of cloaking. This weapon can be tested in the Syndicate story mission "Skin of Your Teeth", Dominion preset mission "Waste Management", and the Order preset mission "Restoration of Order"

Mongoose Proto Trap - A mobile mine that homes in on enemies that get close enough, the problem being that far more mines than necessary can end up chasing a target. This weapon can be seen in The Graveyard's Minefield region, tested in the Order story mission "Apostate", and the Order preset mission "Enemy Hands".

Thumper Autogun - An autogun that fires pulse weapons if I'm not mistaken. Pulse weapons aren't as accurate as beams and will slow down after awhile so unless it could fire Battlegun rounds this probably wouldn't be a weapon you'd want. This weapon can be tested in the Consortium preset missions "Waste Management", "Enemy Hands", and the Order preset mission "Restoration of Order".

KL-088 - Here's where the money is, this is an energy-based pulse weapon in the same rank as the Battlegun and Excruciator. Although it's meant to be a close range weapon it's not bad at medium range, and larger targets you use it against aren't maneuverable enough to avoid its fire. The KL - 088's energy drain is present but not overly ridiculous and can be countered with a well-leveled energy regeneration from a DPS sentient.

This weapon can be tested in multiple preset missions including the Consortium's "Eye of the Needle", Syndicate's "Prototype Escort", "Mind the Minefield", "Cage Match", "Close to the Edge", "Quickbuck Crossing", "Information Shredder", and "Waste Management", Praetorian's "Information Shredder", and Dominion's "Eye of the Needle".

Corona - The only other energy-based pulse weapon, and not that spectacular at that. It fires several pulse projectiles in a circular blast that looks like a firework going off. While certainly conducive to the "Shmup" genre, and not particularly weak per projectile, the energy drain is too significant to be worth using seriously in my opinion, but it's a nice novelty weapon.

This weapon is always used against you in some capacity in the preset missions "Enemy Hands", "Catastrophe in the Catacombs", and by the cruisers in the "Fallen on Hard Times" missions. The only time you get to wield it is during the Syndicate preset mission "Frozen".

Multi Missile - The only energy-based missile weapon in the game, the Multi Missile is quite the spectacle, firing several missiles in a swarm that violently arc and destroy the target. It's a solid weapon from what I've seen but despite firing multiple missiles, they won't divert to other targets after the first one has been destroyed like most beam weapons.

This weapon can be tested in preset missions including the Consortium's "Defending the Icy Wastes", "Enemy Hands", Praetorian's "Wrath Unleashed", and "Space Mites", Dominion's "Defending the Icy Wastes", "Close to the Edge", and "Fire for Effect", Order's "Defending the Icy Wastes", "Fallen on Hard Times", and "Space Madness".

  1. Warzone Weapons [WW] -

WZN pt(s), means Warzone point(s), the points awarded to the player at the conclusion of a warzone mission. Although all of the torpedo weapons on this list have the same statistics, they vary in speed and projectile size, though the Legion Raid Corsair outclasses the lot of them in my book so you'll probably only care about the Battleguns.

Silkworm I, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 1 WZN pt., DPS - 120, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 points, Description - Highly damaging projectile with a good balance between speed and damage.

Silkworm II, Cost - 10 WZN pts., DPS - 240, Description - Enhanced version of the Silkworm; a highly damaging projectile with a good balance between speed and damage.

Silkworm III, Cost - 30 WZN pts., DPS - 479, Significantly enhanced version of the Silkworm; a highly damaging projectile with a good balance between speed and damage.

Silkworm IV, Cost - 80 WZN pts., DPS - 959, Top-of-the-line version of the Silkworm; a highly damaging projectile with a good balance between speed and damage.

Marauder I, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 2 WZN pts., DPS - 120, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 points, Description - Torpedo with an enhanced fuel supply that allows for extra speed at the cost of damage.

Marauder II, Cost - 12 WZN pts., DPS - 240, Description - Enhanced version of the Marauder; a torpedo with an enhanced fuel supply that allows for extra speed at the cost of damage.

Marauder III, Cost - 33 WZN pts., DPS - 479, Description - Significantly enhanced version of the Marauder; a torpedo with an enhanced fuel supply that allows for extra speed at the cost of damage.

Marauder IV, Cost - 84 WZN pts., DPS - 959, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Marauder; a torpedo with an enhanced fuel supply that allows for extra speed at the cost of damage.

Adjudicator, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 2 WZN pts., DPS - 120, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 points, Description - Antimatter orb that is very slow but capable of causing devestating damage to a target.

Adjudicator Mk. II, Cost - 12 WZN pts., DPS - 240, Description - Enhanced version of the Adjudicator; an antimatter orb that is very slow but capable of causing devastating damage to a target.

Adjudicator Mk. III, Cost - 33 WZN pts., DPS - 479, Description - Significantly enhanced version of the Adjudicator; an antimatter orb that is very slow but capable of causing devastating damage to a target.

Adjudicator Mk. IV, Cost - 84 WZN pts., DPS 959, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Adjudicator; an antimatter orb that is very slow but capable of causing devastating damage to a target.

Tornado-CS1, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 3 WZN pts., DPS - 120, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 points, Description - Its slow-launching mechanism means that the Tornado takes a while to get to top speed, but when it does, it takes some stopping.

Tornado-CS2, Cost - 14 WZN pts., DPS - 240, Description - Enhanced version of the Tornado, slow-launching but difficult to stop at top speed.

Tornado-CS3, Cost - 36 WZN pts., DPS - 479, Description - Significantly enhanced version of the Tornado, slow-launching but difficult to stop at top speed.

Tornado-CS4, Cost - 88 WZN pts., DPS - 959, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Tornado, slow-launching, but difficult to stop at top speed.

Sunfire Bomb v1, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 3 WZN pts., DPS - 120, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 points, Description - huge ball of deadly plasma, the benefit being the quick refire rate.

Sunfire Bomb v2, Cost - 14 WZN pts., DPS - 240, Description - Enhanced version of the Sunfire bomb; a huge ball of deadly plasma, the benefit being the quick refire rate.

Sunfire Bomb v3, Cost - 36 WZN pts., DPS - 479, Description - Significantly enhanced version of the Sunfire Bomb; a huge ball of deadly plasma, the benefit being the quick refire rate.

Sunfire Bomb v4, Cost - 88 WZN pts., DPS - 959, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Sunfire Bomb; a huge ball of deadly plasma, the benefit being the quick refire rate.

Battlegun 1, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 4 WZN pts., DPS - 140, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Description - A tried and tested missile, possessing a good balance between turn rate and speed.

Battlegun 2, Cost - 16 WZN pts., DPS - 278, Description - A tried and tested missile, possessing a good balance between turn rate and speed.

Battlegun 3, Cost - 39 WZN pts., DPS - 556, Description - A tried and tested missile, possessing a good balance between turn rate and speed.

Battlegun 4, Cost - 92 WZN pts., DPS - 1115, Description - A tried and tested missile, possessing a good balance between turn rate and speed.

  1. Legion Raid Weapons [WL] -

LR pt(s), means Warzone point(s), the points awarded to the player at the conclusion of a Legion Raid wave/mission. This is the only time that one of the statistics that usually applies to all the weapons of the same basic namesake changes. The Excruciator's rate of fire (RoF) stat changes after the level 1 tier, though follows the second tier's statistic from that point onward. Pay attention to the Excruciator Iv's description because although all the weapons bypass shields, it's only for fighters. The Hellfire beams do not jump to other locked on targets after the first one has been destroyed like most beam weapons. It is utilized by Legion Tanks in the Webweave region of Shadowrift and is a defense mechanism in the Ark's Path of Darkness region.

Excruciator I, Classification - Pulse, Cost - 1 LR pt., DPS - 40, RoF - 2, Range - Medium, Description - Legion pulse technology that hurls bolts of formed plasma that bypasses shielding to strike the armor underneath.

Excruciator II, Cost - 20 LR pts., DPS - 80, RoF - 0, Description - Enhanced accuracy and performance create a deadlier salvo of munitions.

Excruciator III, Cost - 60 LR pts., DPS - 150, Description - Plasma bolts shaped with an outer and inner core, which allows for the plasma to penetrate the target and then detonate.

Excruciator IV, Cost - 120 LR pts., DPS - 318, Description - A fighter-killer, the Excruciator IV fires a single destructive piercing plasma warhead that easily bypasses most shields to destroy a ship in minutes.

Deathbloom Autogun, Classification - Autogun, Cost - 2 LR pts., DPS - 40, RoF - 50, Range - Medium, Description - Autogun that fires guided missiles.

Deathbloom Autogun 2, Cost - 24 LR pts., DPS - 80, Autogun that fires improved guided missiles.

Deathbloom Autogun 3, Cost - 66 LR pts., DPS - 160, Autogun that fires significantly improved guided missiles.

Deathbloom Autogun 4, Cost - 96 LR pts., DPS - 320, Top-of-the-line autogun that fires devastating guided missiles.

Praetorian Autogun, Classification - Autogun, Cost - 2 LR pts., DPS - 40, RoF - 50, Range - Medium, Description - Autogun that fires beams.

Praetorian Autogun 2, Cost - 24 LR pts., DPS - 80, Autogun that fires improved beams.

Praetorian Autogun 3, Cost - 66 LR pts., DPS - 160, Autogun that fires significantly improved beams.

Praetorian Autogun 4, Cost - 96 LR pts., DPS - 320, Top-of-the-line autogun that fires devestating beams.

Corsair I, Classification - Torpedo, Cost - 4 LR pts., DPS - 132, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 20 pts. Description - Formidable anti-cruiser weapon with an improved warhead payload that sacrifices speed for maximum damage.

Corsair II, Cost - 28 LR pts., DPS - 204, Description - Enhanced version of the Corsair, slow-launching but difficult to stop at top speed.

Corsair III, Cost - 72 LR pts., DPS - 527, Description - Significantly enhanced version of the Corsair, slow-launching but difficult to stop at top speed.

Corsair IV, Cost - 136 LR pts., DPS - 1055, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the Corsair, slow-launching but difficult to stop at top speed.

Coffin Nail I, Classification - Missile, Cost - 6 LR pts., DPS - 117, RoF - 3, Range - Medium, Description - Nicknamed the "Coffin Nail" by Convocation forces, this Legion missile sacrifices warhead strength for speed.

Coffin Nail II, Cost - 32 LR pts., DPS - 322, Description - Upgraded version of the Coffin Nail missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Coffin Nail III, Cost - 78 LR pts., DPS - 644, Description - Significantly improved version of the Coffin Nail missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Coffin Nail IV, Cost - 144 LR pts., DPS - 1,288, Description - Top-of-the-line upgrade of the Coffin Nail missile, boasting improved damage potential.

Hellfire Beam, Classification - Beam, Cost - 8 LR pts., DPS - 115, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 75 pts., Description - Large gravitic beam that fires a concentrated burst of fusion energy.

Hellfire Beam II, Cost - 36 LR pts., DPS - 233, Description - Upgrade of the large gravitic beam that fires a concentrated burst of fusion energy.

Hellfire Beam III, Cost - 84 LR pts., DPS - 506, Description - Significant upgrade of the large gravitic beam that fires a concentrated burst of fusion energy.

Hellfire Beam IV, Cost - 152 LR pts., DPS - 970, Description - Top-of-the-line upgrade of the large gravitic beam that fires a concentrated burst of fusion energy.

  1. Ark Raid Weapons [WA] -

AR pts, means Ark Raid points, the point(s) awarded to the player as a reward for beating the various sub-bosses. The Lightning Beams in this section are one of only three beam weapons that do not jump to the next locked on target after the first has been destroyed like most beam weapons so keep that in mind.

Deathshrike Legion Mine I, Classification - Mine, Cost - 5 AR pts., DPS - 400, RoF - 3, Range - Medium, Description - Highly damaging version of a proximity mine with the ability to remain cloaked.

Deathshrike Legion Mine II, Cost - 20 AR pts., DPS - 800, Description - Upgraded version of the hugely damaging version of a proximity mine with the ability to remain cloaked.

Deathshrike Legion Mine III, Cost - 50 AR pts., DPS - 1,600, Description - Significantly upgraded version of the hugely damaging version of a proximity mine with the ability to remain cloaked.

Deathshrike Legion Mine IV, Cost - 80 AR pts., DPS - 3,200, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the hugely damaging version of a proximity mine with the ability to remain cloaked.

Lightning Beam Mk. I, Classification - Beam, Cost - 10 AR pts., DPS - 128, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 75 pts., Description - Weapon that fires strands of crackling supercharged plasma.

Lightning Beam Mk. II, Cost - 30 AR pts., DPS - 247, Description - Significant upgrade of the weapon that fires strands of crackling supercharged plasma.

Lightning Beam Mk. III, Cost - 60 AR pts., DPS - 491, Description - Significant upgrade of the weapon that fires strands of crackling supercharged plasma.

Lightning Beam Mk. IV, Cost - 90 AR pts., DPS - 979, Description - Top-of-the-line upgrade of the weapon that fires strands of crackling supercharged plasma.

Big Green Power I, Classification - Beam, Cost - 15 AR pts., DPS - 119, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 75 pts., Description - Big, green, and powerful weapon.

Big Green Power II, Cost - 40 AR pts., DPS - 235, Description - Upgrade of the big, green, and powerful weapon.

Big Green Power III, Cost - 70 AR pts., DPS - 470, Description - Significant upgrade of the big, green, and powerful weapon.

Big Green Power IV, Cost - 100 AR pts., DPS - 942, Description - Top-of-the-line version of the big, green, and powerful weapon.

  1. Bonus Weapons [WB] -

Bonus weapons are dropped by specific enemies, they CANNOT be purchased in the game's docking stations. It's not clear to me exactly how many there are but I'll list everything I've encountered (and some that I have yet to acquire but know exist). I think that some of the weapons are dropped by Ark sub-bosses and some by PVP battleships, the latter I obviously do not have access to. Keep in mind that you must have 14 or fewer weapons/sentients in order for a bonus weapon to be dropped. Also, your upgrades menu will flash regardless of whether you pick up an upgrade or weapon. All of these weapons are listed in your basic weapons section when docked.

Power Beam, Classification - Beam, Can be dropped by - Clay Tok, DPS - 573, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Description - Beam weapon that instantly generates maximum damage, regardless of lock-on time. (Note that this is one of the few beam weapons that will not jump to the next locked target after the first has been destroyed like most beam weapons, and although damage is unchanged, the beam will not fire for as long as when you're fully locked on. This weapon is utilized by Legion Tanks in Legion Raid missions.)

Power Missile, Classification - Missile, Can be dropped by - Elder Ones, and Final Ark boss, DPS - 874, RoF - 1, Range - Medium, Description - Prototype missile weapon that always fires at maximum velocity.

Deathshrike Mine V, Classification - Mine, Can be dropped by - Clay Tok and Janus (Mirror boss) DPS - 3,200, RoF - (2 when viewing comparison statistics, which is presumably rounded up from the in-depth statistics which list it as 1.5), Range - Medium, Description - Ultimate highly damaging proximity mine, equipped with the ability to remain cloaked.

Power Lightning Beam, Classification - Beam, Can be dropped by - Path of the Dead battleship boss and Janus (Mirror boss), DPS - 1,856, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 37.5, Description - Prototype huge lightning beam that uses less energy.

Power Big Green Power Beam, Classification - Beam, Can be dropped by - Elder Ones, DPS - 300, RoF - 0, Range - Medium, Energy Cost - 37.5, Description - Prototype huge Green Power that uses less energy. (No, I did not make a mistake, I checked the DPS and tested it in combat, it really is that weak.)

The following are weapons that I have not acquired but have seen given as equipment in preset missions:

Power Pulse - Presumably a bonus version of the Dirge Rail Gun. This weapon does not overheat.

Deathbloom Autogun V

Praetorian Autogun V - Fires beams with the same appearance as the ones used by the Legion Splitters in The Crucible and Ark.

Viper Proximity Mine V

Mongoose Proto Trap V

Thumper Autogun V

Power Spray - Presumably a bonus version of the KL-088 whose projectiles look similar to one of the Warzone torpedo weapons both in aesthetics and size.

Power Multi-Missile - Missiles are orange-ish peach rather than light blue and presumably use less energy, do more damage, or both.

  1. Weapon Recommendations [WREC] -

The Battlegun is generally considered the best weapon from what little I've seen online and it's most certainly high up on the list. Just make sure it's equipped to a Cruiser or Consortium Heavy Fighter to counteract the overheating because in spite of its description it's actually a pulse weapon. Most of the faction specific weapons aren't worth bothering with, it's the ones purchased with points or dropped by enemies that you'll want most of the time. In spite of how powerful they are in the hands of enemies, the Big Green Power and Hellfire beams aren't ones you should aspire to acquire (rhyme unintended), because the Power Lightning Beam is much stronger if the DPS statistic is to be believed.

The Coffin Nail missile would probably do well with a Syndicate heavy fighter, but you'll want the Power Missile or Multi-Missile/Power Multi-Missile. The Corsair is the Torpedo to get, the Deathshrike Mine V is probably the best mine, or maybe the Mongoose Proto Trap V, the Deathbloom/Praetorian V's are the autoguns to get since the pulse weapon-firing one isn't as accurate from a distance, and when it comes to pulse weapons the Battlegun, Excruciator, and Power Spray/KL-088 are the ones to keep in mind.

I typically use pulse weapons with ships that counteract their fire-rate handicap so I use the Battlegun, but since I don't get to spend as much quality time with PVP weapons, and not every build is right for every player so it doesn't feel right saying it's the best.

                ____      ___ ____      ___ ____ ____     ___
                `MM(      )M' `MM(      )M' `MM' `Mb(     )d'
                 `MM.     d'   `MM.     d'   MM   YM.     ,P
                  `MM.   d'     `MM.   d'    MM   `Mb     d'
                   `MM. d'       `MM. d'     MM    YM.   ,P
                    `MMd          `MMd       MM    `Mb   d'
                     dMM.          dMM.      MM     YM. ,P
                    d'`MM.        d'`MM.     MM     `Mb d'
                   d'  `MM.      d'  `MM.    MM      YM,P
                  d'    `MM.    d'    `MM.   MM      `MM'
                _M(_    _)MM_ _M(_    _)MM_ _MM_      YP
  1. Ship Statistics -


Ships will be listed by: 1) Order of availability, 2) ship tier level, 3) then class (scout, interceptor, etc.) "RFL" stands for Required Faction Level, which is the necessary level you have to be in order to be eligible to purchase a given ship. "Cargo" meanwhile represents the cargo capacity of the given ships, and cost always refers to credits. Ships of the same class in a faction have the exact same descriptions across all tier levels so I'm only going to list the description once for each of the tier 1 ships rather than copy-paste it 3 more times. Ship speed and cargo capacity also repeat from tier to tier when it's the same class in the same faction so I'll list them once each in the tier 1 listing but not for the following 3. Also, the number next to each ship name refers to its tier level (Punisher 2 is a tier level 2 ship, Hammerhead 3 is a tier level 3 ship, etc.) so I won't bother listing the tier levels of each ship. Another thing that carries across every faction is the number of weapon slots each ship class has. Again, for the sake of reducing repetition here's a list of the ship classes and the number of weapon slots each has:

Scout - 2, Interceptor - 2, Heavy Fighter - 3, Cargo ship - 2, Cruiser - 4.

All cargo ships and cruisers across every faction have the same innate abilities so I'm listing them here rather than posting them 4 times each: Cargo ships - Sentient ability use requires no energy with this ship. Cruiser - Capable of maintaining sustained weapons fire with no penalties. (Note: A cruiser's ability to maintain fire with no penalties refers to preventing pulse weapons from overheating and slowing down only, so don't expect weapons that drain energy to not do so when equipped to a cruiser. Lastly, I'd like to note that the statistics listed regarding shields and hull are based on the ORIGINAL values of the ships with no augments like ship upgrades, pilot skills, or sentient bonuses, all of which are added to the total when viewing ships. So if your statistics are higher than those listed here, that's why.

Dominion/Order interceptors can commandeer, AKA steal/take control of ships that are apart of your current faction, even other interceptors, regardless of tier level. When you do this, your sentient's will still have their passive abilities active just like when hijacking even though they won't be equipped. Unlike hijacking however, the ship you commandeer will not be replaced when docking or taking part in missions (unless said missions have a preset ship for you to pilot/ride in). Your own weapons will also be automatically equipped when docking or warping to another zone, preventing you from having to rely on default load-outs.

  1. Consortium Ships [SC] -

All Consortium ships have twice the usual cargo capacity, with the exception of the cruisers which have holds equal to Syndicate and Praetorian cruiser's size, and half that of the Dominion and Revenant Order's.

Name - Spider 1, Class - Scout, RFL - 0, Cost - 0, Hull - 100, Shields - 100, Speed - 120, Cargo - 10, Description - A fast advance scout used for smuggling small goods, recon missions, and light combat. Ability - Mining yields higher ore with this ship.

Name - Hammerhead 1, Class - Interceptor, RFL - 0, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200, Speed - 100, Cargo - 10, Description - A high-defense interceptor made for heavy combat and running Praetorian blockades. Ability - This ship can maintain travel boost even while firing.

Name - Scorpion 1, Class - Heavy Fighter, RFL - 1, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 150, Shields - 150, Speed - 80, Cargo - 10, Description - An interdiction and support ship created specifically for the Consortium, focusing on heavy offense. Ability - Pulse weapons don't overheat with this ship

Name - Tugboat 1, Class - Cargo Ship, RFL - 1 Cost - 4,000, Hull- 500, Shields - 500, Speed - 50, Cargo - 40, Description - A common sight in Convocation space, those ships make up the majority of the Consortium free-trader fleet.

Name - Grizzly 1, Class - Cruiser, RFL - 2, Cost - 4,000 credits, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000, Speed - 25, Cargo - 5, Description - Outfitted for combat and light transportation needs and built specifically for the Consortium.

Spider 2, RFL - 2, Cost - 6,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200.

Hammerhead 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Scorpion 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 300, Shields - 300.

Tugboat 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000.

Grizzly 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Spider 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Hammerhead 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Scorpion 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 600, Shields - 600.

Tugboat 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Grizzly 3, RFL - 7, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Spider 4, RFL - 7, Cost - 45,562, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Hammerhead 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 1,600.

Scorpion 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 1,200, Shields - 1,200.

Tugboat 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Grizzly 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 8,000.

  1. Syndicate Ships [SS] -

All Syndicate ships are 25% faster than other ships in the same class, and though it may seem like an error, the cargo statistics for these ships are in fact correct. The Heavy fighter has the largest cargo capacity in the faction, and the cargo ship can't carry any more than a typical scout fighter. Also, in spite of the Specter's ability description implying exclusivity, the fact is that all ships from every faction repair ships when you hijack them, it was either a design error, or a gameplay decision that came too late to come up with a new ability unique to the craft. Lastly, are the Syndicate cargo ships displayed upside down? While some details are debatable, the cockpit window screen extends downward instead of upward like the other ships in the faction. Odd…

Name - Ghost 1, Class - Scout, RFL - 0, Cost - 0, Hull - 100, Shields - 100, Speed - 150, Cargo - 5, Description - A combat scout fighter with a fearsome reputation because of it's unparalleled speed. Ability - Can fire while cloaked (and be fired *upon* without de-cloaking as well)

Name - Specter 1, Class - Interceptor, RFL - 0, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200, Speed - 125, Cargo - 5, Description - Surprisingly deadly in combat, thanks to a lethal ship-to-ship combat fuselage providing superior defense. Ability - Hijacking with this ship will repair it.

Name - Vampire 1, Class - Heavy Fighter, RFL - 1, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 150, Shields - 150 Speed - 100, Cargo - 10, Description - A heavy weapons platform capable of dealing out deadly salvos of missile fire, requiring minimum lock-on for maximum velocity. Ability - Missiles will fire at top speed regardless of how long you spent locking on to them.

Name - Wyvern 1, Class - Cargo Ship, RFL - 1, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 500, Shields - 500, Speed - 62.5, Cargo - 5, Description - The Syndicate's answer to cargo transport and heavy support, designed specifically by Warlord Cinnefa.

Name - Reaper 1, Class - Cruiser, RFL - 2, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000, Speed - 31.25, Cargo - 5, Description - A cruiser made for destruction - the Syndicate's first choice for obliterating its enemies.

Ghost 2, RFL - 2, Cost - 6,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200.

Specter 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Vampire 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 300, Shields - 300.

Wyvern 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000.

Reaper 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Ghost 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Specter 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Vampire 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 600, Shields - 600.

Wyvern 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Reaper 3, RFL - 7, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Ghost 4, RFL - 7, Cost - 45,562, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Specter 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 1,600.

Vampire 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 1,200, Shields - 1,200.

Wyvern 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Reaper 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 8,000.

  1. Praetorian Ships [SP] -

All Praetorian ships cost 50% less than normal with no statistical downside.

Name - Peacemaker 1, Class - Scout, RFL - 0, Cost - 0, Hull - 100, Shields - 100, Speed - 120, Cargo - 5, Description - A short-range, fast patrol fighter used for scouting and enforcing the Articles of Convocation. Ability - This ship can fire while Undercover (without disengaging the ability).

Name - Judicator 1, Class - Interceptor, RFL - 0, Cost - 1,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200, Speed - 100, Cargo - 5, Description - The staple of the Praetorian Fleet, a customizable combat-ready ship with superlative defensive capabilities. Ability - The most maneuverable ship in the galaxy (boasts sharper turns and controls, presumably intended to use in conjunction with the Undercover ability).

Name - Enforcer 1, Class - Heavy Fighter, RFL - 1, Cost - 1,000, Hull - 150, Shields - 150, Speed - 80, Cargo - 5, Description - A heavy-weapons platform, most commonly associated with Praetorian authority, capable of delivering catastrophic damage - especially with beam weapons. Ability - Either it increases the overall strength of beam weapons like an upgrade, or it lets beam weapons do full damage without completely locking on like the Power Beam, I'm not certain.

Name - Bulldog 1, Class - Cargo Ship, RFL - 1, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 500, Shields - 500, Speed - 50, Cargo - 20, Description - A heavy-transport ship used for prisoner transfer and cargo.

Name - Executor 1, Class - Cruiser, RFL - 2, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000, Speed - 25, Cargo - 5, Description - A heavy cruiser used for direct Praetorian intervention and combat needs throughout Convocation space.

Peacemaker 2, RFL - 2, Cost - 3,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 200.

Judicator 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 4,500, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Enforcer 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 4,500, Hull - 300, Shields - 300.

Bulldog 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 6,750, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 1,000.

Executor 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 6,750, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Peacemaker 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 10,125, Hull - 400, Shields - 400.

Judicator 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 10,125, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Enforcer 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 10,125, Hull - 600, Shields - 600.

Bulldog 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 15,187, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 2,000.

Executor 3, RFL - 7, Cost - 12,187, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Peacemaker 4, RFL - 7, Cost - 22,781, Hull - 800, Shields - 800.

Judicator 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 34,171, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 1,600.

Enforcer 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 34,171, Hull - 1,200, Shields - 1,200.

Bulldog 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 51,257, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 4,000.

Executor 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 51,257, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 8,000.

  1. Dominion Ships [SD] -

All Dominion ships have stronger hulls when compared to shields, typically twice as much.

Name - Pegasus 1, Class - Scout, RFL - 0, Cost - 0, Hull - 200, Shields - 100, Speed - 120, Cargo - 5, Description - A long-range scout ship for both recon and combat. Ability - Power weapons are much more energy efficient with this ship. (33.333333% etc. less energy used)

Name - Phoenix 1, Class - Interceptor, RFL - 0, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 400, Shields - 200, Speed - 100, Cargo - 5, Description - The workhorse of the Dominion Fleet and a deadly space-supremacy fighter. Ability - Capable of commandeering friendly units.

Name - Hydra 1, Class - Heavy Fighter, RFL - 1, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 285, Shields - 15, Speed - 80, Cargo - 5, Description - A heavy-combat support unit equipped for maximum offensive capability. Ability - A double thick hull compensates for its low shielding. (Terribly so. Even if I liked the idea of piloting a ship that has next to no shielding to allow for greater hull strength that can't be recovered without a healer sentient the math it off. Given the patterns of past ships the total defensive strength of the ship should be right between the scout and interceptor, somewhere around 425 for hull and 25 for shields, but as is it's no better than the Pegasus scout fighter).

Name - Centaur 1, Class - Cargo Ship, RFL - 1, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 500, Speed - 50, Cargo - 20, Description - A transport ship with the offensive elements of a light cruiser.

Name - Cyclops 1, Class - Cruiser, RFL - 2, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 1,000, Speed - 25, Cargo - 10, Description - A common sight in Convocation space and a mainstay in the Dominion Fleet strength.

Pegasus 2, RFL - 2, Cost - 6,000, Hull - 400, Shields - 200.

Phoenix 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 800, Shields - 400.

Hydra 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 570, Shields - 30.

Centaur 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 1,000.

Cyclops 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 2,000.

Pegasus 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 800, Shields - 400.

Phoenix 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 800.

Hydra 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 1,140, Shields - 60.

Centaur 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 2,000.

Cyclops 3, RFL - 7, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 4,000.

Pegasus 4, RFL - 7, Cost - 45,562, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 800.

Phoenix 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 3,200, Shields - 1,600.

Hydra 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 2,280, Shields - 120.

Centaur 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 4,000.

Cyclops 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 16,000, Shields - 8,000.

  1. Order Ships [SO] -

All Order ships have stronger shields when compared to hull, typically twice as much.

Name - Explorer 1, Class - Scout, RFL - 0, Cost - 0, Hull - 100, Shields - 200, Speed - 120, Cargo - 5, Description - Renowned for its speed, ideal for recon and Evangelist fleet security operations. Ability - Power weapons are much more energy efficient with this ship. (33.333333% etc. less energy used)

Name - Defender 1, Class - Interceptor, RFL - 0, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 400, Speed - 100, Cargo - 5, Description - The most defensive fighter in the Evangelist fleet (and highly valued on the black market.) Ability - Capable of commandeering friendly units.

Name - Avenger 1, Class - Heavy Fighter, RFL - 1, Cost - 2,000, Hull - 15, Shields - 285, Speed - 80, Cargo - 5, Description - A deadly combination of firepower and adaptability, used for direct fighter support and heavy weapons. Ability - A paper thin hull is protected by a superior strength shield. (Again, no stronger than the scout in terms of defense, and while it's not as bad as low shields, the ship is far more vulnerable when a shield short is executed on it.

Name - Dragonfly 1, Class - Cargo Ship, RFL - 1, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 500, Shields - 1,000, Speed - 50, Cargo - 20, Description - A hybrid light cruiser and transport, making it the perfect amalgamation of cargo hauler and heavy weapons support.

Name - Punisher 1, Class - Cruiser, RFL - 2, Cost - 4,000, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 2,000, Speed - 25, Cargo - 10, Description - Sacrifices speed for improved weapon arrays and shielding, making it a terrifying opponent.

Explorer 2, RFL - 2, Cost - 6,000, Hull - 200, Shields - 400.

Defender 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 400, Shields - 800.

Avenger 2, RFL - 3, Cost - 9,000, Hull - 30, Shields - 570.

Dragonfly 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 1,000, Shields - 2,000.

Punisher 2, RFL - 4, Cost - 13,500, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 4,000.

Explorer 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 400, Shields - 800.

Defender 3, RFL - 5, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 800, Shields - 1,600.

Avenger 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 20,250, Hull - 60, Shields - 1140.

Dragonfly 3, RFL - 6, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 2,000, Shields - 4,000.

Punisher 3, RFL - 7, Cost - 30,375, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 8,000.

Explorer 4, RFL - 7, Cost - 45,562, Hull - 800, Shields - 1,600.

Defender 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 1,600, Shields - 3,200.

Avenger 4, RFL - 8, Cost - 68,343, Hull - 120, Shields - 2,280.

Dragonfly 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 4,000, Shields - 8,000.

Punisher 4, RFL - 9, Cost - 102,515, Hull - 8,000, Shields - 16,000.

                   ____      ___ ____      ___ ____     ___
                   `MM(      )M' `MM(      )M' `Mb(     )d'
                    `MM.     d'   `MM.     d'   YM.     ,P
                     `MM.   d'     `MM.   d'    `Mb     d'
                      `MM. d'       `MM. d'      YM.   ,P
                       `MMd          `MMd        `Mb   d'
                        dMM.          dMM.        YM. ,P
                       d'`MM.        d'`MM.       `Mb d'
                      d'  `MM.      d'  `MM.       YM,P
                     d'    `MM.    d'    `MM.      `MM'
                   _M(_    _)MM_ _M(_    _)MM_      YP
  1. Clarifications, Disclaimers, & Miscellaneous Info -


  1. Miscellaneous Info [MI] -

- Prometheus Station's aesthetics are the same as the Revenant Order's, just blue instead of red.

- Pulling the left/right triggers will alter the orientation of ships being viewed while docked, while moving the right analog stick will turn the ship left/right.

- Syndicate faction progression is listed as a "Crime Sheet" rather than a Time Sheet.

- Cruisers appear larger when in small ships because the camera zooms in closer when in smaller ships so that you're not controlling what looks like a spec on the screen.

- Dominion Battleships are actually just slightly altered Consortium Cruisers.

- Occasionally when scanned by a Praetorian ship they'll say "These aren't the clones we're looking for", a clear Star Wars reference. Syndicate grunts are cloned pilots that are presumably either trained or implanted with software that allows a Syndicate member to control them without putting themselves at risk.

- GameFAQs user "Eremyndil" theorized that the PVP weapon KL-088 might be a reference to Goldeneye's "Klobb" weapon (KL088 - KLOBB, post's URL address here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/648815-fusion-genesis/62839390 ), personally I think it's just a coincidence but that's open to debate. (It's worth noting though, that some of the developers at Starfire are composed of former Halo and Goldeneye developers, the latter being the game that included the Klobb submachinegun). (Another minor note is that the KL-088 is a pulse weapon and resembles a submachinegun more than any of the other weapon types not only for being a rapid-fire projectile-launcher, but because it's range is shorter than the other pulse weapons. This is because the projectiles move slower, making it more practical to use it while closer to an enemy, and submachineguns in games generally are considered to be less accurate at range).

- Ships and objects in Tartarus slowly drift clockwise, reflecting the pull of the nearby black hole. There is also a region in it called Event Horizon, which might be a reference to the movie of the same name. I'm pretty sure it's a label given in the scientific community but it could still be the case. The description of the area in the preset mission "Absolute Horizone" said the following: "The site of where something has come through the black hole, the construct seems to have the same capabilities as the Leviathan. It's to the DIR." I have no idea what DIR stands for, but the description relates to the story of "Event Horizon" the movie, which involved an experimental ship of the same name using a black hole's power to bend space and time to create wormholes in space for rapid transit.

  1. Clarifications/Disclaimers [CD] -

- The reason I don't get Xbox Live gold is because I refuse to pay to access parts of a game I own, I have no problem with charging for the other services similarly to Playstation Plus, but basic online play is not something I will pay for. If Capcom can catch flak for creating on-disc DLC we, as consumers, should be just as willing to take a stand, not by signing a petition or complaining about it, but by doing something. Microsoft has no right to hold our games hostage, and we cannot stand for it.

- The lack of indentations for paragraphs is due to a GameFAQs guide composition rule that does not encourage/allow it.

- During the Prometheus Station walkthrough I was not trying to imply that Starfire Studios ripped off/copied Bioshock, I am well aware that Prometheus is a Greek Mythological figure who's name has appeared in everything from Yu-Gi-Oh to Batman. It was a mildly humorous bit and nothing more.

- The title for the Walkthrough that read "Commandeer, it's a Nautical Term", is a paraphrased reference to an early scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

- In the third preset mission walkthrough for the (PPA) section I mentioned that there was no pun intended when talking about interceptors dogging the escort target. This is both because you're armed with a "Packhound" missile, and the cargo ship being escorted is known as a "bulldog".

- The labeling of the Undercover glitch as "Eugene" was done not out of some pathetic compensation factor for the deprivation of human contact, but because 1) "Eugene" is shorter than "Undercover glitch", 2) The acronym U.G. sounds like 2 thirds of the name "Eugene", and 3) It's not as dry and boring a way of labeling it when compared to "Undercover glitch".

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